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Theres Gold In Them There Spaceships

There’s Gold In Them There Spaceships!
Newly Emerging Scientific Disciplines
By Ed Komarek
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For those brave scientists who do not fear ridicule, nor the loss of their day jobs, the UFO/ET field is yielding a rich harvest. This harvest is not just for technocrats interested in reverse engineering alien technology. (See Col Philip Corso’s book, The Day After Roswell). Like with any newly emerging field of endeavor the investigating scientists must be both intelligent and discriminating, else they become discouraged, lost in the maze of information and disinformation.

New scientific disciplines are evolving out of the UFO/ET field, and once again in old age, I find myself with a front row seat, on the leading edge of scientific discovery. Since early childhood I have been surrounded by very creative individuals. I was born into a family of early ecologists, which at the time was a newly emerging field of scientific inquiry in itself. Most establishment scientists miss the boat because they turn away from emerging fields of inquiry thinking that it is all crackpot. The truth is that any new field because it is young, consists of elements of both reality and unreality. Only the most brave, creative, imaginative and discriminating individuals and groups forge ahead into newly emerging domains. These people are strong and bright enough to stand up to the inevitable fear and ridicule heaped upon them by their peers.

Because of the UFO coverup by world governments, the UFO/ET field has become a intelligence agents playground, a mental battlefield between those who seek the truth and those intent on suppressing the truth. ( See Richard Dolan’s excellent well documented book, UFO’s And The National Security State.) I predict that many of the young people today that have become interested in exopolitics will one day use their understanding gained from this suppressed and ridiculed field to become leaders in new emerging fields of scientific inquiry that we can only dream about today. Regardless of what the propagandists say, UFO/ET investigators are on the leading edge of scientific inquiry despite the denial and ridicule of the subject. Those that have taken the time to do their homework properly, know that most extraterrestrials that have traveled to earth are advanced in all disciplines. After all they got here before we got to them didn’t they? Some scientists are trying to figure out how to get from here to there. (See Stardrive site. )

I predict that even with the coverup still in force, the evidence becoming publicly available in the UFO/ET community will eventually result in tremendous advances in science, technology, politics and religion. It is difficult to conceptualize or even imagine the advances to be made when the coverup ends and the existence of extraterrestrial races become widely admitted and known. I see young creative minds rummaging through the UFO/ET evidence on the internet and this gives me great hope for the future. I have some personal knowledge of newly emerging fields of science and those very creative young individuals that grew up to found new sciences. It is the young who are most open to new ideas and concepts. Sometimes it takes one or more generations to overcome establishment dogma and propaganda. Science was suppressed by the church for hundreds of years. Now the tables are turned and the establishment scientists with their own dogma, secret politics, and their peer review, suppress newly emerging sciences and even religion.

I lived my childhood amongst the best in the field of the natural sciences. One could almost say that I was born with a butterfly net in one hand and a fire torch in another. My toys were not inanimate objects but a great variety of wild creatures that I tamed to be my constant companions. In my young years I was a creature of the woods and fields of what is now Birdsong Nature Center. I roamed, hunted, fished, played and worked on the 565 acre property my parents owned and managed. was fortunate to have been born into a family of early ecologists. As a young man I learned ecology as an apprentice from some of the earliest and most respected men and women involved in the newly emerging field of ecology. Herb Stoddard was a close friend of Aldo Leopold and both are considered to be the fathers of ecology. Herb was my father’s mentor and like a grandfather to me. He introduced my father to ecological principles and prescribed fire with the result being that my father, backed up by his brother Roy Komarek and my mother Betty Komarek, later became known by some as the father of fire ecology.

My experience has not been limited to land based ecology because Jack a close friend of mine is one of the earliest marine biologist-ecologists-environmentalists. Like most other ecologists he started as a collector and still does marine collecting for his company. I keep my sailboat at times moored on his “Living Dock” which is one of the titles of many marine environmental books that he has written. He and his wife Ann own Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratories.

Of course other people helped found the fields of ecology and fire ecology as well, but these friends and family steadfastly dedicated their lives to ecology. These early ecologists started out as museum collectors and evolved into ecologists, something the early taxonomists who worked with the collectors were not able to do. To understand ecology one must spend a lot of time outdoors in direct contact with plants and animals and not in smelly, dusty museum basements where the taxonomists worked. My father used to argue with the taxonomists who just could not understand ecology. They would tell him, show us a relationship, let us touch and feel it, there is no such thing!

I was prepared to follow in my parents ecological footsteps, but in my early twenties I quit after three years of college, two of them at the University Of Alaska at Fairbanks. I struck out on my own a very scary thing to do. The University of Alaska was a small college with few courses to choose from. I had yet to have a single class in wildlife management my major, and I was flunking two years of French which like the other courses had little to do with ecology. I did not feel I was getting educated, only indoctrinated. I could not articulate it at the time but unconsciously I knew that academia was all about obedience and conformity and little about free thinking and creativity.

I would like to make it clear that I believe that there are some bright academics who have managed to avoid having their creativity stifled and suppressed by academia. My concern is with those academic elite, those high priests of science, who are no different from the high priests of our religious past. Credentials and position, just as with the high priests of old, are everything. Its not about true scientific inquiry at all, but about control. These scientific autocrats, living in their institutional ivory towers divorced from overall reality, are no different from other autocrats outside of science. This idea promoted by academia that one cannot do good science without a degree is pure rubbish! It’s the same thing as saying, you can’t know God without a high priest for a intermediary.

Neither my father nor Herb Stoddard had formal degrees and they did excellent science. My father had to drop out of college in the great depression to help support his family and went off mammal collecting in what was to become the Smokey Mountains National Park. Herb Stoddard started off as a museum taxidermist and bird collector and soon began studying the Bob White Quail in Southwest Georgia in the 1920s which led to his ecological discoveries.

My father Ed Komarek Sr. did get a honorary doctorate from Florida State University for his ecological work late in life. My mother had a degree in Botany from Florida State University. Neither Herb nor my Dad had much appreciation for advanced degrees feeling that the educational process stifled creativity and promoted excessive specialization in the ecological field. These early ecologists were generalists who were able to grasp broad concepts’ because their creativity was not being stifled and their focus narrowed through overspecialization and academic indoctrination. They like my friend Jack abhorred academic arrogance and ignorance and fought against it all their lives. It was a PHD that first let a fire get away from him on Tall Timbers Research Inc. that cost the institution several thousands of dollars. My fater and his friends founded Tall Timbers.

When I struck out on my own to understand who I was and what life was really about, I never in my wildest dreams would have considered that one day my early interest in the paranormal and UFOs would merge back into ecology in old age. I never expected to find myself squarely on the leading edge of newly emerging disciples of exopolitics, exobiology, and astro-ecology. Somehow in a strange twist of fate I did follow in my parents footsteps after all. It makes me think that somehow our lives are generally planned out ahead of time and that consciously we are just along for the ride. I wrote about this in a article on the evolution of free will. I don’t believe we have much free will yet, because so much of who we are and what we do is shaped by unconscious evolutionary forces. Only after we understand ourselves and our reality will we have any significant free will. We have a very long ways to go. This is my answer to the age long debate over free will, that has been going on for thousands of years.

We know that ecology was not the only discipline that emerged out of earlier broader disciplines. Chemistry evolved out of alchemy, astrophysics out of astrology as did ecology out of the natural sciences. New scientific disciplines were founded not by specialists but by generalists. The minds of specialists seem too limited and focused to be able to easily grasp large concepts. Only after a field has evolved to a certain point by generalists does the specialist come into his or her own. Formal training often can be an impediment to the contextual awareness of a generalist.Establishment scientists, religious scholars, sociologists, politicians, psychologists often fail to appreciate the early origins of their disciplines and those few very creative individuals that founded those fields. More often than not founders work not for a paycheck, but for the love of scientific inquiry. My father often commented that the quality of work in science decreases as the paycheck increases. Establishment scientists are blinded and even suppress evolving new disciplines.

Nowhere is this more evident today that in the field of exopolitics or UFO/ET research, a field that has been suppressed and ridiculed for 60 years because it threatens older autocratic organization structure. Soon it will be widely know that life has evolved elsewhere about the universe and has come to our shores long ago and has had a wide influence on earth and our culture, even our humanity. We can expect quite a uproar after the fact, from ignorant, arrogant establishment scientists and journalists when they find out how badly they have been deceived by the perpetrators of the UFO coverup. They will be last to know.

As has happen so often in the past, those that have been persecuted and ridiculed by establishment autocrats as crack pots, will one day be considered visionaries and the fathers and mothers of new disciplines. Sure there are some real crackpots in this field like any other, but that’s not the point. The UFO/ET field is like a gold mine with lots of ore and some very important nuggets. It was the same for astrology and alchemy. If a person has the ability to negociate through all the confusion and deception to get at the nuggets, they will be richly rewarded. UFOology is no different that other broader fields of alchemy and astrology which have so advanced mankind’s understanding in ancient times.

Because of the 60 year extraterrestrial coverup many mainstream scientists, sociologists, psychologists, politicians etc. have a lot of catching up to do. They will continue to be made vulnerable out of ignorance and arrogance post disclosure in future years, to misleading partial releases of evidence of extraterrestrial life, just as they have been vulnerable to the coverup itself. It is of tremendous importance that all people are informed of the whole truth in a well thought out balanced manner, and not continue to be manipulated by propaganda techniques of collective mind control perpetrated by autocratic regimes. Today’s scientists have been indoctrinated for sixty years to believe UFO research is simply crackpot science. Today’s scientific establishment thinks it ridiculous to suppose that astro-ecology, exobiology, advanced technology etc. could have a sound foundation based not on travel to other solar systems, but based on what travelers from other solar systems bring to earth. Only those scientists that have been involved in classified projects would know better. Unfortunately these mainstream scientists have chosen to remain silent to keep their jobs or even to use their reputations and public exposure to propagandize their fellow scientists in return for access to secret extraterrestrial knowledge.

Scientists propagandize and suppress the truth to their fellow scientists through front organizations like SETI and The Committee For The Scientific Investigation Of Claims Of The Paranormal. The so called scientific committee does not even do scientific investigation and even its name is deceptive. SETI is simply a exercise in misdirection based on the illusionist’s art. The UFO/ET debunkers even while they work diligently on covert classified projects involving ET contact use their scientific credentials and their front organizations to suppress public awareness. These organizations work closely with the mainstream media to deny the evidence and ridicule UFO/ET investigators. Other organizations like the tabloid, The Weekly World News founded by counterintelligence professionals trashes the subject with silly fabricated stories at every supermarket checkout counter. When something serious begins to break in the mainstream out comes a silly fabricated story on the event. What is being done to the public is simply despicable!

We should not expect autocratic regimes responsible for the UFO/ET coverup to stop propagandizing the public, post disclosure, just because the governments they control have presented evidence that proves extraterrestrial life exists and has been coming to this planet for a very long time. I expect the public to be continued to be bombarded by propaganda and partial releases of evidence. Autocratic regimes will apply fearful spin in support of the military industrial complex so as to continue to suppress overall context. In nature nothing wants to die and this goes for social organizations as well as individual life.

When the overall context eventually comes to public awareness the public will see there are better more democratic organized societies that are organized the same way our bodies are organized. I have written about this theory of social evolution in other articles in detail. I believe that in the future after the coverup ends, overt autocratic regimes as well as more covert autocratic regimes that hide behind a thin veneer of democracy, as here in America, will give rationalizations and excuses for the coverup in abundance. This will be mostly propaganda with a kernel of truth, for the real reason is that if mankind continues to evolve, autocratic regimes overt and covert, will be replaced by newer more advanced forms of organization structures that do not involve the predator-prey, master-slave, elitist, organizational structure.

This is the real reason behind the UFO/ET coverup and why we in the field of exopolitics have to fight a infowar against a formidable adversary not unlike what Ed Komarek Sr., even when threatened with jail, had to do against Smokey The Bear anti-fire propaganda. My father and his ecologist friends stood up to the powerful United States Forest Service that had almost unlimited resources and eventually won because truth was on their side. Those of us involved in exopolitics must keep the faith for we too will prevail one day.

I find myself moving ever further out on the leading edge of scientific and social discovery supported by the developing evidence in the UFO/ET community. The extraterrestrial races being reported are many in number and of great diversity. Such would be expected from a universe as large as ours. Some of these beings are human like ourselves, some are humanoid and many are completely different from us.

What accounts for all this diversity of intelligent life coming to earth? It must be that as nature evolves different evolutionary strategies some work out one way on one planet and another way on another. Scientists have even speculated that had not the dinosaurs been wiped out or severely suppressed leaving a niche for mammals, there would be a intelligent reptile on this planet rather than a intelligent mammal. This thinking is not new. UFO crash investigator Len Stringfield wrote a lot on this and there are pages devoted to this in a little known book called, UFO Crash At Aztec by William Steinman with contributions by Wendelle Stevens.

I have taken this train of though ever further and predict that post coverup it will be widely know as fact that natures different evolutionary strategies and artificial evolutionary strategies produce very diverse intelligent planetary and space faring species with a wide variety of motivations and agendas. As an example consider the different evolutionary strategies of interior skeletons vs exoskeletons and how they seem to lead to very different types of intelligent species coming to earth. Some extraterrestrials coming and involving themselves with mankind look similar to insects and seem to have a hive mentality while many other extraterrestrials are humanoid and have interior skeletons and social structures similar to ours.
When one takes this great diversity of life coming to earth with its diversity of interrelationships, it should be easy to see and conceptually grasp the fact that the new field of astroecology is going to become a huge discipline hand in hand with exopolitics. So to all you young scientists out their if you have the stomach to stand up to the elite propagandists and risk ridicule and your paycheck you will be richly rewarded for your investigation into the UFO/ET phenomena. I predict that the most notable scientific and religious achievements in the fields of physics, ecology, biology, genetics, religion, sociology, politics, artificial intelligence, technological development, etc. will be seen to emerge out of this propagandized and disrespected UFO/ET field of inquiry.

My fire ecologist father told me at the end of his life that all that he dreamed of came true. He said he was fortunate to have lived long enough to see the success of his labor. He saw in his lifetime the Forest Service abandon its anti-fire policy and propaganda campaign, to adopt the need to control burn forests and grasslands so as to maintain ecological diversity and debris removal to protect against catastrophic wildfires. I can only hope that I too may live long enough to see the end of the UFO/ET coverup and the propaganda campaign by world governments. Even if I don’t, I will die knowing that in my small part I made a contribution to the greater good for truth will prevail in the end.