Friday, June 02, 2006

The Institute As A Nexus Of Connectivity

By Ed Komarek
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We are building the Exopolitics Institute on the assumption that if we build it, they will come. Well, they are coming and right now we have some really big fish entering our little protected tidal pool from the surrounding ocean. The first order of business has to be to establish relations with all players in such a manner that all or most see it in their interest to allow us to grow and develop independently. That is the cold hard reality of our situation and we better be willing to recognize our weakness and vulnerabilities in the months ahead. Our organization is still small, vulnerable and fragile and we must keep this in mind constantly, because if we don't we will most certainly be led astray or worse. While we welcome the opportunities being presented we must also not be oblivious to the dangers involved in this enterprise. We must be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

The creation and development of the Exopolitics Institute is a political action. As with all forms of political action we need allies. These allies will be bringing to the table diverse perspectives and agendas under a banner of peaceful co-existence. It will be up to us to see to it that all allies live up to this commitment.

Exopolitical adversaries can be expected as in other forms of politics to first ignore us, then ridicule us, then fight us and then hopefully we win. :-) I tend to believe what I am being told that we have adversaries as well as allies on and off world because of the great diversity of ecological interrelationships amongst intelligent species in nature and in society. ( 1. Confidential source says not quite so see comments in footnote)

We can expect to find on and off world those who are pro disclosure, against disclosure, and indifferent. There are those who are against disclosure that have designs that are not in our best interest. Information is the lifeblood of any society and the restriction of vital information restricts situational awareness making us susceptible to predatory actions that could result in our demise or loss of sovereignty. All those on and off planet who desire to lessen tensions and increase connectivity and conductivity are our allies and those who desire to increase tensions and conflict in the geopolitical arena are our adversaries. ( 2. Confidential source says its not quite that simple, see footnote.)

Recently I have been communicating with some really big fish and it would seem from what I am being told is that there are off world factions who would increase tensions within humanity and have assets at the highest levels in world governments to stoke the flames of conflict between nations. It would seem that the most immediate exopolitical problem is that we are caught in the mist of a civil war amongst a group of off world players. This seems to basically be a jurisdictional dispute involving earth where one barbaric faction is still in conflict with other more civilized factions of the same race.

Interestingly this meshes well with what Billy Meier is told by his contact Semjase starting on page 60 of the second book of contact notes. Semjase describes that there are two Gods in the bible, two IHWH or heavenly kings, one good one bad, and both were in conflict with each other. According to Semjase the unjust and cruel one, Jehovah died around 2,150 years ago but it would seem that there is a descendant who is continuing the conflict to this day in a dwindling capacity.

A confidential source tells me this civil war going on between IHWH has been going on for a very long time and is fortunately winding down, but unfortunately for us, much of the end game is taking place on our soil and presents great dangers to us. It looks like the best way to alleviate present and future suffering is increased communications connectivity between exopolitical players on and off world who desire peaceful co-existence and universal harmony. I believe these actions will allow better situational awareness and more effective action on our part to deal with this problem individually and as a society.

I am to believe that this still powerful off world adversary is busy attempting to exploit divisions between Muslims and Christians creating a great clash of cultures to the detriment of all humanity. So far this adversary has been doing a pretty good job of it by getting Americans and Europeans into Iraq and Afghanistan as well as stoking the fires of terrorism. It would appear that recently there was a behind the scenes attempt to incite the Americans to nuke Iran so as to further increase tensions between the European and the Arabs but this may have failed when the American Joint Chiefs and the military rebelled. I am hoping the Iranians are also catching on that their leadership is possibly being manipulated to their great detriment.

The most hopeful sign of late is that on May 25 it was announced that a test of a conventional bomb bunker buster that would create a mushroom cloud was canceled. Dr. Michael Salla had speculated back in April that this test was a propaganda ploy to cover a real nuclear strike against Iran where it would be claimed that the explosions were of a conventional nature and that the release of radiation proved that the targets were hit. It is possible that there was an intercession by friendly off world species that exposed this plot. The reason the off world folks were involved is that nuclear explosions have a harmful effect on off world activities and would escalate geopolitical tensions on earth. It would seem that contactee Eric Julian and Dr. Salla may have received suggestions to this effect but that Eric Julian of his own volition or with a little outside help was steered far off course and over the cliff in his thinking so as to confuse the Day of Destiny with a comet strike on May 25.

It would seem that the Exopolitics Institute is now in the thick of things and the fur could start flying. :-) There have now been two exopolitics articles in Aljazeera a well known Arab media outlet. The second one much better than the first and both referencing the Institute and Dr. Salla. It is quite possible that it will be the Arab media that will open a worldwide exopolitical dialogue that will result in a great amount of public exposure to the Institute and exopolitics in general. I believe it is imperative that we all in the Institute take an enlightened stance and go forward into the unknown purging all fear from our hearts. As a previous American President said, "There is nothing to fear but fear itself.". It is fear and separation that makes us vulnerable to destructive forces while love and cooperation have just the opposite effect. If one lacks integrity one had better exit now. :-)

Footnotes 1 & 2
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