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Exopolitics: Counterfeit Contactees

Exopolitics: Counterfeit Contactees
By Ed Komarek
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People who claim contact with friendly extraterrestrial beings are commonly called contactees, a term that first came into being as far as I know in the 1950’s with the widespread public and media controversies around several prominent controversial contactees including George Adamski and Howard Menger. Later in the 1960’s the word abductees came into widespread usage due to a rapid rise of abduction cases publicised by the famous Betty and Barney Hill abduction case. Those who research both contactee and abductee cases have had to deal with fraudulent contactees and abductees.

Before I go any further and as usual I must make this disclaimer. I don’t negate the abductees and abductee research. I have concentrated my attention on contactee cases because I feel there is great benefit from studying this sometimes neglected area of investigation and research. Abductee researchers while they have been of great benefit to abductees, seem to have a strange myopia when it comes to friendly ET contact, believing that only unfriendly or indifferent contact is real. By concentrating on friendly contact I try to compensate for this, in my mind, a glaring conceptual error on the part of abductee researchers.

I prefer to think about delusion, imagination and outright fraud in contactee and abductee cases as a spectrum that begins with, true face to face contact - telepathic contact - imaginary contact - delusional contact, and ends with fraudulent contact. True face to face contact backed up by testimonial and other evidence and fraudulent contact backed up also by testimonial and other evidence are pretty clear cut. The grey area in between the two polarities is much more complex and difficult to understand.

To make understanding even more difficult the investigator of contact and abductee cases also has a spectrum range beginning with the investigator that believes just about anything told to them - to the investigator that believes all of these cases are imaginary or fraudulent. Every investigator has a bias based upon personal psychology and past experience. These biases filter or color witness testimony and evidence presented.

I have been studying contactees, abductees, researchers and investigators, active in the public domain for as long as I have studied UFO/ET. I then compare this with my personal experiences with both contactees and investigators and arrive at what I hope is something close to the truth. It really takes a lifetime of work in the UFO/ET field to begin to tackle the realities and unrealities involving extraterrestrial contact.

This idea of contactee legitimacy is very controversial not only in the mainstream but very much so in exopolitics. Most people are heavily emotionally invested, be they contactee or investigator. I am sure to have just about everybody jumping on me for even trying to tackle this very sensitive area within the exopolitical community. It’s a lousy job but somebody has to tell folks what they don’t want to hear.

I have found it very interesting that controversial contactee George Adamski was on to this problem of counterfeit contactees as early a 1955. On page 64 of Lou Zinsstag’s book on Adamski it refers to an article written by Adamski in Flying Saucer Review with the title, Flying Saucers Versus The Supernatural. It was written in 1957.

Adamski says, “…. Many advocates of the supernatural base their arguments on the tremendous speed necessary for interplanetary travel. They triumphantly point out the fact that anybody of flesh and blood could not survive at these speeds.” “…. Now, consider the possibility of free flight through space in craft not confined to an orbit. This is our ultimate goal. So why try and wrap those people who have already reached that goal, in a cloak of mystery? Why would a “spook” need a space craft??” “….. Promises (of a spiritistic nature) are near-to never kept. But these promises do not come from the brothers. They all come through mediums who do not understand themselves or their mind, nor what they are tuning into. Instead of receiving messages from the brothers as so may claim, they are but hosts to impersonators ….to discarnate entities.”

In the same year 1957 a correspondent in Germany received these lines from Admaski; “…. May I give you here a word of caution that you might find yourself involved in unnecessary problems at some later date? In this country and I understand, throughout the world, many people are now claiming contacts with the space people through mediumistic channels. But the space people have told me on numerous occasions that because people of earth have little understanding of themselves, they have not used such channels for communication. It would not be wise. Thus, the entities who speak through mediums, according to my information are nothing but impersonators. This is not to belittle mediums in any way, but it is to say that most of them have much to learn before they can be sure of just what they are receiving and from whom and where.”

Lucy McGinnis said Adamski told her this in December of 1955; “Mr. Adamski is constantly endeavouring to keep the reality of the visitors on a physical basis. People must be made to understand hat these people are human beings, of flesh and blood, not disembodied entities. It is too bad that so many of the spiritualists have discarded their “Indian Guides” and replaced them with space people. This is so confusing in the minds of many people.”

Lou Zinsstag goes on to say, “Indeed the lunatic fringe gave George Adamski a lot to do for the rest of his life. More than anything else, the messages propagated by mediums in those later fifties put brakes, again and again, to his work’s expansion.” Lou goes on to say. “Already in 1959, he had often hinted at a dangerous anonymous silencing agency at work, sustaining the mediumistic theories and propagating them through secret channels without being themselves related to such groups. The duty of this agency was, so he said, to dispel the growing apprehension of people of some consequence in science and industry and to kill their interest in UFO reports. It was their business to blur a dawning image of a new form of energy coming our way, displayed by space craft in our own atmosphere, apparently without using our kind of fuel, nor our newly developed expensive flight technics. “Their apprehension is well founded”, he added, “They have good reasons to propagate the spiritistic explanation.”

In the field of exopolitics even today as in the 1950s investigators and researchers are plagued by counterfeit contactees and their networks. Our problem is analogous to that of a secret service investigator who has to spot and deal with counterfeit money. Some counterfeit money is poorly counterfeited and easy to spot, but other counterfeit money made by experts is very difficult to spot. It takes a skilled and trained secret services employee to spot very good counterfeits and sometimes even the expert gets fooled.

Counterfeit contactees fall into several categories just as Adamski pointed out. 1. A sincere honest person with an overactive imagination who may or may not have had some kind of contact or other event that triggers the imagination. 2. The sincere but deluded individual unconsciously seeking attention and power over others. 3. The contactee impersonator out to make a buck or a sceptic out to make a fool of a believer. 4. Counterintelligence operations intent on disrupting and contaminating public understanding of contactees and contactee networks by supporting and publicising counterfeit contactees.

Exopolitical investigators and researchers today mostly have only to deal with the first three categories as far as I know in regards to contactee cases. Counterintelligence operatives were a problem in the 1950s and the damage done has continued into the present. This residual disinformation and propaganda effect is still very prominent in the minds of establishment UFO/ET researchers causing them to shy away from contactee cases. As far as most establishment UFO/ET researchers are concerned, if the contact is friendly, then it can’t be true.

General disinformation operations through tabloids like the Weekly World News with their atrocious fabricated stories are the more sophisticated evolution of the trashing of contactee testimony. This seems to be good enough to maintain this residual propaganda effect from the 1950s counterintelligence operations in the minds and emotions of establishment UFO/ET investigators and the public. Exopolitical investigators have broken down this mental and emotional obstacle and now not only actively investigate contactee cases, but search them out as well.

Counterfeit contactees with an overactive imagination may have actually had a real experience of some sort that stimulated their imagination to a point where their imagination runs away with them. This type of counterfeit contactee is the most numerous and they very sincerely chat and discuss their experiences with others across the internet trying to figure things out. They are often sincere and can be loving people and as a rule are not dangerous. These folks are often shy at first to discuss their experiences but usually get over it and even become chatter-bugs over time. I usually consider these people well meaning and harmless and I don’t try to rain on their parade, because sometimes they do have real experiences amongst all the mental and emotional chatter. One could say that these folks are just too open minded and will believe in just about anything at the drop of a hat with little power of discrimination.

The counterfeit contactee who is sincere but deluded is another matter altogether. Captain Robert Collins, author of Exempt From Disclosure, recently stated that he had been threatened by these types. Sometimes a real contactee will turn into a counterfeit contactee of this type as well. This type of counterfeit contactee is a very closed minded individual who has all the answers, and who has trouble listening to what others have to say. They rant on in long diatribes of so called “channelled messages”, dredging up all kinds of stuff from the depths of their subconscious. When criticised they and their followers can become very hostile and even dangerous. They sometimes go off the deep end and if they are charismatic they can carry other people over the cliff when making dramatic catastrophic predictions that don’t come true. Other people who believe in them can become very disillusioned and leave the UFO/ET field altogether when these people crash and burn.

The contactee or abductee impersonator is an insincere con artist and different individuals may have very different motives and agendas. This could be a person out to make a buck at the expense of others or it could be a sceptical individual or group who decides to make a fool out of an investigator or other believers. John Mack an abductee researcher was targeted by not one, but a well organized group of people connected to a well know sceptics group, The Committee For The Investigation Of Claims Of The Paranormal whose name is even a lie. They have counterintelligence connections and are connected to SETI an organization that uses the illusionist’s art of misdirection and outright debunking in the mass media to propagandize the public in regards to extraterrestrial life. Abductee Ed Walters also has had counterintelligence operations run against him when he got to be too well known in the mass media.

Contactee impersonators seem to be much rarer than abductee impersonators because to date contactees have remained pretty much discredited because of counterintelligence actions taken against them in the 1950s and 1960s. As we in the emerging field of exopolitics become more credible we can expect to have done to us what abductees and abductee researchers have experienced in the past.

So with all these counterfeit contactees running around trying to get attention on the internet and elsewhere, the logical question is how does one spot a true contactee? I have found from personal experience that nowadays, unlike back in the 1950s true contactees keep a very low profile. The main reason for this as I have explained in other articles is that the human ET’s tactics have changed from open overt contact in the 1950s to much more covert contact that continues to this day. This could be beginning to change.

I started running into real deal contactees when I created my own intelligence gathering network in my local area and started to seriously investigate UFO sightings many years ago. Because I was persistent and open minded, I discovered that most of these sightings were collateral sightings, made by ordinary people going about their ordinary business. The deeper I dug and the more involved I got, allowed me to track these collateral sightings to some very discrete individuals at the very bottom of the social economic ladder. I generally made a pest of myself and gained the confidence of these contactees and even had sightings of my own. It often took years to tickle information out of these people and sometimes they would get quite upset if I got on to something that I was not supposed to know about.

The human ETs that run these networks of contactees keep close tabs on their contactees telepathically and also use implants if permission is given. The contactee knows from moment to moment just how much and what they can talk about. If they do talk too much then the contact will be discontinued and the damage will be slight to the ETs programs because nobody is going to believe these contactees anyway because of their low economic and educational status. I have discovered that human ETs when they infiltrate our society have made very effective use of class barriers and other social constructs, so as to maintain security and integrity of their infiltration operations.

I remain at the edges of these networks and there is much my contactee friends have told me that I cannot talk about, but lately it would seem things are changing. I am not sure exactly why. Maybe it’s because disclosure is quickening and the release of information about ET networks can move forward at a faster pace to keep up with overall disclosure and provide overall balance. I also think that the ET’s overall security situation and the security of their contactees is improving. Military resistance to their activities seems to be on the decrease perhaps due to an overall policy shift at the highest levels of government. All I can say is it’s about time!

In a nutshell, if the contactee is hard to find and difficult to crack, then the contactee most likely is the real deal. If the contactee seeks publicity and seems credible then the chances of the contactee being the real deal decreases considerably. That’s not to say that all public contactees are counterfeit. It’s just that its going to be tougher to tell the real thing from the counterfeit and its going to take a long while, of wait and see, to see how the case falls out. Deceivers usually begin by making small mistakes and if they get away with this they can become overconfident and really make a big mistake exposing their fraudulent activity for all to see. All I can say for those investigating over the internet is buyer beware. J

If you are really interested, sincere and have the patience, build up your own intelligence gathering network in your local area. Then as I said before, track the collateral sightings until you find the embedded contactees. If you are really good and you can keep your mouth shut, you might just meet an extraterrestrial. My contactee friends tell me that the reason I have not met an extraterrestrial so far is because I can’t keep my mouth shut either. Of course they are right. J But who knows, I am learning to better keep confidences as I age, realizing that even ET’s have their own security concerns and operations that could be disrupted by a careless comment broadcast by me all over the internet.