Friday, September 09, 2005

To: Majority, MJ 12 and MASINT

Communique To: Majority, MJ 12 and MASINT
By Ed Komarek
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Note: I speak only for myself here as always and not for the Institute. Addendum's by Dr. Michael Salla and Bill Hamiliton.

Bill Hamilton tells me that the international umbrella organization Majority no longer exists and power in the United States has reverted back to MJ 12. We have entered a transitional period of accelerated disclosure with a breakdown in older chains of command now in progress. Older organizational structures are being supplemented by new organizational structures. The progressives inside of government have become strong enough to accelerate disclosure over the objections of the conservatives within these organizations and this is causing the breakdown of the old order. This transitional process will continue I believe until new organizational structures come into being and establish themselves under full and open disclosure.

I believe we are entering into a new era of understanding and cooperation between progressive government insiders in the know in regards to UFO/ET matters and those of us in the public sector. I am greatly encouraged that progressives within the satellite government like, Ron Pandolfi rumored chairman of MASINT, and individuals within Majority(now defunct or reorganizing) and its division MJ 12 have taken the lead in pushing for disclosure within their respective agencies. Individuals in these organizations are either speaking directly to investigators such as Bill Hamilton and his group, to retired military such as Clifford Stone or through backdoor channels as with Ron through Dan Smith. A still rather fragile trust is developing between progressives on both sides of the fence and this trust must be carefully and systematically fostered! The push by the progressives is creating a spit right down the middle between the progressives in these secret institutions and the conservatives. This process may even be necessary similar to the creative and destructive natural processes of cellular division that realign the cellular material so as to create new cells and destroy old ones. Old cells take note. :-)

The progressives both on the inside and the outside face some critical challenges ahead. The insiders must admit that their respective institutions have carried on counterintelligence operations against not only the citizens of the United States but against the citizens of the world. The citizens of the world have been attacked with propaganda, disinformation, intimidation even murder the past 50+ years. The abuses have been many and in time their will be much public outrage when the public wakes up to the psychological and physical abuse against the citizenry that has occurred. This will become the mother of all scandals to be reckoned with in the future.

While secret institutions and individuals that have committed crimes against humanity must be held accountable, admit to their sins, repent and sin no more, those of us in he public domain must let go of our hostility and anger against those who have sinned against us. This does not mean that we will ignore or dismiss the trespasses against us but that we will release the destructive emotions pent up inside us for our own good and the good of humanity. I realize this is a tall order and that many UFO/ET investigators carry high levels of hostility toward the satellite government in general and this is understandable but just as the ones on the inside that have sinned and must repent those on the outside must forgive and release that hostility for more positive interactions now and into the future.

It is becoming obvious to me that disclosure is being accelerated and that there are great challenges ahead for both those in government and the private sector. Let us all move forward putting the past behind us but let us not forget so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past. While those of us in the private sector need to become more accommodating and less hostile, those on the inside must recognize the damage that has been done and must begin to make amends and set things right. The fact that disclosure should have happened openly right from the beginning of our interactions with UFO/ET is water over the dam.

Its small wonder that the public is ignorant, confused and befuddled and that private institutions dealing with UFO/ET matters are compromised and in shambles after the attacks of the past fifty years. These attacks have been made by arrogant elitist academics, and military processionals sitting in their ivory towers who have rationalized their attacks upon the public consciousness with phoney biased studies having little to do with reality. Severe damage has been done to humanity, lets make no bones about it. The question now is are those institutions that have used public funds and resources to secretly enslave and confuse the minds of the public willing to make amends and stop all counterintelligence, all intimidation, all terrorist actions against whistle blowers, UFO/ET investigators and the public in general?

In other words is the satellite government willing to begin repairing the damage and begin supporting those ethical progressives outside of government with sufficient funds so as to rebuild civilian networks now in shambles so they become capable in a short time to accept the flood of information from accelerated disclosure. Furthermore the the loss of public trust in the intelligence community in particular and government in general will be severe and compensating independent of government mechanisms must be rapidly put in place, independent institutions that can be trusted by the people to have their best interests in mind.

Let me put it bluntly to progressive insiders. Those of us involved in the Exopolitics Institute are working diligently and at our own expense to put together a progressive institution in the public domain but for it to be seriously effective we need resources. Now is the time to begin to make things right and begin to undue the damage inflicted upon public UFO/ET institutions over the past fifty years. I suggest that progressives on both side of the fence expand the dialogue now developing and begin meeting as to how private institutions such as the Exopolitics Institute can be supported and funded in a manner that is efficient with wise use of resources.

Those of us that involved in the Exopolitics Institute are envisioning a NGO umbrella organization, a think tank that incorporates the most progressively minded and ethical individuals we can assemble under one roof. Most of these individuals are mavericks that have separated from the herd in search of truth no matter where it leads and so require a great degree of freedom of thought and action. Their work has been a labor of love and for most it has cost much in money, time and abuse. It is even possible that the Institute could become the public counterpart to or even super-cede the super secret Committee of the Majority.

I was fortunate to live through a similar process similar to what is now occurring in the new field of ecology as a few courageous maverick scientists sought to remedy decades of propaganda and fire suppression by the U.S. Forest Service that was severely damaging ecosystems around the world on a massive scale. The instrument, the institution that my father organized to combat the misguided policy of fire suppression, became Tall Timbers Research Inc. Dr. Michael Salla and the rest of us are essentially attempting to do the same thing with the new field of exopolitics that is emerging out of the old UFO/ET field of study.

Those secret governmental organizations that have persecuted and suppressed our work for 50+ years ought to quit complaining amongst themselves about the low quality of the UFO/ET civilian intelligence agencies and the individuals that make up those organizations. After all the insiders are in a large part responsible for the current state of affairs much as a slave who is said by his master to not be ready for freedom when it has been the master who created the institution of slavery and prevented the slave from learning to read and write in the first place. Yet time will prove that the first will be last and the last first as those that push others aside on the path have ended up falling into a pit of confusion and suffering of their own making because of their low ethical means.. The means and the end are one.

I challenge the intelligence community to step up to the plate for a change and stimulate back channel funding of one hundred thousand dollars seed money to the Institute once it achieves non-profit status. This is a pantry sum as compared to what has already been spent suppressing public consciousness. These funds would be used to assist in the development of a five year plan beginning in 2006 with a budget of 5-10 million each year for five years. The seed money would be spent to provide a small salary to Dr. Michael Salla the principle organizer so he can continue to devote himself full time to this project and the rest would go for organization expenses such a high quality web page, networking expenses, travel expenses, and a fund to cover some of the expenses of the volunteers most involved in the networking, planning and development of the Institute.

This is a bare bones minimal investment that could accelerate our development and in less than a years time progress can be evaluated and if the financiers see fit, the Institute could be quickly ramped up to assist greatly the process of disclosure. The financiers should exercise little control over the Institute as it is imperative that the integrity and sovereignty of the Institute not be compromised. Judge this institution by its fruits!

Addendum by Dr. Michael Salla:

Aloha Ed, I applaud your efforts to get the insiders to reorient their thinking. As for supplying 'backdoor funds' to the Institute or any umbrella organization dedicated to exopolitics, that off course would always be a welcome development and real sign that the satellite government is walking the talk of preparing the public for disclosure. I think it important to point out that the general public have already started funding the Institute though only in a small way but that promises to increase. In time, I think the Institute will be in a position that doesn't require money from the insider community so now would be the time where such funds would be most effective and appreciated. Good luck. Michael

Addendum by Bill Hamilton:

I just wanted to add from transcripts of Bill Uhouse's testimony:

BU mentioned that those in charge of Area 51 and S4 are what he termed
a satellite government. He said that a division of Bechtel corp, Bechtel-Nevada Corp
is responsible for the whole site (Nevada Test site).

He also said, "This money they're putting in - it's not all black-budget (DOD money) that
you hear about, and that Congress has appropriated. A lot of this money is money from
large companies like General Electric, Westinghouse, I.G. Farben in Germany, for chemicals,
that type of thing, [Lockheed, Bechtel, Johnson Controls]. They provide the bucks to pay
guys like myself, to come up with new processes or ideas or new science developments."

The rule is "follow the money"...Bill mentioned that his security oath was to end in 2003
(this, coincides with the T-9 treaty date, but it was postponed for 1 year). Bill also
mentioned that the satellite government may take over sometime after that date
and we would no longer have a Republic!