Thursday, October 18, 2007

Is The National Security State A Slave Society

The National Security State A Slave Society?
By Ed Komarek
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The national security state is based on extreme secrecy, fear, lies, clearances, need to know, and special access. The name national security is in itself a lie, and in my estimation it is the most advanced, sophisticated system of organized mass mind control and enslavement of humans ever invented. It's true name should be national insecurity state. Regardless of its sophistication, it is still at heart a master-slave organization who's roots go back into Sumerian and Babylonian times and who's symbol has and always and will be the pyramid.

An indication of the incredible control that autocratic regimes have over their populations is that young people can within a period of several weeks be indoctrinated to kill and be killed in wars that are both unnecessary and futile. The fact that the military establishmentcan convert a peaceful person into a killer is so short of time shows that young people since birth have been trained not to think but to obey. Children are forced to obey rather than think by parents who use the classic manipulative technique of reward and punishment upon the unsuspecting child. The child's indoctrination into the mentality of the slave state is further reinforced by entrance into the public educational system who's name is again a lie and should be called the public indoctrination system.

I got interested in the nations intelligence activities and the national security state because I realized long ago that the truth about extraterrestrial life in the universe was being covered up by elites around the world. (In my opinion there is no better book for both novice and expert alike than, Richard M. Dolan's book, The National Security State.) Elites are so strong worldwide and in America that they control governments and their security apparatus not just institutions. I realized that information about UFO/ET was a highly classified subject and that those with special access to this material were themselves involved in propagandizing the public.

I would like to make it abundantly clear, while I am a severe critic of the American national security apparatus and other countries security forces, it not my intent do denigrate but rather enlighten the rank and file who are or who sincerely believe that they are working for the interests of the Republic. I believe it imperative that those who serve, wake up to the fact that they are participating in a system that is dangerously subversive and undermining and destabilizing our Republic.

The national security state works contrary to republican and democratic values in all countries and is nothing other than a master-slave society run by tyrants, sophisticated gangsters at the highest levels. The reason the founding fathers did not want standing armies in peacetime was because they knew militaries were autocratic and could and would subvert republican and democratic organizational structures.

Some would argue that the national security state is a necessary evil needed to protect the American people from other national security regimes. This potent lie, is more propaganda perpetrated by tyrants running all national security regimes all over the planet not just here in America. I just don't buy it! One cannot fight evil with evil without becoming evil. I believe that the jig is up and national security slaves in these regimes around the globe are beginning to collectively recognize their true condition as expendable slaves and are now in rebellion? I just want to in my own small way add a little more fuel to the fire. :-)

The founding fathers also believed an army was a necessary evil in times of war but feared the creation of a perpetual state of war and takeover of the Republic by the military. I say their fears have come true. What are we going to do about it? A master-slave society regardless of its sophistication, is autocratic by nature and is designed to serve an elite few predatory masters who occupy the capstone of the pyramid of power. The elite masters live lavishly at the expense of their slaves, protected and nourished by an organizational structure that delegates authority, resources, need to know, rank and special access to all those below. Central to the master-slave society is the lie that slavery is good and that the masters with the highest clearance, access and need to know, understand the overall context of life better than anybody else and so should rightly rule.

The simple truth is any autocratic system of social organization of which the national security system is part and parcel, is founded and maintained by lies and division, and is by nature a unstable system that fosters cycles of tyranny, chaos and revolution. Because of this inherent instability, divisiveness, lack of integrity and ethics, it is a organization system that is prone to and is trapped in a cycle of creation and destruction, hence its symbol is also the phoenix that arises anew from the ashes of the old organization order. It is a system based on the most primitive natural process of competition and mutual predation.

Today's national security state has long ago sown the seeds of its eventual collapse and destruction. These seeds have reached maturity and now bring forth a bitter harvest in America and other countries around the world, that now threaten civilization and even the earth itself. As the power of the national security state erodes from internal and external forces, the call for even more constraints upon individual liberties and freedom becomes ever more demanding and vocal. Masters and slaves together find themselves blindly plunging headlong into the abyss.

The national security state can collapse in two very different ways or a combination of these two ways. The state can collapse internally as did the Soviet Union from both internal and external pressures or almost exclusively an external explosion as did the regimes of Germany and Japan in World War Two. The collapse can be generally peaceful as happened when the British regime in India collapsed or violently as with Japan and Germany. We must all work hard for a "soft landing" but be very careful not to sow destructive seeds that will rebirth the new old order.

Now is the time to sow constructive seeds for a enlightened new world order before the collapse of the old order completes its destructive cycle. If we don't get this right the phoenix of the old will rise again from its own ashes. The true national security state is not one based on fear, lies and separation but one based on cooperation, love and unity. Only these enlightened qualities will make for true stability,security and happiness, and provide the proper foundation to a civilization that will endure.

I suggest that rather that try to reform master-slave organizations like the national security state we should chuck them altogether and replace them with security systems that do not favor elite control. In this I look to nature and suggest that the most appropriate model is in our own bodies, our immune system and our brain. By and large the immune system works very well except when for some reason it attacks the body itself. No system is going to be perfect, but nature has been working on defensive as well as offensive systems for a very long time and those interested in national security should look to nature to find a system compatible with democratic and republican values. I believe that the most advanced democratic and republican organizational structure in all respects is literally right under our very noses our own bodies. I have discussed in detail in other essays available on my blog.