Monday, November 19, 2007

A Tale of Two SETI

A Tale of Two SETI
By Ed Komarek
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Alien Seeker News A Tale of Two SETI

For the serious UFO/ET investigator that wants to understand the past history of the UFO/ET cover-up there are two books that are must reads. One is Flying Saucers From Outer Space by Major Donald Keyhoe and the other is Flying Saucers Serious Business by the famous radio broadcaster and reporter Frank Edwards. It’s the book by Frank Edwards that should be most of interest to the serious SETI researcher because it recounts the early history of SETI and its creation and infiltration by UFO/ET propagandists such as Frank Drake and Carl Sagan. It will more than sow the seeds of doubt to any SETI honest scientist or enthusiast as to the true nature and purpose of SETI the so called, ‘Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence”.

The truth is that there are two SETI, one public and overt, the other covert and classified, that goes right back to SETI’s beginning as Project Ozma. Edwards’s states on page 82: “In the early winter of 1959 I reported over the Mutual Network that the giant radio telescope being built at Green Bank, West Virginia, by the National Science Foundation was to be used in search for intelligible signals from outer space. This was promptly denied, of course, for government agencies dislike having anyone beat them on their own news releases.

What happened at Green Bank? The Green Bank’s station’s work was officially known as Project Ozma … with a bow to the mythical Wizard of Oz. Its first Director was the noted astronomer Dr. Otto Struve, who described it to the newsmen as a “long-range program” which can mean many things, of course. At that time Struve’s assistant was Dr. Frank Drake, who later succeeded Struve at Green Bank.

Let it be noted that at the inception of Green Bank Dr. Struve devoted considerable time to stressing the importance of the work to be done there, including what he referred to as the great benefits which would result from communicating with a more advanced civilization.

But in 1961, less than two years after it opened with such fanfare and such an expenditure, the public was told that Project Ozma was no more – kaput! – finished! To make the puzzle more puzzling, Dr. Otto Struve ran under his own goalposts. This time he indicated to newsmen that the project was of little value,”

On page 83 Edwards continues, “Once again, as was the case with the officially reported closing of Air Force UFO programs, this project was not closed at all. It was merely transferred quietly to a new location, in this case to Puerto Rico.” “The metallic bowl in the mountains of Puerto Rico near Arecibo, began operations in 1964. It was merely the transplanted version of Project Ozma, but this time its findings were classified and concealed from the public.”

Edwards goes on to discuss how in the waning days of Project Ozma at Green Bank signals were picked up from Tau Ceti that drew great mainstream media attention. Frank Drake disclosed this information to the press but when questioned later he said a new release will be forthcoming from the National Science Foundation but it did not happen. It was soon after this that Project Ozma was secretly transferred to Puerto Rico. From this we can see that not only was Project Ozma, the precursor to SETI, involved in classified work as well as public deception but so was the National Science Foundation.

Further on he gets into how Carl Sagan was publicly discussing the possibility of alien bases on the back side of the moon before he suddenly began to debunk UFOs when he replaced UFO/ET propagandist and well know Harvard astronomer Dr. Donald Menzel as the preferred mass media debunker of UFOs. Menzel’s name later appears on the famous MJ 12 documents when they are leaked into the public domain. Menzel even had a UFO sighting of his own that he had to debunk. In Keyhoe’s book on page 14 is a description of Menzel’s sighting. “At another point the astronomer admitted he was mystified by two discs he’d seen in New Mexico. “Both disks shone with a slightly bluish light.” he said.” Keyhoe even after detailing how wrong Menzel was about various sightings in his book nevertheless showed how wrong, he Keyhoe, could be by stating that the thought Menzel was sincere. The only reason I bring this up about Keyhoe being wrong is because it would seem that Keyhoe was willing to give the debunkers far more slack as far as their sincereity as he was willing to give the contactees at the time.

Edwards had this to say about Dr. Sagan; “In December of 1962 at the convention of the American Rocket Society in Los Angeles, the speaker was Dr. Carl Sagan, the advisor on Extra-terrestrial Life to the Armed Services. Dr. Sagan told his audience that mankind must be prepared to face the probability that we have already been visited by intelligent beings from elsewhere in the universe – and that they have – or have had – bases on the averted side of our moon.” Carl Sagan’s later propagandising activities were exposed in the McDaniel report by Dr. Stanley McDaniel in regards to the face on Mars. I am not going to make the same mistake as Keyhoe.

What is so very enlightening about Edward’s book is that he clearly shows the infatuation of some of these big SETI names with the tricks of illusionists and also with the movie, The Wizard of Oz. Remember the little man behind the curtain moving the levers to the great and powerful Oz. All it took was a little dog pulling at the curtain to expose him. I wonder it that thought ever occurred to these little men with gigantic egos involved in SETI and also, The Committee For The Scientific Investigation Of Claims of the Paranormal, whose very name is a lie. This so called, “scientific committee” does no scientific investigations. They tried it years ago and got caught in deceptions yet they promote their propaganda in most major bookstores around the country through the magazine the Sceptical Inquirer.

It’s easy to go back and connect SETI and the “Committee” through key figures in both organizations. The “Committee” is just a privatization of the official debunking by the Air Force that was so prominent in the 1950s. The “Committee” at its roots is no more than a CIA counterintelligence operation in my estimation, as is the Weekly World News, that creates these silly fabricated ET stories available at every supermarket checkout counter. The Weekly World News was founded by intelligence agents and between it, the “Committee” and SETI, the denial and ridicule of the UFO/ET subject continues to propagandize scientists and journalists, as well as general members of the public.

I have proposed for years that the public SETI program is nothing but a cover program for the real SETI program and is itself nothing but an exercise of the simple concept of misdirection promoted by illusionists. SETI propagandists say; Look, look, ET is way out there on the other side of the galaxy, not right here in your backyard. Don’t believe your lying eyes, we have the credentials, don’t listen to those silly UFO buffs! The sad thing is that a simple illusionist’s trick of misdirection has worked so remarkably well to fool the public and honest SETI scientists and enthusiasts for so many years.

Nothing serious is going to come out of the public SETI program until the honest people in SETI catch on to the propagandists in their mist, those famous little men and women with fancy credentials that pull the levers behind the curtain of secrecy. As I have said before, just about every institution on earth has either participated or is complicit in the UFO/ET cover-up. I grew up in a family of scientists and I know that there is nothing an honest scientist hates more than a scientist that participates in deception of other scientists. When the exopolitical cover-up breaks, all hell is liable to break loose in the scientific community and on the SETI scientists. I wonder how long it is going to take for honest scientists to pull their collective heads out of the sand where they have been so firmly placed by SETI and other media propagandists over the years.