Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Reflections From A Desert Cave

Reflections From A Desert Cave On A Hawaiian Shore
By Ed Komarek
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I have just returned back from Hawaii with over half of the required 40 days and nights required for this sort of thing. I guess I get the rest of the days and nights some other time. As to any falling out with civil society, that has been somewhat exaggerated and nothing more than another tempest in a teapot due to the stresses upon us all at the Extraterrestrial Civilizations and World Peace Conference. Of course it cannot but help my status with the "uncivil Sarfatti crowd" those rogue barbarians outside the castle walls who been attacking civil society for its leftist inclinations. The greater part of my "sins against civil society" seems to be that I had the compunction to scale the castle wall and fraternize with that other exopolitical network the Stardrive Network, "gasp". I continue to work closely with Dr. Salla and the Exopolitics Institute even though I got knocked off the formal board of the Institute. Michael and I are in agreement as to the necessity of phase two but this move to incorporate global security activists is controversial amongst the Institute's base constituency and it may take some time for him to rally his troops for the cause. :-)

These attempts of mine to reduce tensions between the exopolitical peace activists and the exopolitical global security activists have and are being resisted by many of the peace activists. This is of course a natural defensive reaction to attacks from the right. The leftist tendency in face of attack is circle the wagons, climb into bed and pull the cover over their collective heads. Leftists are sometimes suspected by the right of lacking backbone even if their hearts are in the right place. I expect to piss off even more people both on the left and right as it's a dirty job but somebody has to do it if we are going to continue the momentum of phase 1 into phase 2 of the on-off world action plan to bring earth humanity back into universe society. (For a discussion of the embargo, the quarantine, and the 10 year plan to bring earth back into universe society read Alfred Webre's foundation book Exopolitics. Alfred was kind enough to give me a signed copy at the Hawaii conference which I read in the desert. Alfred intuits partly from historical data that there was a intractable and unresolvable exopolitical dispute that involved earth and this resulted in a embargo or quarantine of earth until such time as the exopolitical dispute could be settled. It would seem that the exopolitical off world actors have pretty much settled things and now have a 10 year plan of action to bring earth humanity back into universe society. Ready or not here they come!)

My role in all this seems to be that of a Jack Of All Trades to support and assist in the execution of the on-off world action plan wherever I am needed. The action plan as I intuit it has several divisions, two of which I seem to be focused on at present. One is educational, the other involves citizen grass roots diplomatic initiatives to create a global consensus between factitious global exopolitical networks. The off world actors are the organizing force behind this grass roots operation which could be considered a benevolent psyops operation to restructure humanity in preparation for formal acceptance into universe society. I am of course not talking about the ten percent of the 100+ races who are not part of universe society that are a threat to both universe society and earth society and who run a malevolent psyops operation that inverts and confusions perception to the point where enemies appear as friends and friends as enemies. Of all the perceived threats that the exopolitical global security activists envision it is this ten percent that is the real threat and should rightly be considered the domain of global security. I believe the military should get out of exopolitics as a whole and leave that which does not involve threat to other factions of society so as to focus exclusively on the real threats. Many of these other perceived threats are not real threats and only confuse the global security forces and divert attention away from the very real threats posed by that 10% of the 100+ ET groups that are hostile to earth society but attempt to portray themselves as friendly by helping earth security forces to try to run the blockade against arms in space.

The embargo of space weapons is rightly justified by universe society to contain earth based conflicts so that in the future the Americans and the Chinese don't shoot up the neighborhood. The military brass just has got to get used to the idea that the high ground is already occupied and stop wasting large sums of taxpayer monies to break the embargo and redeploy elsewhere. ( I would really like to know just how much star wars weaponry makes it into space and becomes operational if any. :-) Perhaps somebody on the Stardrive Network can tell me in public or in private. We all have heard the stories of rockets being diverted off course and having to be destroyed.) I think that the reason that the American military is so hostile to the generally benevolent ET's that run universe society is because of this embargo against space weaponry and we citizens see some of this because we are associated with benevolent ET groups. ( I just recently talked to James G. who told me that he got very sick right after John Alexander visited his ranch. So much so that James told me that he went to Las Vegas and had a showdown with John and told him something to the effect, "If you are so interested in National Security why don't you try to talk to these folks. You don't have any idea what you are messing with." There will be those that will just chalk this all up to the demonizing of John Alexander but I see a pattern developing. I have heard from three different sources close to Brian OLeary that said that he fled to Equador because he felt he had a heart attack in close proximity to John. Anyhow I would just as soon John keeps his hands out of his pockets if he is anywhere around me and the same could be said of some other folks. :-)

Come on, lets get with the program and stop this infighting and build a consensus between the exopolitical peace activists and the exopolitical security activists to carry us through phase two of the overall grass roots negotiating action plan. I believe that phase one was completed with the creation of the historic Hawaiian Declaration and phase two will be the coming of a consensus between the peace activists and the security activists in these matters. This will be followed by phase three that involves integrating the special interests and phase four that involves world governments and formal contact and negotiations. The reason things have to be done this way from the bottom up is that from the top down any attempt by the ET's to communicate with world governments gets grabbed by some secret faction that then builds a bureaucrat castle around the information in order to exploit it. (Look at all the trouble the R & D show is having trying to pry into just one of those secret compartments involving the Air Force. For those who don't yet get it, what the R & D show is about is a small skirmish that will soon become the mother of all battles between the Legislative and Executive branches of government. The educational group I am associating with from a separate compartment other than the Air Force got all bent out of shape when they came back from a trip and started reading their emails from the top down where Dan had got into it with Dr. Salla and mentioned "The Keeper of the Archive". This prompted one individual to scream at me in a email that, I WAS PLAYING WITH FIRE and almost got me kicked out of their program. :-) Only after running through their emails did they realize that Dan was talking not about them, but the keeper of the Red Book a completely different "archivist". These sources tell me that there are a number of "archivists" all encapsulated in their individual secret bureaucratic programs in various institutions and it would seem that some of these folks are getting a bit nervous as congress begins to assert authority in these matters.) This universal grass roots consensus building campaign by on and off world folks is elegantly and intricately planned by universe society.
Many of us seem to have incarnated to carry out such a action plan to reintegrate earth back into universe society whither we are consciously aware of what we are doing or just acting unconsciously.

In this regard to keep up the momentum of the Extraterrestrial Civilizations and World Peace Conference and the Hawaiian Declaration I suggest that Dan Smith chair a committee to hold in Washington DC a exopolitics conference called, A Extraterrestrial Civilizations and Global Security Conference, at the earliest possible date. Dan could be assisted by Dr. Salla, Steven Basset and myself among others. This conference would try to differentiate the proper role for global security forces in the overall field of exopolitics and to specifically attempt to sort through all the perceived threats to get focused on the very real threats that do exist. Additionally as the global security activists get their act together, as have the peace activists at the Hawaii conference, they can meet with the peace activists to make peace between the factions and develop a common front and consensus in communications with ET groups. I look forward to the time when Steven Greer and John Alexander sit down at the table and have a dialogue. :-)

We may have to create yet another network with a broader constituency than the Exopolitics Institute to move through phase two so please stay tuned. :-) As I envision it, the ET's are intent in forming a network infrastructure from the grass roots up, all around the globe. Some of these networks will give rise to future institutions others will serve their purpose and dissolve and reform into other groups. Keep in mind that networks organize themselves around individual and collective obstacles like water flowing down a rocky stream. People participating in these networks should realize that nobody is indispensable and that both individual or group are always susceptible to being sidelined when their fear or ego become an obstacle to the overall action plan. Network architecture does not waste time trying to argue with anybody, it just deploys around resistance into areas of conductivity and interconnectivity same as a electrical current.

Dr. Michael Salla comments:

Aloha Ed,

Thanks for this article which raises many important issues. I wish to comment on three of them. The first is the distrust you point out that exists between the peace constituency and the national security constituency. That distrust is very real and does lead to tensions as we all know and means prudence is required in making connections and collaborating where opportunities arise. The historic way in which the extraterrestrial situation has been managed has lead to the fracturing and division of civil society, where resources and skills are skewed in favor of the national security community. The deliberate targeting of civil society by psyops has led to much uncertainty as to who among former national security personally are reaching out to civil society to genuinely cooperate, as opposed to those wishing to infiltrate in order to weaken and destabilize. This has been a perennial problem and has led to several civil society organizations being infiltrated and ultimately compromised. For example, what happened to Donald Keyhoe's National Investigative Committee for Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) is one of many examples where such infiltration and subversion occurred to render ineffective an important organization. So the relationship between civil society and the national security community is one filled with both opportunities and risks that need to be approached carefully. The recent ET Civilizations and World Peace Conference was itself the subject of a major psyop to destabilize and render it ineffective. Such actions only serve to heighten distrust since they produce an asymmetrical distribution of resources between civil society and the national security community.

The second issue is I think the very real conflict between promoting peaceful cooperation with extraterrestrials and national security priorities. This is no academic issue as evidenced by the ongoing campaign to weaponise space in order to target extraterrestrial civilizations as Paul Hellyer and others have noted. Opposition to space weaponisation from civil society is perceived as a direct threat to these national security priorities. The tension here is very real and will lead to further conflict in the future when it comes to extraterrestrials traveling in outer space or in the Earth's oceans. For example, just off the Hawaiian waters, we see this tension all too clearly in terms of the current battle between the US Navy and environmentalists over the thousands of marine mammals that are threatened by the Navy's active mid-frequency sonar training. Over 25,000 marine animals, whales, dolphins, etc., are scheduled to be 'taken' as a result of these exercises, which means they will be injured, killed, etc., as a result of the Navy's need to train personnel in the use of this 'active' sonar for the alleged purpose of tracking stealth diesel submarines possessed by rogue nations. The real purpose of this sonar training off the coast of Hawaii is threefold in my mind. One is to develop sonar capabilities to track Underwater Submersible Objects (USOs) that regularly operate in Hawaiian waters and are extraterrestrial in origin. The second is to devastate the cetaceans inhabiting the Hawaiian waters so their influence in terms of working with both humans and extraterrestrials is diminished. The third is to weaken the "consciousness grid" being developed in Hawaii where due to Hawaii's remoteness and progressive population, is far more flexible and open than virtually anywhere else on Earth to integrating ideas and technologies that are being seeded by extraterrestrial civilizations. So given these conflicting national security and peace initiatives, there is a real conflict here between civil society and the national security community that needs to be handled very sensitively.

The third issue is what you describe as moving to phase two. I heartily endorse encouraging those in the national security community to enter into a genuine dialogue with members of civil society. I think we can better consider such an effort to be part of a dual-track process. One track will be civil society continuing to develop consensus in terms of what it envisages in terms of cooperation with extraterrestrials. So the ET Civilizations and World Peace conference will be held again for 2007 and more will be done in developing consensus over key areas of human ET interaction and how we can most encourage peaceful relations with extraterrestrials. An opportunity exists also for the forthcoming conference on Science,Spirituality and Transformation at Mt Adams, Washington State, being organized by the Sattwa Sanctuary and ECETI to contribute further ideas into this emerging process. Many of those present at the Hawaii conference will also be attending and the opportunity exists for ideas agreed to in Hawaii to be promoted through an action plan developed at Mt Adams. I encourage the general public to travel to Mt Adams and support the civil society process to promote peaceful relations with extraterrestrial civilizations. The ECETI conference website is:

A second track will be to create dialogue between civil society and the national security community as you envisage. By both sides bringing their respective visions and priorities to the dialogue some consensus can be found as to what lies ahead. I think your effort to encourage this through individuals with sufficient resources to fund such a dialogue will be very constructive. That will be a major step forward insofar as key members of the national security community begin to directly interact with civil society in fora where resource asymmetries are not manipulated to the detriment or benefit of one side or the other. For example, some members from the national security community may choose to go to the forthcoming ECETI conference to genuinely be open to the ideas presented, and to meet with and establish lines of communication with members of civil society engaged in the track one process.

In peace, Michael