Friday, June 02, 2006

Putting Human Evolution Back On Track


Proposed Short Talk For Exopolitics Conference In Hawaii June 5 -11.
By Ed Komarek
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I am pleased to be here with you today in the wonderful state of Hawaii. I realize that most of you haven't had the time or the inclination to dedicate your life toward gaining exopolitical understanding. You will have to rely to some extent on those of us that have tried to make some sort of sense of things. The field of exopolitics is no different that any other field in that there are a few experts who really have some understanding of what they are talking about and there many who don't. In this field as on the Internet there is a lot of spam floating around. You will find that as you investigate the first thing you are going to need is a good spam filter. :-) This filter is going to have to be tuned just right or it can either block out important information and cast you into denial or it can send you over a cliff with your head full of outrageous speculation and fantasy. I wish you luck, you are going to need it. Try to remember when you get discouraged that where there is smoke there is bound to be fire and persist in your investigations.

When I run into people with little interest in UFO/ET they often ask. So what if ET's exist and are coming to earth why should it matter to me? I don't see it effecting me in any significant way, why bother looking into the matter? Why waste my time on this? I think that each of us that dedicate ourselves to the understanding of exopolitics should keep these questions in mind when dealing with the media and the general public. To be effective in turning our human evolution around we have to be effective in answering these questions.

My answer is this. Nothing less that your personal and collective evolution is at stake, so you should pay attention! What you can't see can hurt you. Don't be so short sighted as not to see the forest through the trees. Obviously our society and our planet is in a downward evolutionary spiral and the very survival of our species is at stake if we don't get our evolution back on track. What you don't see nor understand is that decisions relating to UFO/ET reality have been made and unknown to the public have been and are a major factor contributing to the problems of humanity today.

Environmental degradation from fossil fuels and social degradation caused by increasing warfare between nations can be directly linked to exopolitical errors in judgment made by our leaders in secret. These errors in judgement often made with the best of intentions have lead to extreme unintended consequences that threaten us all. When the old Soviet Union separated from the rest of the world the result was social and environmental degradation that resulted in eventual internal collapse. I say exactly the same things is happening on a much larger scale when world governments working in collusion have secretly separated humanity from the rest of he cosmos.

I started off life with a background in the natural sciences. Like many young people I thought I had things pretty well figured out until I fell into a existential crisis and came out knowing nothing. I started my quest for true understanding as a scientist in search for answers and soon realized that anomalies to the current world view were the windows into a greater reality that I was searching for consciously and unconsciously. This is what got me interested in UFO's, in my early twenties, I treated the problem as a scientific problem solvable by scientific solutions.

In my investigations it was not long before I realized that the data was being manipulated for political reasons because of a coverup at the highest levels. I saw this as a political problem not going to be solved solely by scientific solutions but by political solutions. I became a UFO activist co-founding with Mike Jamieson, Operation Right To Know, that held demonstrations in front of the White House, the Pentagon, the GAO, congressional offices and sparked demonstration elsewhere around the world.

I had started bumping into intelligence professionals early in my investigations and I realized I was in an intelligence operatives playground so I studied up on intelligence techniques and became a civilian intelligence operative and analyst. I built my own private intelligence gathering network in my local area where I was picking up a couple of sightings a week from people that called in with in a range of about 50 miles. I was lucky enough once to get in the thick of things myself and have a sighting of a craft. I met a lot of retired military folks that told me in strictest confidence about their experiences in the military working in special access programs dealing with UFO/ET. I even dug out a few local cases of direct contact with the occupants of the spacecraft that were flying about who were about as tough to gain in confidence of as the military folks. I realized that even ET's had security concerns and worked to keep their contacts close lipped. ( Speak off the cuff on how to build a UFO/ET intelligence network on your own just as I did starting with just talking with your friends.)

I compared what I was being told privately with what was publicly available in the literature and so was able to triangulate rather well between the two separate data streams to cut out a lot of the chaff and get to the truth beneath all the human psychological distorting factors. Just visit the Exopolitics Institutes 4contact public board on the internet and you will see what I mean.

In the 1990's I discovered physicist Dr. Jack Sarfatti and the Stardrive Group and learned from Jack how to synergise and network across the internet and around the world operating as a fetch and carry man for UFO related information and UFO/ET researchers. I became a networker. In 1995 I had got about as far as I thought I could go at the time so I dropped off the scene.. About a year and half ago I started bumping into local UFO/ET cases and decided to check back on the net and within a couple of days had discovered exopolitics, something I had unconsciously understood since the 1980's but had not consciously conceptualized well. I found myself turning into a exopolitical thinker in a developing exopolitical think tank we called the Exopolitical Institute. Recently I have noticed the similarities between exopolitics and ecology so maybe I am in the process of morfing into a celestial ecologist. Everything in nature changes and evolves. My parents always hoped that I would follow in their footsteps and it may happen yet, but not in any way they could have envisioned. My parents studied natural evolution, I study human evolution. One has to ask, will celestial ecologists and sociologists soon be part of our future?

Please continue to bear with me as I delve into a synopsis of conclusions drawn from a lifetime of effort. Allow me to pass on still more personal background information so that you can better be able to understand and evaluate the exopolitical conclusions I have drawn to date. I was born into a family of well known and respected ecologists who were very knowledgeable and experienced in their field.. In the 1930's my father started off his working career as a mammal collector for the Chicago Field Museum and mother was trained as a field botanist gaining a degree from Florida State University. My Mother came south to gain her degree and my Dad came south and ended up working for Herb Stoddard and the Cooperative Quail Association which had is headquarters on Meridian Road just in Georgia and about 20 miles north of Tallahassee Florida. My Mom and Dad met when a professor from FSU took students on a field trip to Sherwood Plantation where Herb Stoddard and Dad lived and were doing ecological experiments. My parents soon fell in love and got married under a large Beach tree on Sherwood.

Herb Stoddard was a close friend of Aldo Leopold and both were the first of the ecologists. The new field of ecology was just emerging out of the field of the natural sciences which was dominated by collectors and taxonomists. Ecology is the study of relationships between plant and animal species but before you can study the relationships you have to identify and catagorize the extremely diverse numbers of plants and animals. In those early years before I was born, much of the collecting and taxonomy had been done and it was then that a few people, mostly collectors not taxonomists, began to realize that plants and animal species were imbedded in a complex web of relationships that involved both predation and cooperation.

Some of you may be wondering what in the world does ecology have to do with exopoltics? It has not been till recently that I have consciously recognized the connection. Ecologists study relationships in the natural world, political and social scientists study human relationships. Because humanity is of the natural world, political and social science have ecological roots whether they recognize this fact or not. Man is really no different from the other species that have the same complex internal and external social and political dynamics involving competition and cooperation. The only difference is that the more intelligent the species, the more complex the political and social dynamics of the species. So it should come as no surprise that if mans social and political dynamics of cooperation and competition are the same as lesser advanced species then these same principles should hold for species as advanced or more advanced than man. I think it would be safe to say that the political or social scientist is simply a ecologist who specializes in human relationships.

Dr. Michael Salla with a background in social and political science and I with a background in ecology teamed up with others to try to better understand what is happening in our field. Things began to get curiouser and curiouser. Michael Salla had already privately begun conceptualizing a Exopolitical Institute when I jumped back into the UFO/ET field and discovered, exopolitics, a word and concept that futurist, visionary and Carter Administration insider Alfred Webre either coined or brought into the public domain.

One of the first things I did when I did teamed up with Michael and Alfred is do a little paper on the need for a Exopolitics Institute along the same lines a Tall Timbers Research Inc., a ecological institution where my father was the primary organizer. Interestingly as so often happens in science, Michael and I came to the same conclusions totally independent of each other. I think it was because we have similar backgrounds upon which we develop our concepts. I decided right away that it was Michael who was best qualified to organize this Institute and I should take a backup role. Its important to know ones place in the scheme of things and recognize ones strengths and weaknesses, something the military forgot and has a lot to do with creating the exopolitical mess we are now in.

Another very important concept that Michael and I share that I think derives from our respective backgrounds is what I call the Broad Model of Exopolitical Reality or The Exopolitical Model of Intelligent Diversity. This is the model of exopolitical reality that we both believe is best supportable by the facts. What we don't have both inside of government and without is what the military terms situational awareness or in this case exopolitical situational awareness.
We in the civilian sector don't have it because the Military Industrial Complex fresh out of World War 2 at the height of its power, took control of the situation, compartmentalized and buried everything under extreme secrecy with the passage of the National Security Act of 1947 in response to the UFO/ET crashes near Roswell New Mexico. The military initiated a propaganda campaign against the public to disinform and suppress the truth. Government insiders don't have it, because in compartmentalizing it all only a few select people have access to all the compartments. I think I am safe in stating that even these elite don't have situational awareness either because of the stifling effect of the culture of excessive secrecy and lies in which they are imbedded.

Situational awareness is critical to the survival of every creature in nature and man is no exception. If the rabbit loses situational awareness he ends up as dinner for the fox. Our own human evolution on and off planet is dependent on situational exopolitical awareness. These natural ecological processes of competition, cooperation and natural selection are inherent not only in life but in chemistry and physics. Why should these basic processes stop with us and not continue into more advanced states of evolution? Dr. Richard Boylan and Dr. Steven Greer please take note. :-)

It is my opinion that with the passage of the National Security Act of 1947 our evolution took a turn for the worse. This act placed exopolitics under military control outside of constitutional constraints and out of the public domain. We as a people collectively put our evolution in the hands of the National Security Apparatus which is rightly focused on threat in its mission but was wrongly applied to the exopolitical situation. Today I believe that the Military, Industrial, National Security apparatus now has begun to realize that threat is only one half of the total situational awareness equation or coin. What has been ignored by these controllers is opportunity. Such a grave imbalance between threat and opportunity has led to very serious still secret exopolitical repercussions that could even result in extinction of our race either by an alien invasion or survival at best as a colony by a predatory intelligence.

What a mess, how do we get evolution back on track to a more optimal level? The answer is to be found in restoring the balance between competition and cooperation. Humanity has to come together. We have to dismantle the culture of excessive secrecy, deception, propaganda, in favor of openness and truthfulness. In other words it is ethics, truth, openness that allows for interspecies cooperation. Ethics are the rules we agree to abide by in order to work together to gain resources necessary for survival and to defend against predation.

Social scientists and ecologists operating in the public domain have the best background and social environment to properly conceptualize our exopolitical situational awareness with a focus on opportunities. The military should focus on threat, that is its proper place in society. This is what it is conditioned and trained to do. The faster the military as an institution can learn from its past mistakes and recognize it rightful place in society the better. The faster we in the public can assimilate the huge back log of data that has been accumulated, compartmentalized and buried in the black world the better. We have got to remove the boundaries that limit our evolution and only keep those that are truly important to national security. As The Moody Blues song goes, "Its a question of balance."