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The Ultimate Warrior Is A Diplomat

The Ultimate Warrior Is A Diplomat
By Ed Komarek
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"It should be obvious to all that have eyes to see that the earth is flat and that the heavens revolve about the earth. To suggest otherwise indicates madness." Cardinal Jack Sarfatti in a previous life. :-)

After writing, Illuminating The Dark Side, I went to South Florida to help take care of my sister who is dying from the effects of cancer. While there I proceeded to engage the Intelligence Community via the internet as to the importance of celestial human networks and to point out that the phenomena network is just a new guise for what is also called the Lucifer network, a network of unethical celestial beings.

I engaged Dan Smith who is know in the Intelligence Community and in certain public circles to be the conduit for the insertion into the public domain of back channel information. In return Dan gathers intelligence from the public domain and passes this information back into intelligence community via his friend and contact Ron Pandoffi. In a phone conversation Dan said he thought Ron might now be the chairman of MASINT ( Measurement and Signatures Intelligence) which seems to be one of the four divisions of the DNI (Decorate of National Intelligence). These divisions are Signals Intelligence, Image Intelligence, Human Intelligence and Measurement and Signatures Intelligence. Dan believes and from the literature that suddenly became available on the internet in a very short time while I was researching MASINT, it seems that MASINT includes unconventional collections. Dan also told me in this phone conversation that he was lead to believe that XXX had foreknowledge of the 911 attack. When this information came out in a dialogue posted to the internet it created quite a furor within the Stardrive network which involves many top physicists and intelligence operatives.

I would like to note at this point that I could to be in telepathic contact with a higher intelligence that guides my actions. (I am just not this smart) This intelligence is intent upon integrating earth based networks from the man on the street to the highest levels of government into the ethical celestial networks so as to bring about a constructive transformation of society as a whole. This effort is opposed by a unethical celestial network that does not want this transformation and in fact wants to enslave and exploit mankind as a resource as it sees fit. The unethical celestial network seeks to destabilize and confuse humanity to such a degree that it can then take control. This so called phenomena network, a new guise for the old Lucifer Network, works to create conflict and confusion through strategic deceptions of which 911 may be a example. We saw this same sort of thing in Nazi Germany prior to World War Two being used to strengthen Nazi control over the citizenry.

There is some resistance on my part in communicating with certain high level people in the Intelligence Community which have become trapped in unethical networks but I am inclined to go along with the guidance and so far the suspected higher intelligence seems to be on top of things. This intelligence feels that all people have the right to be told the truth. I am mindful of my own security in this manner and a certain amount of telepathic dialogue involves the stating of my concerns. My exopolitical associates are also concerned with my involvement in a dialogue with high level intelligence operatives.

This came to the fore after the contact with Dan when the higher intelligence wanted me to engage John Alexander when the opportunity suddenly arose on the internet possibly instigated by higher intelligence. Dan had made the statement as Jack Sarfatti said, "seems to have come right out of the blue :-)", that he Jack did not like John. This resulted in a flurry of conversation as to Dan's sanity by Jack. The internet conversation came to be called the, The Devil's Game, and John Alexander asked how had he got drawn into this mess. Higher intelligence then suggested that I contact John and tell him that his being drawn into the conversation was a ploy and that what might have been considered a mistake in judgement by Dan implied a telepathic intrusion into the internet. The impression I got was that John was already in a messy situation or about to get into one and the higher source was interested in offering advice.

John is widely know for his involvement in special forces and his interest in paranormal phenomena. He is a expert on exotic weapons and warfare. So obviously he considers himself a warrior. The source knows this and tailored the message within this conceptual framework to the warrior class of society and John in particular as he is the open public conduit into the public domain for certain very secret elements of the military.

The message I was suggested to relay and which I did with some reluctance for my own security was that the military can't beat the Devil, now called the phenomena network, at their own game. That the only way out of the mess they were in was to change the nature of the game making it more ethical and open. That if they persisted in attempting to beat the unethical celestial beings at their own game they were going to lose which would be catastrophic for them and for society as a whole. It would be a situation where their greatest fear would be realized and become manifest, that of loss of earth human sovereignty to a unethical alien race.

The ethical celestial being or beings stated that should humanity take the right hand path rather than the left hand path it was now on warriors would become diplomats. That humanity would become an enlightened race and accepted into the ethical celestial networks. The right hand path is the path of truth and left hand path is the path of deception, secrecy and delusion as stated in the religious teachings of the East. All of reality is based upon the interaction between constructive force and destructive force and one will either evolve or devolve depending upon which path is taken individually and collectively.

There will be many who read this that will think I am simply nuts. This is understandable because a person in a three dimensional reference framework will perceive the thoughts and actions of a individual in multidimensional reality as insane. While to a person in a multidimensional frame of reference these same thoughts and actions will be seen as quite rational and that it is the individual in three dimensional space that is in fact deluded. We can expect this struggle to intensify as it seems that humanity is being assisted by higher celestial networks to move into multidimensional reality. The motives of the higher celestial networks seems to be a combination of self interest and a honest desire to help humanity on earth. The self interest is reflected in the idea that in an enlightened society warriors have evolved into diplomats. This ideal guides higher intelligence activity on earth.

The true warrior has the warriors edge and this edge comprises of both foreknowledge of events before they manifest into three dimensional reality and a love for all beings of the universe no matter how deluded or advanced they might be. A ideal true warrior never has to fight a battle and dissipate energy in conflict because with foreknowledge of a event the situation can be rectified before it degenerates into conflict. If a warrior becomes involved in conflict all lose some more than others but all lose. If the potential conflict is resolved before it becomes manifest in a friendly and loving manner everybody wins. This is the message that higher intelligence wants to communicate to the military.

Furthermore higher intelligence is trying to communicate to the Intelligence Community that the focus and structure of the Intelligence Community is biased in favor of threat and against opportunity. The imbalance between threat and opportunity favors unethical celestial races of beings because the community has been blinded to the existence of ethical celestial networks and their importance in counter balancing the unethical celestial networks. The Intelligence Community needs to be reorganized to remedy this imbalance before the trap snaps shut on the whole of humanity.

Illuminating The Dark Side
By Ed Komarek
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It is reasonable and prudent to attempt to identify and defuse obstacles to a mission in the early stages of planning and deployment before they become severe and threaten the mission at some later time. Prompt action taken early will save much larger expenditures in the future and may even save the mission from disaster at a later date. A good planner will carefully survey the environment in which the mission will evolve and will study both the success and failures of previous similar missions within this environment.

My mission is to facilitate earth human contact with ethical celestial beings. The environment the past fifty years has not been favorable to those with a mission to establish open ethical sustained contact because powerful, corrupt established interests have been and are threatened. There are legitimate national security concerns involving unethical celestial activity or the possibility of such activity. Unfortunately the national security establishment's vision has been clouded by fear, greed, corruption, deception and excessive secrecy. Its perception of, and reaction to, celestial beings has been mostly indiscriminately hostile, destructive to both humanity's interests and the interests of ethical celestial beings but beneficial to unethical celestial races.

The fifth column that so concerns the national security establishment does not operate in the light of day. Those of evil intent reside much nearer to home hiding in the very institution that is itself responsible for national security. Here they lie protected, secret and deceptive, pointing the finger away from themselves and toward the innocent.

Its easy to see in the texts of world religions that both ethical and unethical celestial beings have established contact with earth humans for thousands of years. This contact has accelerated rapidly after World War II. I have discussed various aspects of this in my paper, The Case For Celestial Humans. Contact in the 1950's and 1960's seems to have been with individuals and small groups. A small Ummo contact group in Spain involving ethical celestial humans in the 1960's was disrupted and suppressed by what appears to have been CIA agents.. Larger contact groups came into existence in the 1970's. There is a very significant case involving over thirty individuals at one time in Canada that began in 1974 that has been researched in depth by investigator Steve Moreno of Psi Applications. This group seems to have been vigorously and brutally crushed by the security services of both Canada and the U.S..

Interestingly at this same time Sixto Paz Wells and some others were contacted by ethical celestial humans near Lima Peru in 1974 and together formed what is now called the Rama Mission. This contact by ethical celestial humans has not been crushed and is still ongoing. The group seems to have come under covert attack in the early 1990's and as a counter measure to this attack the group dropped its formal non-profit status and formal organization. The international organization dissolved into small independent cells worldwide but the individual cells still remain active and in contact with ethical celestial humans. Furthermore Sixto Paz Wells has been denied entry into the United States to further suppress his activities here.

Now in the early part of the twenty first century an even more organized contact network is evolving within the domain of what is now called exopolitics and the newly created Exopolitical Institute. If the past is any guide we can expect trouble soon from the national security establishment unless we can engage and defuse the concerns of the many good men and women of the armed forces, the rank and file, who may be wrongly manipulated into attacking us and harming our mission. A part of our mission should be to tell truth to power so as to blow back up the chain of command to those of evil intent and purpose so that justice may be served.