Thursday, December 27, 2007

Beyond Dog Eat Dog

Beyond Dog Eat Dog
By Ed Komarek
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Thinking about extraterrestrial realities gives me added perspective on earth human evolution. I often find myself making comparisons between ethically advanced stellar civilizations and our own disorganized mutually predatory autocratic civilization. Anybody with eyes wide open can see that our society is organized and structured in a shape of a pyramid where the most sophisticated human predators occupy the eye of the pyramid. Starting at the top with maybe 300 sophisticated predators or gangsters the predator – prey relationships extend downward right to the grass roots. Democracy is so weak across the globe that it still remains mostly just an ideal or exists as creative illusion supported and maintained by autocratic predatory regimes to better control their respective populations.

I have pointed out in other essays that our global civilization is organized the way the rest of nature is organized on predator – prey relationships that use strategies of both competition and cooperation to survive in very competitive environments. In nature there is a shifting relationship between predator and prey, and a predator may be at one moment a predator but the next moment a prey. It is the same with human to human relationships. We mutually prey on each other to get what we need or think we need to survive and be happy.

Still, at the same time we can also see in nature and in human society another evolutionary current. It is evolutionary advantageous for prey to cooperate with prey and predators to cooperate with predators to survive and be happy and any particular moment. This is what started this movement early in life’s development where individual cellular life began to clump and work together forming bodies of mutually cooperating individual cells. The cells that worked together best ended up having a competitive advantage over single celled organisms or less organized multicelled organisms. The battle of course still continues between advanced complex life forms with sophisticated immune systems and simple microbial life that adapts and changes rapidly to attack and get around the immune systems of more complex organisms.

What I believe is happening today is that humanity on earth is just beginning to envision and comprehend how beneficial it could be like for all of society and for each individual in that society if human to human cooperation was increased and predation decreased. For those at the grass roots of society that find themselves preyed upon constantly by their leaders it might be easier to comprehend a better way. On the other hand it might be more difficult for the human predators higher up the food chain in society to give up their predatory benefits and position for a more collectively beneficial system. Ultimately it is going to be those with the most control that are going to have to see that the more advanced civilization in the long run will give them much more substantial benefit making it worth giving up their predatory benefits.

These predatory benefits aren’t really as satisfactory as what they appear to be. No amount of wealth can buy happiness nor can it buy true security when the rabble prey have to be watched constantly else they turn the tables and the sophisticated economic predator ends up being demoted to prey by the masses. The new predatory leaders and families emerge to take their place in the halls of power. So it can be seen that power over others and predation is a constantly shifting dissatisfying and insecure thing. Nobody really has security. Those at the bottom of the food chain don’t have it because they are being severely preyed upon by the elite. The elite don’t have it because at anytime developments can unseat them and they can find themselves falling from the top of the power pyramid to the bottom often very rapidly.

With all the power the predatory elite have they really are just as unhappy in their relationships with others as those at the bottom of the food chain. It is this more primitive system of predator prey relationships that is fault and all people from top to bottom have to understand this and be willing to make short term sacrifices for long term benefits of a more advanced society. I guess there is no way to hurry this evolutionary process up because it would seem that only suffering can move humanity forward while we are still at this primitive state of learning. It would seem that only after one gets tired of eating poisonous fruit that makes one sick that we individually and collectively quit planting poisonous trees.

I think the problem really boils down to being near sighted. Because we don’t see the big picture in its totality we make judgments and take actions that seem to benefit us in the short term but devastate us in the long run. I think more individual and collective knowledge and understanding about the big picture that involves extraterrestrial realities will really help us both as individuals and as a civilization. The better we develop this far sighted approach the better or immediate decisions are going to be in regards the long run.

More knowledge of extraterrestrial reality will help us to get out of the mess we now find ourselves in both in regards to the degradation of society and our planetary environment through a rise in consciousness. The degradation of society and our planetary environment are symptoms not causes. The causes are lower consciousness or awareness of us and our environment. For example the fossil fuels industry must quit suppressing or be made to relent and instead embrace exotic cheap new ET reverse engineered energy technologies. Otherwise it brings about its own demise as others pick up the torch and build whole new industries based on exotic technologies. The suppression of innovation by industry may help it in the short term but in the long term it will lead to the decline and destruction of the industry to be replaced by new industries that embrace innovation.