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Will Increasing Geopolitical Tensions Blow The Lid Off The Coverup?
By Ed Komarek
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In a discussion at the Hawaii exopolitics conference I brought up this very subject to an to an individual known to have high level intelligence contacts. I suggested that a country like Venezuela could in a effort to embarrass or destabilize the United States roll out a crashed saucer and bodies for public exhibition and blow the lid off the exopolitical coverup. This was the only time that I saw anger in this persons otherwise calm demeanor and I knew I had hit a nerve. Was this just geopolitical or something more? :-) I felt I was on to something and I thought I ought to pursue this line of thinking further. Recently John Lear suggested in some discussions on the Above Top Secret Forum that the U.S. government had a policy where they pressured and bribed foreign governments using foreign aid monies as one of the incentives to get foreign governments to give up their crashed saucers.

John Lear subscribes to the idea that other planets and moons in our solar system are inhabited by ET's in our 4D space. I think this is a misperception that goes back to the contactees of the 1950's. I believe that these other beings might exist on stars, planets and moons but in other separate but interpenetrating 4D space-time continuum's other than our own. This might be why gravity is so weak because it holds other 4D space-times together as well as our own. Anybody can take out a telescope and prove NASA is telling the truth by taking a look at our own moon and it is obviously lifeless in our 4D space-time continuum. So while I and John may not agree on this idea, I think he pretty aware as to how the U.S. and its allies can maintain a global exopolitical coverup through a combination of threat and incentive.

I am willing to stick my neck out to suggest that if these geopolitical tensions keep increasing and the U.S. becomes more and more isolated there will come a time when a country or a block of countries will see it in their own best interests to attack and destabilize the United States by blowing the lid off the UFO/ET coverup. The exposure of the truth will change the present covert exopolitical skirmishes between the legislative and executive branches of government into an overt mother of all battles between the two branches of government and will drag into the fray the judicial branch as well. The revelation that a secret unconstitutional government of the United States created by executive order in the 1940's is responsible for extreme and widespread human rights abuses and other crimes will throw the USG and other world governments to which it is allied into chaos and turmoil.

Hopefully it will all get sorted out in time but it may further weaken the U.S. and its allies for years to come, something that Americas enemies would love to see happen. In fact I just quite don't understand why with geopolitical tensions the way they are that some of these enemies of America haven't gotten together to show just how hypocritical American, British, and other so called democracies really are. These so called democracies can be exposed to be little more democratic than any other regime to which they are in opposition. It's possible that the reason the coverup has not already been blown is that there is complicity in all countries around the world having to do with exopolitics and that maybe it has been more advantagous to help maintain the coverup and just blackmail the Echelon countries from time to time. Why kill the goose that has been laying the golden egg?

However, I think that if geopolitical tensions continue to increase further it will become more and more advantageous for the enemies of American and its allies to play the exopolitical card at a time and place of their own choosing. I am thinking that the time and place for this to take place may not be far off and its got to be scaring not only those leaders aware of the exopolitical coverup, but high level intelligence professionals as well. The way I see it is that the U.S. and its allies are increasing becoming boxed in and have painted themselves into a corner in which there are no acceptable options. I believe most everybody in the know seems to be simply hunkering down preparing for the exopolitical firestorm that is sure to come hoping it won't come on their watch. Only a few brave progressive souls high up in government are attempting to mitigate circumstances with a few controlled burns that in themselves could get out of control and set off the firestorm.

Extraterrestrial Civilizations and Global Security
By Ed Komarek
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I was the first to publicly call for a Exopolitics Institute in one of my small papers published in the spring of last year and as far as I know I am the first to publicly call for a Extraterrestrial Civilizations and Global Security Conference in a recent paper. Those that know me realize that I can remain persistent and focused over long periods of time on issues I feel are of important in the UFO/ET field. When I feel that my thinking is getting too far ahead of the pack I may disappear from the public eye until the public thinking catches up. I did just that when in the early 1990's I realized that we were dealing with many ET races with a wide variety of agendas and motivations and that we needed to get a handle on just what was our relationship to these various ET races.

This was at a time when Mike Jamieson and I co-founded Operation Right To Know a organization that held UFO demonstrations in the United States and in other locations around the world. At this time most in the field knew that some UFOs were real and most likely extraterrestrial and that there was a government coverup but that was about as far as the thinking went at the time for most in the field. There were some exceptions such as the work by Wendle Stevens. I ended up dropping out of the public eye until a series of UFO/ET related events got me back on the internet last year and I became involved in the new emerging field of exopolitics.

I am sure there are those who believe my attempts to reduce tensions and develop consensus between the exopolitical global peace activists and the exopolitical global security activists is a fools errand and that such is not possible at this time. I see this as simply a logical extension of the process of concensus building that began with the creation of the historic Hawaii Declaration. Those that think I may be on a fool's errand could be right and my thinking may once again be getting too far ahead and I should again take a break. I am certainly feeling the heat from both sides of the divide. Nevertheless I think this is important enough to give it a try and I plan to do just that.

I think as a first step the most committed on both sides should begin some internet discussions as to how we may begin to reduce tensions and develop consensus. Next we could begin work to make a extraterrestrial civilizations and global security conference a reality. My thinking is that until we can comprehend and focus on just what are the true global security threats rather than the myriad of perceived threats of all things exopolitical, any kind of peace making and consensus between the opposing parties will be impossible.

I expect a wide range of perceptions to be placed on the table ranging from that all things exopolitical are a threat to global security to that ET races are no threat to global security and that it is only the global security folks themselves that are a threat to global security. On the one hand we have committed people like Col. John Alexander and Dr. Jack Sarfatti who may feel that the global peace activists are a threat to global security and who advertently or inadvertently help terrorists. On the other hand we have people like Dr. Steven Greer and Dr. Richard Boylan who may feel that ET's are no threat and that people like John Alexander in the name of protecting against terrorism have blood on their hands and have themselves become right wing terrorists attacking political adversaries with left wing perspectives using covert high tech devices. John Alexander supporters would of course cry foul and that this is just more demonizing of John by paranoid leftists. Could it be possible that there is both truth and illusion across the spectrum of exopolitical views and that a coming together could sort out the grain from the chaff to the benefit of all? What a radical thought! :-)

I think that the extraterrestrial presence can become a unify factor rather than a divisive factor amongst earth humanity if we are willing to rise above our differences and begin a serious dialogue amongst ourselves. There are various venues involving the internet, phone conversations and face to face meetings and even a conference where we can begin to sort things out. Are we up to the task, I just don't know, it could take a few more years but I would hope the sooner the better as such actions would most certainly promote and assist the disclosure process. Are there short term risks, of course, but I would think the long term benefits would be worth making the effort. I look forward to comments as always from all interested parties. Those that may like to be in the loop regarding some of these internet conversations please let me know.

Concurrence Between Heaven And Earth
By Ed Komarek
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Both Dr. Alfred Webre and myself have argued the case for the old adage, as below so above. It would seem that we live in what appears to be a holographic or fractal universe where a small piece of the whole, in this instance earth affairs, mirror universe affairs. We argue that similarities should hold true for physics, religion, ecology, sociology, politics and law throughout the universe. I have argued the case elsewhere for a greater celestial humanity of which earth humanity is but a small part and that this greater humanity is mirrored by earth humanity. Such a model of universe affairs has been very helpful to me allowing me to make some sense out of our relationship to the overall scheme of things. I would like to pursue this line of thought further in this paper.

There has been one very powerful schism in conceptual thought throughout earth's political and religious history that I suspect is common throughout the universe as a whole. This schism involves the argument whether an individual or collective is capable of determining their own destiny or whether some other self appointed authority should determine the individual or collective destiny. Throughout earth's history rulers have argued that because their subjects are ignorant and foolish that they the ruler should control the density of the subject. The priests who aligned themselves closely with ruling families make much the same argument in that it is they the priests who should be the intermediaries between the people and the gods because the people are incapable of having a direct relationship with God. The priest class have summarized that god given knowledge or universal knowledge is just too advanced for the ordinary individual and so it must be kept secret and given out in dribs and drabs to the masses. On the other hand there have been those who have argued just the opposite and for their efforts have been vigorously suppressed even massacred by both ruler and priest alike.

It is my supposition that this schism in earth's humanity is indicative of a larger rift in the greater celestial humanity. I have argued that most of earth humanity is not consciously aware of this greater humanity or their perceptions are greatly distorted as in the bible because of a guarantine imposed by universe society. I argue that even this being the case, there is still a unconscious covert interconnectivity that is both genetic and psychological which binds earth humanity together with celestial humanity. I also argue that this interconnectivity dictates a evolving symmetry of ideas and concepts on both sides that continues to this day. Evidence for this kind of symmetry is evident upon close examination of earth human history where populations have existed in almost total isolation for long periods of time. These populations remained remarkably similar in governance and in religion even though there was little direct contact between the respective populations. I postulate that in fact we as a fragment of a greater celestial humanity are more similar to celestial human and humanoid populations than we might think.

I feel very strongly that the celestial humans are just as split over many different issues of similar nature as are earth humans and that celestial humans and earth humans mirror each other even though direct contact is limited. I believe that as celestial humanity gets it's act together we on earth will do the same with or without more direct contact in the near future. In the intermediate future we should certainly reintegrate back into the whole of celestial humanity and universe society.