Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Shadow Government's Fix It Man

Col. John Alexander: The Shadow Government's Fix It Man
By Ed Komarek
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I have discussed in some detail where the oligarchy that control world affairs to a high degree have a vested interest in the status quo and are unethically motivated by both greed and fear to suppress multidimensional consciousness and awareness in the public domain. What I would like to discuss in more detail is the way the world militaries have inadvertently played into the hands of those of unethical intent who would suppress human evolution on earth.

The military has a rightful place in a democratic republic, and it rightfully should be focused on threats to national security. The problem is that because of the corrupting influence of power, world militaries and the U. S. military in particular, have ignored the democratic and republican restraints placed upon them. They have exceeded their authority and rightful place in a democratic republic and so have themselves become a major national security threat. Nowhere is this becoming more apparent than in the United States where the U.S. is being viewed worldwide as slowly slipping into fascism while much of the rest of the world is attempting to become more democratic.

As in the oligarchy, fear and greed seem to be the predominant factors that cause unethical elements within the military brass to subvert a democratic republic. The motivation of greed is understandable but the motivation of fear is not as quite as easy to understand especially under the current circumstances. I think exopolitical factors are involved and that possibly a few unethical celestial beings are behind the current climate of fear and have willfully and with evil intent stoked and intensified the fear that is naturally a part of the military mind set. They have done this rather easily through a large number of cattle mutilations, http://www.mysteries-megasite.com/main/bigsearch/cattle.html , a few human mutilations http://www.think-aboutit.com/mutilations/Human_Mutilations.htm , and attacks against civilians and military with beam weapons in Brazil and elsewhere and undoubtably other atrocities that I am not aware of. In my estimation the world's militaries have fallen, lock, stock and barrel for this ploy and in a very predictable fashion created powerful systems of covert autocratic control that can easily be controlled from the top of the chain of command. I have discussed elsewhere in my blog the agenda and motivations behind this unethical ET conduct.

All of us both in our personal affairs and in affairs of state have to balance threats vs opportunities. I believe world militaries have overstepped their bounds by focusing almost exclusively on threats to national security regarding exopolitical realities and have intentionally and unintentionally suppressed diplomatic efforts by departments of state to reach out and negociate with ethical celestial beings. This in itself has caused the greatest national security threat of all. By alienating potential celestial allies and so creating a imbalance between threat and opportunity one inevitably creates a situation where the military's worst fear are realized. If ethical allies withdraw that leaves earth society to be colonized by unethical ET races.

Those reactionary factions around the world that are attempting to maintain the status quo in exopolitical affairs are faced with some very difficult choices. Either they allow ethical ET intervention to move forward without impediment to raise global consciousness or they risk colonization, dominion and loss of all human rights, liberates and self determination.

Much closer to home and on a much more personal basis I see this same theme of threat vs opportunity being played out in John Alexander's activities within the paranormal and exopolitical fields. (On the back of the jacket of his book Future War, it is stated: (Colonel Alexander participated in the landmark Council on Foreign Relations study of non-lethal weapons and chaired the first major conferences on the topic. His extensive military experience includes commanding Green Berets in Vietnam as well as conducting research and development in advanced weapons." "At los Alamos National Laboratory, he developed the concept of Non-Lethal Defense, which he presented to senior defense, industry, and academic officials. Politically, his work involved meetings with Members of Congress, White House and National Security Council staff, and the Director of Central Intelligence." )

While John is well known in regards to his research in exotic weapons, his activities as trouble shooter for the shadow government are not as well known. Over the last few months I have had the opportunity to become somewhat enlightened as to John's activities in the exopolitical field as well as in the field of the paranormal in general. The most enlightening and troublesome were the revelations and accusations against John Alexander, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), the U.S. and Canadian governments made by inventor James Black before his death under suspicious circumstances. Before his untimely death he was about to sue the aforementioned in a court of law for theft and suppression of patents, inventions and intellectual property. http://www.uforc.com/antigravity/blackops.html and http://www.psiapplications.com/jamesblack1.html#top

John's mode of operation seems to be rather straightforward. He makes friendly attempts to inquire and negociate with an inventor, investigator or organization whose research activities involving the paranormal might be considered a national security threat and who might be having or about to have government troubles. Interestingly John has the remarkable ability to make a problem go away no matter how great, if a compromise is reached. Obviously I can't give my personal sources in these cases.

On the other hand if the investigator, inventor or group are unwilling to compromise and are unreasonable then government harassment can increase tenfold and can even lead to very unethical drastic measures being taken. This seems to have happened with James Black who put principle before compromise. The James Black case has exposed John Alexanders public cover. This case is very disturbing to those of us who knew James as a good and honorable man dedicated to full and open disclosure, who wanted his patents and intellectual property to be available to all of humanity for peaceful purposes.

Interestingly major reputable investigators who have become aware of this case in the UFO/ET field are scared to death of it. A very well know and respected mainstream investigator told me personally he would not touch the case! Obviously there are some very real national security threats as to exotic cognition's and inventions that could be used against the United States by terrorists or other enemies but this is trumped by the need to move human evolution forward on earth.

Further evidence of death squads or hit squads operating out of LANL have surfaced recently with the beating of a whistle blower that was about to testify before congress as to financial improprieties at Los Alamos National Laboratories.
http://www.freenewmexican.com/news/14538.html Of course the existence of American death squads being used not only around the world, but in the U.S. as well, is old news to us long time exopolitical investigators.

There is a interesting little book called Double Cross by Chuck Giancana, the brother of the greatest mobster west of the Mississippi Sam Giancana. Chuck wrote the book after the murder and death of his mobster brother Sam. Chuck did not participate very much in mob activities but was the single and only confidant of his brother. Sam divulged to Chuck what really was going on in the halls of power and how all U.S. presidents since and including Truman had been helped into high office by the mob. The first part of the book is slow and difficult reading because it is a attempt to explain to the reader the context the culture of the mob so as to present the stage for the revelations in the second half of the book.

One of the main reasons that John Kennedy and his brother were assassinated was because their father, Joe Kennedy was a mobster and double crossed the mob. Joe Kennedy had a history as a double crosser and went to far and stepped over the line when he used his sons, once the mob had helped get them into office, to double cross the mobsters to whom he was indebted so as to remove the debt. The other reasons had to do with secret elite groups within the secret U.S. government. The book also gets into why and how Marilyn Monroe was murdered. She was the lover to both the Kennedy brothers.

In this book it discloses how the CIA and the mob began to work together starting in the 1950's with the creation of a multi million dollar slush fund for the CIA that was funded by the mob in a cooperative venture for covert activities in the U.S. and around the world. This is a very significant fact because it is evident that this slush fund has grown to astronomical proportions and is still funded through this unholy alliance between secret government groups and the mob involving drug and arms running around the world. The other thing the book talks about are mob's and the shadow government's death and harassment squads and how they differ in composition and operations This little book makes for very interesting reading and is a simple first hand honest account of the inner workings of the mob and the secret government affiliation with the mob in the time frame of Sam Giancana's lifetime.

What I have yet to determine about John Alexander and his activities is if his intent is based upon a sincere and devoted interest in the National Security of the United States. If it is and he is truly a reasonable and honorable man as attested to by many of his peers, perhaps there is room for a dialogue. If in fact his motives and intent are not sincere then there is little room for communication and dialogue. I expect to hear from John one of these days and perhaps he will tell me his side of the story. I hope others that have information on John's activities will get in touch with me so that I can update this work in progress so that we all can better understand a very important player in the exopolitical field.

Feedback: Mike Jamieson called John Alexander after reading this piece and talked with John for awhile and said that John was a good man and I ought not be so hard on him. Mike also heard from George Knapp that John had been to Afganistan recently to advise on special operations in the area. John told Mike for me to check out the other party to James Black, Mr. Hutchingson who is also a inventor. I checked John Hutchingson's web page but it was down but there is more on the man here. http://www.americanantigravity.com/hutchison.html

It also has been rumored that Dr. Steven Greer called John Alexander the most dangerous man on the planet but I have been unable to confirm this. I emailed Dr. Greer but he would neither confirm nor deny that he made the statement.