Thursday, July 20, 2006

Three Exopolitical Papers

On The Hybridization of Humanity
By Ed Komarek
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As I think more and more upon this greater humanity and its relationship to earth humanity I cannot but see the parallels between the early development of hybrid seed corn. When I was a boy my father ran a fancy quail plantation for the rich and famous that was basically his day job that allowed him to pursue his scientific work when all was running smoothly. John Hay Whitney the owner of Greenwood and former ambassador to Great Britain wanted to do something for the southern farmer that would also help the quail hunting. He and my father came up with the idea of developing hybrid seed corn and started a hybrid seed corn business on the plantation. The corn that the southern farmer was using had a low yield, much lower that the hybrid corn being developed and used by farmers in the Midwest.

The search for genetic material took the family on some very interesting adventures one of which was the development of a close family relationship with the Hopi Indians in the Western United States. My father was looking to develop better drought resistance in southern corn and the Hopi had a very drought resistance corn that they planted and grew in the desert. Greenwood Seed Company wanted that genetic material to breed into a corn hybrid they called Dixie 18. So when a small boy the family was packed up into a station wagon in early fifties and in late spring for many years the whole family would go out to Hopi Land for a month where we would camp out in an apple grove if I remember correctly. My father before he became a ecologist was a collector of small mammals for the Chicago Museum and camping was no big deal and the whole family enjoyed this pursuit. There were no hotels anywhere close to the Hopi's at the time.

I used to hang out sometimes with my father at Greenwood as a small boy and I remember my father telling me something significant that I believe relates to the ET hybridization program for which there is a large body of evidence that has accumulated over the years. My father told me that artificially created hybrid corn while it had a much greater yield than the earlier natural varieties was much less hardy. In other words the modern corn as it was developed tended to loose it's ability to stand up to complex environmental stress factors. So the company was always on the look out for native corn and I remember my father bemoaning the fact that many of the early varieties of corn were no longer being planted and were being lost. It was a race against time to find and cultivate these varieties before they became extinct.

The reason the early varieties of corn were so important even though they were not high yield producers was because they had hardy genetic material that the company was always having to go out in the world to find in order to combat the loss of vigor in the hybrid corn. At this point I think the reader is beginning to get the drift of where this argument is going. Under the old saying, as above so below, we can expect that the greater humanity in its engineering of universe societies genetic structure has the exact same problem that Greenwood Seed Company was having with its hybridization program with corn. I am thinking that earth humans while not very productive, :-) are nonetheless a rather hardy primitive species of human that are a very valuable resource that must be carefully managed and protected. :-)

This idea surely makes a few folks uncomfortable but I think it could be key as to why some elements of universe society would rather that earth humanity not be incorporated into Universe Society so as to maintain this valuable primitive species of humanity for exploitation. On the other hand I believe moral and ethical principles may trump the greater humanities self interest and the decision has been made at the highest levels :-) to forgo this self interest for the greater good and to incorporate earth humanity into universe society. I suspect out there in extraterrestrial libraries are a large number of scientific papers with titles like, Genetic Upgrades To Advanced Specie Genome's. In these papers might be found discussions about the benefits of maintaining retrograde primitive human populations for genetic exploitation. :-) Maybe the remote viewers would like to look into this.

I am well aware that many people feel violated by such genetic exploitation but is it really any different than what we do amongst ourselves. If we were not violating each other all the time, then I think we would have a legitimate right to complain. Until we stop violating each other, can we expect the universe to do otherwise? I believe we all attract onto ourselves others of similar nature so as to work out in group dynamics the lessons we need to learn collectively and individually.

If we can become more cooperative and less competitive amongst ourselves so as to build consensus and trust across our fractionalized society then this in turn will attract more advanced beings to us. Then our and their learning and consciousness can combine into a much higher state of experience that we all yearn for. The door to a new world is opening before us. Let us let us face and overcome our individual and collective fears so as to step through that doorway into a better world where cooperation is the norm and were competitive pressures will ease and become more manageable.

Sacking of the Exopolitical Temples
By Ed Komarek
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All through history we have seen the rise and fall of powerful ruling families along with the priest class with which they were affiliated. This relationship between the ruling elite and the priest class was often a tumultuous one but each have depended upon the other to maintain their collective elite status in society. Sometimes the ruling elite and the priests would combine where the king would also be the high priest and even proclaim himself or herself God. At other times there would be a division of labor between both king and high priest where the king dealt with material concerns and the high priest dealt with the spiritual duties as the intermediator between the people and the gods. Whatever their respective roles both king and priest both depended upon each other to maintain their exalted status and control over the people both materially and spiritually. I ask is it any different today?

Today we are becoming aware that there is a greater humanity to which we are intricately linked and that this greater humanity while much more technologically powerful are not Gods as they were considered in the past but are human beings just as we are. We are becoming aware that there have been social interchanges and a blending of genetic material between our race and that of other off world human races going on for hundreds of thousands of years. We and they are not separate even though we are at great disadvantage in interactions because of our still limited understanding and technological status as well as short life spans.

While over time our perceptions of the true nature of this greater humanity is growing clearer we still seem to still have this unholy alliance between the global ruling families and a secret exopolitical priest class that hold tightly and profitably to the exopolitical secrets. These exopolitical secrets are exploitable by both the ruling class and the priest class and as of old are being used to control the people rather than liberate them. To a ruling class and priest class it is much more important to keep control than put themselves out of business by divulging their secrets. But it would seem that times are a changing. The extraterrestrial races and the public are getting fed up with business as usual and the social and environmental degradation of earth. The high priests of exopolitical secrets have a choice to either divulge willingly or have their temples sacked by the people and their elected officials who grow stronger as the become better exopolitically informed.

In the past when empires fell it was a bloody business and the heads of the royalty and the priests ended up on the heads of pikes while a new group of royalty and priests took up the reins of power. I am hoping that his time it will be the people who take the power back to themselves and the revolution will be more peaceful than in the past and that democratic constitutional controls will be reestablished in both the political and exopolitical arenas. It is my hope that it will be a democratic and peaceful people that will regain control of the temples and that the new intermediaries between the greater humanity and the earth human races will take their jobs seriously, honestly working for the common good and rapid distribution of the truth rather than toward their own selfish ends. Of course this is an ideal a goal and it will be a long time until this idea can be realized in its totality. Still we have to try, each in our own way and manner to make this ideal our reality.

I realize it is a frightening thing to give up exalted status in society and to become just another human being on our planet. Yet there are benefits because the ruler be he priest or king is bound by the same chains as are their subjects. Both are confined to a inferior consciousness by the nature of their interactions. In that vein I ask the high priests of the exopolitical secrets to give their tightly held secrets to the people to which they rightfully belong and then work to advise and assist so that all may attain a superior consciousness together. Resistance will be futile and it will be better for all of us that the exopolitical safes will be opened willingly rather than having to be blown open by various congressional committees in both closed and open sessions. There is still time for a peaceful transition back to constitutional controls but the door is closing and resistance will not only make it more difficult on society but on resistors as well.

Congressional Safecrackers On The Loose :-)
By Ed Komarek
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It has become obvious to me that the R & D show has some powerful congressional backing. Congress now seems to be rightfully getting into the act in regards to exopolitics and all exopolitical players should be taking note. It would seem that the R & D show has tried the gentle touch in its dealing with Air Force's secret exopolitical department but with the Air Force "archivists" resisting, the R & D show has now begun to use heavy handed tactics in order to crack the Air Force's "exopolitical safe". These actions seem to have caught the attention of the other "archivists" out there amongst various institutions turning them into Nervous Nellies. :-) After all, who is next?

I think that now that the other "archivists" are paying attention it would be a good time for the R & D show to provide some guidelines and assurances that those that cooperate with Congress will not be dealt with in a heavy handed manner and that all due diligence will be used with the "archivists" so as to not disrupt their operations any more than necessary. The best way to open these "safes" is through mutual cooperation and in a timely manner so that there are no unnecessary disruptions and conflicts to those holding the exopolitical secrets.

I would think that another good place that Congress could be of assistance is to work with the global security forces so that there are no unnecessary disruptions to citizen diplomatic relations with benevolent ET groups. I have some knowledge of two ET conditioning operations, the one in Hawaii headed up by Joan Ocean and another by James Gilliland on the west coast of the United States. I have some awareness of other operations in South America and in my local area. I believe it is very important for society as a whole that benevolent ET operations are not disrupted by various governmental groups trying to get in on the action. Both the ET's and their earth human compatriots are more than willing to work peacefully and cooperatively with all people that have a interest in these affairs. There is no need for anybody to use strong arm tactics as most everything is open and above board. I would recommend that those who missed out on the Hawaii Conference go to the Conference that James Gilliland is hosting on the west coast. I have been impressed with James and the ET conditioning operation going on there.

At the Hawaii conference Joan Ocean stated in her lecture that her records going back several years were subpoenaed by a government agency. I made inquiries and was told that this action was being taken by of all agencies, The National, Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration or (NOAA). This is having a disruptive effect on ET operations in Hawaii as well as are the upcoming naval exercises in the waters off the coast of Hawaii using high powered sonar. Sonar is known to have destructive effects on porpoises and whales which strangely enough are involved in these ET conditioning operations. Spectators to Joan's lecture in Hawaii were impressed with how dolphins both in captivity and in the ocean both learned to blow sophisticated bubble rings at the same time and then manipulated these rings in a spectacular manner both with their tails and with their sonar. At the very least the dolphins provide a very important element in a complex ET conditioning operation because so many people come to Hawaii to swim to with the dolphins and who are then exposed to exopolitics.

I believe that Congress working behind the scenes can do a lot to reduce tensions between the exopolitical peace activists and their counterparts the exopolitical global security activists so that we can all work together to provide a cohesive and unified front in negotiations with peaceful ET groups. Also Congress can exercise its authority in a even handed manner offering both carrot and stick to those that hold and reluctantly divulge exopolitical secrets. Congress will in the future be having a big role to play in exopolitical developments while at present they appear timid and unwilling to exert their legitimate constitutional authority. When enough factual information is divulged then Congress can swing into action in a big way openly and the mother of all battles between the executive and legislative branch will ensue and the cat will be out of the bag forever.