Monday, November 19, 2007

Where Do ETs Come From

Where Do Extraterrestrials Come From?
By Ed Komarek
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Alien Seeker News Where Do Extraterrestrials Come From?

Those of us deeply involved in Exopolitics realize that humanities understanding of matter and gravity is very limited. What we consider to be the material universe seems to be but one small subset of a much greater context that can only vaguely be conceptualized. Those of us that have a deep and abiding interest in intelligent extraterrestrial life visiting our earth are a bit ahead of the physicist’s learning curve. We are dealing with visitors that not only have a very advanced understanding of physics, but also make practical use of that physics to travel through not only space but dimensions as well.

The early contactees were heavily debunked because their extraterrestrial human contacts said they came to us from inhabitable planets in our solar system. If the debunkers and sceptics had not been blinded by their scepticism and had studied the contactee stories in a little more depth, they would have been able to see that there was much more to this than meets the eye. Most of the time the extraterrestrial humans just did not volunteer additional information because of the contactees limited understanding of the universe and in particular our solar system. Still, one can see not only in the early contactee literature, but the mainstream UFO/ET community as well, speculations that much more was going on here. It all boils down to the open minded researcher-investigator being able to ask the right questions.

Early mainstream UFO/ET investigators like Otto Binder were already speculating about the ability of craft to materialize and dematerialize right in front of witnesses. One page 163 of his book, What We Really Know About Flying Saucers, Otto states; “The above two phenomena – of saucers that “fade” from sight and the cloud-wrapped cigars that seemingly form out of mists- can both be interpreted as a physical object “materializing” and later “dematerializing” in the earths skies, rather than “flying” here from some remote point in the universe.” He then quotes a booklet called From Other Worlds, by Beckley and Gallant. “The UFO’s and related phenomena may be coming from a world having an octave higher degree of vibration in relation to ours. This could be very possible indeed, involving the concept of “worlds within worlds” one interpenetrates the other.”

In support of this interpretation Otto cites a 1944 Foo Fighter case. “Then came the most astonishing thing, as he reported later at the intelligence briefing. His right wing went directly through a cluster of disks with absolutely no effect on engines or plane surfaces.” Next he cites a 1959 Russian report: “One of our pilots flew right through a giant “fire-ball” UFO. When given a searching examination afterward neither he nor his machine was found to bear the slightest trace or mark.”

Cases such as the above as well as the ability of ET’s to walk through walls at will, but still appear just as material as we are when touched, indicates to me that this is not some kind of stealth technology but truly a material frequency changing technology. I would hope that if I or somebody else who might get into a conversation with a ET should be sure to ask the right questions this time to get down to the bottom of this matter. I also suspect that by this time high level insiders should know what is going on and perhaps those who have contact with these insiders should also be sure to ask the right questions.

If I understand Contactee Howard Menger correctly, his ET friends have told him that our individual selves minus our body transmigrate and incarnate in these various material dimensional worlds around heavenly bodies in a way that links all cosmic races together. Is this some form of quantum entanglement? It would seem that advanced cosmic races have figured out how to use advanced technology to move physical bodies from one dimension to another just as the disembodied travel. I realize this is really far out for some but it reminds me of what a high powered lobbyist friend of my sister told me after her death. He said a friend of his family was very high up in government investigations of UFO/ET and this person said that it is all greater than anyone can possibly imagine.

I did a word search on gravitational dimensional shells and interesting enough came upon articles by the Canadian Scientist Wilbert B. Smith from the early 1960s that were a bit too technical for me.
This was the very same man that was involved in Project Magnet and who made inquires in the U.S. and publicly stated that the subject of UFOs was classified above even the atomic bomb. It would seem that the Canadian and U.S. governments were onto this idea of multidimensional frequency shells around heavenly bodies as long ago as the 1950s.

This whole idea about gravity being so weak has puzzled physicists for a long time and some have speculated that it was weak because it was leaking into other dimensions. I go a step further and speculate that gravity may be holding matter together in different dimensional or material frequency zones around heavenly bodies. Such an idea would go a long way toward explaining that ETs travel both through time and space but also through dimensions. This has got to be a very complex situation where ETs really could be coming from habitable material frequency zones or shells not only about heavenly bodies including the sun but also heavenly bodies in solar systems across the universe.

Intuitively pondering upon this subject, I believe that the space ships don’t actually dematerialize into another dimension from our dimension but rather they stay of a material nature when they phase shift. What I understand to be happening is that the powerful modulated magnetic fields around the ship disassociate the craft and occupants from the three dimensional material field in which it is embedded. Once this happens the ship and occupants then phase shift into another dimensional 3D material field where they then appear to materialize as they reduce the modulated magnetic fields allowing the ship and occupants to become fixed or imbedded in that new material field.

Apparently the same thing happens when an intelligent being becomes disembodied; it is no longer embedded in the material field in which it was born. The disembodied individual then can move between dimensions until it again is born into or constructs a body that is once again embedded just like a ship on a particular material plane. Out of habit and interest the individual may continue to incarnate into the same material plane or it may even incarnate in many different material 3D dimensions, shifting from one place to another as desired. The only difference seems to be that with a body the individual remains fixed in its 3D space while a ship with occupants can move from one material plane to another.

It is evident that the public is so far behind in the understanding of these matters that post disclosure, its going to take quite awhile to catch up. The best I can do at this time is just to provide some direction for specialists to pursue once they are able to cut through he UFO/ET propaganda that blinds them from investigating UFO/ET cases. It is the generalist’s job to try to accurately grasp the big picture, or over all outline, and the specialists job to fill in that outline accurately.