Monday, May 15, 2006

Proposal To Exopolitics Institute

I propose that the Exopolitics Institute formally adopt a toolbox of investigative and analytical models and procedures for the proper and ethical evaluation of exopoitical reality. I suggest we begin this process with the formal adoption of The Model of Intelligent Diversity and The Full Spectrum Model Of Witness Evaluation. The need for institutional conceptual clarity has become apparent from debates between Dr. Michael Salla, Dr. Steven Greer and Michael Horn.

1. The Model Of Intelligent Diversity
This model supposes that there exists in the universe a great diversity of advanced intelligent life with a wide range of agendas, motivations and ethics. Furthermore some of this life comes to earth using advanced technology and interacts with humanity.

2. The Full Spectrum Model Of Witness Evaluation
This model supposes that the human psyche is fragile and an encounter with exopolitical reality greatly disturbs the human psyche causing psychological disorders that obscure and distort the core experience of the witness and the perceptions of the witness evaluator. If either the witness or evaluator deny bias in their perception of reality this in itself an indication of psychological disorder.

I believe that the Model of Intelligent Diversity is the best model that is most defensible by the totality of the facts presently available to us.

In regards to The Full Spectrum Model Of Witness Evaluation, I believe this model is far superior to the True-False Model Of Witness Evaluation which does not account for psychological fragility in both witness and evaluator and invites abuse of the experiencer.