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Some Friendly, Some Unfriendly Human ETs

Some Friendly and Not So Friendly Human ETs
By Ed Komarek
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Some Friendly and Not So Friendly Human ETs

I have a particular and abiding interest in what appear to be several races of extraterrestrial humans that look so much like us that unless one is well informed they would not be recognised for who they are. I believe these ET humans began infiltrating our society in a substantial manner in the 1930s and have continued to build up their numbers on earth to this day. From all the evidence I can find, both in the public domain and from my personal experiences with contactee friends, it would seem that these types have been having high level official contact since the early 1950s and that continues to the present day. I write about this and provide cases in other of my articles. In the later part of this article I will review part of the Brazilian Antonio Villas-Boas human contact case that was written up by Fontes, the Brazilian UFO/ET researcher, even though it was a less than friendly encounter.

Along with continuous official contact, these ET humans have been having and still are having very substantial continuous contact with large numbers of ordinary earth humans all over the planet. The only difference between what is going on now than in the 1950s is that the human ET’s are much more careful and discrete about who they contact and why. They seem to prefer the power of telepathic suggestion over physical contact most of the time. This I believe has been due to the extreme resistance to their infiltration activities and their very overt push for open interaction with humanity in the 1950s. As I said in other articles they have had to change tactics. They went from a quick short term approach that failed, to a much longer approach toward full disclosure that seems to be working.

I have elaborated in detail on the reasons for this much more discrete approach in other of my articles. Some of these human ET races are almost like us physically and are very considerate, kind, loving people who look out for the interest of others at the same time they look after their own interests which are very substantial. Others are not as friendly as the Fontes case suggests. I think we affect their society in ways that we can only begin to understand because some seem to live close by in our solar system mostly in parallel 3D worlds just like our own, but just on different 3D frequencies. It would seem that not only is gravity holding things together in our 3D universe but it seems that gravity is also holding together other 3D worlds nested alongside ours and around other celestial bodies.

While we are not consciously aware of these other worlds we nevertheless are unconsciously communicating and affecting these other nested worlds through telepathy or quantum entanglement. It seems that our thoughts and emotions affect these other human races both consciously as well as unconsciously and some physical processes also affect them like the setting off of atomic bombs that disturb magnetic and gravitational fields. For all of these reasons they have had to intervene in our affairs for their own self interest. This is what contactees have been saying since the early 1950s to the present time and is confirmed by my personal experiences over the years while on the fringe of a contact network. I never met one of these folks but I did see their craft twice. Once when they flew in to talk to a contactee deep in a South Georgia swamp and later that night when two ships followed me home to see where I lived.

Respected investigators like Captain Robert Collins (retired) author of the book, Exempt From Disclosure, have a tendency to downplay both the contactees that claim contact with these friendly ETs, but also those researchers like Bill Hamilton that have been researching and investigating these ET’s since the 1950s. This seems almost to be a replay or continuation of the Major Donald Keyhoe scepticism of the contactees in the 1950s. Bob blows off Bill because Bill still believes in Dan Burish which most of us think is just a low level con trying to make a buck from Hollywood. I think Bill has just become too invested and trusting of Dan Burish, but this is no reason to discredit Bill’s investigations that cover a much longer period of time than Bob’s 22 years of investigations in and out of the military.

Bill might is wrong on Burish but I believe Bob is even more wrong in discounting Bill’s extensive experience in the UFO/ET field and his contactee contacts over the many years of his life. If Bob Collins has high level enough contacts, then maybe he is just not asking the right questions of his contacts, and maybe they aren’t volunteering information that they feel is not in their interest. It may be in Bob’s contact’s interest for him to stay focused in a particular clump of trees and not get a better perspective of the whole forest. It’s always been the military’s interest in general, to focus on ET threats anyway and this skews the military perception of the situation.

As I have said from what my contactee friends have to say, seems to support what the contactees of the 1950s were saying about these usually friendly human ET’s. Of course they may not seem so friendly to the military if the military is taking pot shots at them. If the roles were reversed I don’t think we would be very friendly if we were being shot at either. I must once again say for the upteenth time, lest I be misinterpreted once again by other ET investigators, I do not negate unfriendly or indifferent contact just that I believe that this particular group of ET’s have the most to offer us. For this reason I am slowly narrowing my focus down to this very limited group of friendly and sometimes friendly human ET races.

Bill Hamilton has some information that seems to be verified by my contactee friends as well. On page 38 of Bill Hamilton’s book, Cosmic Top Secret, he gives a description of the slight variations between us and the friendly ET humans. Before this he also talks about how the uniforms reported by various contactees both well known and not well known are very similar as I have talked about also. A contactee friend told me the other day some other detailed information, for instance, that the ETs in this network don’t leave fingerprints because they don’t have the swirls we have on their hands. I checked around on the internet and this was confirmed by Bill and another person who said that this was also in the book, Stranger At The Pentagon, by Frank Stranges. I blew Frank off years ago when I had him as speaker at a conference I hosted in Tallahassee, but now I really have to rethink my position.

Here is what Bill Hamilton has to say in his book; “ The human-like, or Nordic, aliens bear specific differences from our own species. Several contactees have mentioned that Nordics have very symmetrical features; their skin is clear and almost translucent; their irises may be gold in color or contain golden flecks; their fingers are flexible in the backward as well as forward direction suggesting more pliable bone tissue; and a surprising perfection of their phenotype: they are never reported to be fat, too thin, or ugly and their hair, teeth, nails and eyes appear to be free of defects. It’s as if they had perfect control over their genetic breeding. They have no trouble breathing our air or walking in our gravity. In fact, they appear to be so at home in our environment that many could take up residence among us and not be recognized for who they really are. The Nordics talk as we do, but are reported to have a sing-song voice when speaking in their own language. They demonstrate remarkable telepathic prowess. Often they will answer a contactee’s questions before it’s asked.”

What really got my attention was this report of a sing-song voice that was told to me just recently by a contactee friend that until I read this I had not ever heard about before. So folks how about cutting Bill some slack. He has also had personal experiences that he believes resulted from his early study of contactee cases but he has been reluctant to talk about them for obvious reasons. I have pointed out that the most public contactees are just the tip of the contactee network iceberg and if folks would treat both contactees and contactee researchers like Bill Hamilton a little better they might really learn some very interesting stuff. I myself have been working around the edges of these contactee networks just like Bill has been doing even longer than I and Johnny come lately’s like our friend Bob Collins. J

Just so that people like Bob Collins will feel better and for those folks that are new to the field, I would like to include an old human contact case from 1957 that most old timer folks will remember. The following ETs look quite a bit different than we do, but seem to be close enough to us to be genetically compatible as indicated in this account. The account that I have before me is in the book, Flying Saucers, by Coral Lorenzen. This account if true, involves some not so friendly ET humans on a mission involving an experiment to crossbreed one of their race with one of ours. While it is obvious that these ET’s were indifferent at best we have to be careful not to jump to conclusions as regards their whole race. Some of our own people have done much worse than this and abusers are common throughout our whole race. Maybe this race is really much like our own. These ET’s seem to have had a job to do and they just did it without much regard for Antonio’s feelings. Maybe they were just following orders.

There is a long description of this Antonio Villas-Boas case from Brazil in the Lorenzen book. I am not about to type all this in and it might already be on the internet anyhow. Antonio Villas-Boas was cultivating a field on a tractor when he was run down and captured by four small men that came up to about his shoulder. The first one grabbed him by the shoulder and Antonio in a state of panic gave this man a push that sent him reeling and started to run but was attacked and grabbed by three more men of slightly larger size. They lifted him up and dragged him back to their ship. He yelled and cursed and cried for help. When they got to the machine he was lifted up and shoved up a ladder which was very difficult because the ladder was flexible and was made for only one person at a time. (Note there is a lot more detail in all this and I am just giving a brief description of this case.)

There is a detailed description of the ship but I am not going to get into all that either. He said that the little men when they talked amongst themselves, they sounded like dogs making little howls that varied in pitch and frequency. (Note this is like something that I heard when I saw this craft and followed a contactee back into the Georgia swamps but did not get to the action because a friend of mine was freaking out and the strange howling sounds did not help me to move forward either. Try to imagine a dark swamp full of poisonous snakes in the middle of the night with something very weird going on and you should get the picture.) After this howling talk amongst themselves, the little men forcibly undressed poor Antonio and smeared a liquid all over his body as he struggled and screamed.

Antonio was taken to a squarish room where blood samples were taken with two very think rubber like pipes that took blood but only leaved a area that itched and burned later. (Many details are omitted as to the dress and description of occupants of the craft.) He got sick, was left alone for awhile in a room until a nude ET woman walked in. Here I quote from the book starting on page 69, of all pages. J “She walked slowly and seemed amused at Villas-Boas’s open-mouthed amazement at seeing her. Her blonde, nearly white hair, big blue, slanted eyes and even features contributed to an unusual beauty. The hair was smooth, not very thick, less than shoulder length and was parted in the center and turned up slightly at the ends. She wore no makeup, her nose was straight and small and her face fine-boned. The contour of her face, which showed very prominent cheekbones and a severely pointed chin, as well as slit-thin lips, was the only outstandingly unusual features. Villas-Boas noted that the prominent cheekbones made her face appear to be very wide, even wider than that of an Indio native (Brazilian). The woman’s body was well built with high, separated breasts, small waist, flat belly, well developed hips and large thighs. Her feet were small, her hands long and narrow. Villas-Boas estimated her height to be about 4 feet 6 inches, he being about 5 feet 5 ½ inches. He later deduced that she was probably the smallest of the five “men” in suits who had been the first to grapple with him in the field.

The woman’s purpose was immediately evident. She held herself close to Villas-Boas, rubbing her head against his face. She did not attempt to communicate in any way except with occasional grunts and howling noises, like the “men” had uttered. A very normal sexual act took place and after each one she breathed with difficulty. After the second act the woman began to shy away from the man and he became a little annoyed at this. The howling noises she made during the togetherness had nearly spoiled the whole act for they reminded him of an animal. At no time would she allow him to kiss her and his overtures in this respect were met by a gentle bite on the chin. Some of the physical features noted by Villas-Boas were the woman’s very light skin, freckled arms, and deep red pubic and underarm hair which contrasted vividly with the almost white hair of her head.

As soon as the woman had repelled Antonio, the door opened and one of the men came and called out to the woman, who turned to Villas-Boas, pointed to her belly and, smiling a little, pointed to what he thought was south, then left. He thought this meant that she would return to take him with her and gave him much food for agonizing fear for some time.”

This whole case is very detailed from start to finish. The whole case in its entirety is a 23 page report which was submitted to APRO by Dr. Olavo Fontes, Professor of Medicine at the Brazilian National School of Medicine. It includes a verbatim report given to him by Villas-Boas and recorded by journalist Joao Martins and translated by Mrs. Irene Granchi. This case is typical of the extremely detailed work of Fontes whose briefing by American intelligence agents is in another of my articles. I see from a quick check on the Internet that there are many accounts of this case but I have not been able to find the complete 23 page report. This site has more details and some illustrations for those with more interest in this case. http://www.conspiracyarchive.com/UFOs/boas-abduction.htm