Saturday, November 17, 2007

Exopolitics: Your Lying Eyes

Exopolitics: Your Lying Eyes
By Ed Komarek
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Alien Seeker News Exopolitics: Your Lying Eyes

For once the mainstream press played it straight in regards to the extraterrestrial situation. The Washington Press Club UFO briefing was well attended by members of the press and the widespread coverage of the event was for once fair and honest. There seems to be a change of policy in regards to UFOs where the mainstream press is “allowed” to be more fair in its coverage of these matters. One reporter was said to exclaim, “Why have I not been told.” Another said, “I thought we were not supposed to talk about this.” Another said, “That’s changing.”

The coverage of the Washington event was a breath of fresh air across the dung pile of lies and deceit propagated against all of humanity by autocratic elite institutions worldwide. Every autocratic institution on earth will be found be either directly responsible in the UFO/ET cover-up or complicit in it. It will be the press, however, to whom the public will feel the most betrayed, for it is a free press to who the public trusts to tell the truth and be the public safeguard against tyranny. It is a free press who must stand up to the truth and investigate till the truth is exposed. A free press does not publish nor promote a propaganda mix of both lies and truth calling that fair play so as to avoid serious investigation and the exposure of deception.

The reasons for the 60 year accumulated “bodyguard of lies” is not that the public can’t handle the truth, as world autocratic elites institutions would have you believe, but that the elites themselves cannot handle the truth. It was the World military and economic elites that panicked in the 1950’s not the people when extraterrestrial races became actively and profoundly involved in humanities affairs for reasons of both self interest and humanities interest. The 1958 Fontes Saucer Briefing

As early as 1955 much maligned by the press, controversial contactee George Adamski knew the real reason for the UFO/ET cover-up. He sums up in one short paragraph, just who was behind the cover-up, as well as the public betrayal by the press. He said. “…it is quite understandable, for the ones who control the press and all outlets of information fear the truth, so they keep it from the public the best way they know how. They are the people that control the monetary system of the world, so your nation would have the least amount of information on the subject that is world wide. That does not mean that the activity of the space people is less there than elsewhere.”

In response to another question this same month of 1955 he said, “…Just think of the effect, once the propulsion power of these ships becomes known – a power as free to everyone as the breath we breathe! What would happen to those who control the monetary system of the world! And it seems as though it were these who have put censorship on the truth, whereby publications are no longer free as they previously were. All these branches in the media business must have money to continue.” Wow, no matter if one believes George Adamski to be on the level or not, he sure hit the proverbial nail on the head as early as 1955 as to who is behind the cover-up, why there is a cover-up and how the cover-up is being maintained.

My father fought against Smokey The Bear anti-fire propaganda all his life and warned the keepers of Yellowstone National Park that they, through the suppression of light natural fires had created an unnatural condition that one day would result in a catastrophic wildfire. What is so ironic was that the very same incompetent people that created the unnatural situation tried to undo it by attempting to control burn themselves, but do to inexperience and the same stupidity that got them into the mess, let a controlled fire get away and burned Yellowstone to the ground. Today Yellowstone is recovering and its forests have been renewed but in a most unnatural and unnecessary manner. I have previously stated that I believe the same sort of thing is going to happen at some point with the UFO/ET cover-up where the truth will spread like wildfire through the 60 year accumulation of lies and deceit surrounding the cover-up. We could be getting close to that point today.

It would seem that at the same time that public contactees worldwide were being attacked and harassed by the press at the behest of military and economic interests, secret meetings were going between extraterrestrials and top governmental officials and scientists. Film Of 1954 ET And Eisenhower Meeting? It looks like Eisenhower was meeting with human extraterrestrials at least as early as 1955 as were government scientists and engineers about the same time. Where was the free press, those so called public watchdogs! The lap dogs were and are safe and secure in the warm financial beds of the worldwide economic elite that’s where!

The people of the world are rapidly losing confidence in all worldwide institutions and for good reason. The people have been betrayed by their autocratic leaders worldwide, humanity is entering a dark age, atomic war is still a possibility, and the environmental degradation caused by overpopulation and the use of fossil fuels is destroying the planet. It’s all happening because way back in the 1940’s and fifties the truth about extraterrestrial interventions in our societies was rigorously and vigorously suppressed. It could not have happened if the press had not betrayed the people’s right to know. When the cover-up breaks, and one day it will, just as surely break as Yellowstone burned, what excuses will the press come up with for their betrayal and failure of the world public?

The worldwide press have said, when polls show17 percent of the public have seen UFOs, don’t believe your lying eyes. The public trusted and believed. They trusted what their leaders and the press said over what they saw with their own eyes. Of course some people caught on to the deceptions and have waged an insurgent information war for the public’s right to know the past 60 years. We have been called every name in the book by the press. Those of us that have stood by the truth no matter what, have been called kooks, fools, believers, buffs, amateurs, crackpots etc. all in an effort to discredit us and our struggle for the peoples right to know. We are all sick of the mainstream press and we are sick of this devastating to humanity extraterrestrial cover-up. When will it ever end!