Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Why Christians Need To Act Like Christians

Why Christians Need To Act Like Christians
By Ed Komarek
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Christ led by example and by moral and ethical persuasion not by military or political force. Religion is not anymore exempt from confusion and corruption than other social institutions. As with all institutions religion should promote human liberties and freedoms not be corrupted into a institution of social control that deprives humanity of freedom and liberty. Today confused, immoral and unethical Christians have embarked on a crusade to impose their confused and immoral beliefs on humanity in direct opposition to he teachings of Christ while at the same time turned Christianity into a personality cult.

True moral and ethical Christians must work diligently in a moral and ethical manner to revitalize Christian institutions that have become confused, immoral and corrupt. We have to do this not by military or political force but by the clarity of our thought and actions. Christians as well as Buddhists, Taoists, Hindus, and Muslims have separated themselves from their religions in a manner that allows them to not practice what they preach. In this way the practitioner of a religion can play lip service and make a front of being religious for all to see while at the same time acting unethical and immorally in direct contradiction to ethical and moral religious teachings. By such actions the practitioner in fact worships evil rather than good. The true creative purpose of religion which is to provide ethical and moral values to live by becomes subverted and inverted toward destructive ends by destructive evil forces.

I am beginning to see that one of the confusions or illusions perpetrated and accepted by mankind is that the struggle between ethical and unethical celestial beings happened long ago and does not continue to this day and still effects everyday lives. Because of this deception, illusion or confusion people are unaware and fail to appreciate the great danger they and society are in because of these Exopolitical conflicts. Religious people today fail to realize that the fiery chariots, and whirlwinds in the skies thousands of years ago are ancient descriptions of what today we call spacecraft. That the gods and devils of old are in a more modern scientific context are ethical and unethical space faring extraterrestrials attempting to effect the fate of humanity for better or worse.

In spite of this Exopolitical situation the ultimate fate of humanity rests with humanity. Every moment of the day people exercise their free will or have the opportunity to do so. Evil unethical celestial beings work to exploit human weaknesses like fear, envy, greed, muddled thinking etc. to turn humanity into a unethical space faring race. These unethical beings use all unethical means at their disposal to colonize and exert dominion over a largely unsuspecting humanity while ethical beings use every ethical means possible to enlighten and free humanity.

We in the Exopolitical field have the opportunity to inform the religious community of the clear and present danger to humanity and to cooperate with those elements of the religious community who are receptive to the truth. If we can revitalize and awaken the religious community to the dangers facing individuals and our newly emerging space faring race then we have done a great service to humanity and to ourselves.