Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Open Letter To Army Intelligence

Open Letter To Army Intelligence
By Ed Komarek
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It is well know in some circles the role that Army Intelligence has played in the disruption of political movements within and without the United States and with the civil rights movement in particular.

Now Army Intelligence is being implicated in the disruption and interference of political movements in the field of Exopolitics as well. This should come as no surprise as it would be quite natural for Army Intelligence to expand their often nefarious activities into the Exopolitical field being that the Exopolitical field is the more encompassing political arena. In addition to interference and suppression of our most basic human rights and freedoms, evidence is mounting as to the suppression of the development of exotic technologies within the public domain to be used for peaceful purposes. See allegations by the late inventor James Black who died under suspicious circumstances shortly before suing the United States and Canadian governments for the suppression and theft of his and Hutchinson's patents and intellectual property.
http://www.uforc.com/antigravity/blackops.html and http://www.psiapplications.com/jamesblack1.html#top

I would be the first to point out that Army Intelligence has the right to be involved in the suppression and disruption of unethical ET conduct on this planet. I assure Army Intelligence that should I or my associates discover unethical ET conduct in our investigations of ethical ET activity they will be contacted by me in a prompt manner. It is my intention to investigate ethical ET activity and interactions with ethical earth human beings in preparation for possible more formal future diplomatic relations and negotiations. Army Intelligence's indiscriminate hostile policy toward all ET races is counterproductive and dangerous and invites unethical ET activity and Faustian relations jeopardizing our whole civilization. It should be obvious that Dr. Henry Kissinger's immoral approach to power politics as applied to extraterrestrial races has failed miserably and has endangered us all setting the stage where our worst fears are realized, that of alien invasion and colonization.

I would remind Army Intelligence that the penetration of earth space by non-hostile ET craft and their occupants for purposes of surveillance as well as other diverse activities have been going on for at least thousands of years and supersedes any claim made by any nation on earth. The fact is, we are the new kid on the block carrying a big chip on our shoulder that is violating the rights of ethical ET races as they go about the conduct of their business on earth and in space.. Where it can be show that specific unethical ET's in their spacecraft are in fact violating our space that is another matter altogether and defensive and offensive measures are with the realm of Army Intelligence and the military forces in general. The operative word here is that hostile intent must be show and defensive actions may be taken against specific unethical ET groups but not indiscriminately including ethical ET groups as well. Where there is a question as to ET intent we should not shoot first and answer questions later but should hold our fire until we certain that ET activity is hostile. Such a ethical policy would prevent further alienating benevolent ET groups who's help we sorely need and who are attempting to maintain a balance in the universe and on earth between constructive and destructive forces.

I specifically request that Army Intelligence refrain from disrupting developing benevolent ET networks in the United States and around the world until it can be proven that these networks represent a national security threat. These attacks against innocent civilians in themselves represent a threat to national security. I request a halt to any and all attacks against honest law abiding earth citizens with lethal and non-lethal weapons who are endeavoring to work with benevolent ET networks. Specifically I would like to note allegations by Dr. Alfred Webre that attacks have been made on his person with exotic non-lethal weapons because of his support of contactee's. This is not a isolated case. The god given basic right of freedom of assembly and religion applies to all species regardless of their origin.

Addendum: Current Exopolitical Model

I would like to take my speculations a bit further into the history as to why Army Intelligence may be involved in indiscriminately attacking and disrupting ethical earth human ET cells or what I call contact networks. There is a friend of our family who once worked in Army Intelligence and who is very close mouthed about the ET stuff. Over a number of years of pestering he did slip up one time and tell me that he had seen pictures involving ET's while working for Army Intelligence and they were so bad that he felt the truth should never be told. I am assuming he is referring to cases of human mutilations. Warning graphic and disturbing pictures are at the following site. http://www.think-aboutit.com/mutilations/Human_Mutilations.htm Let's put that together with the ongoing cases of cattle mutilations that any advanced ET should have been able to easily coverup but instead blatantly leave the cattle carcasses as evidence of their presence for the public to discover and for the military to suppress. Excuse me folks but this is communication like that of a serial murder communicating with law enforcement. This communication is obviously being directed at the military and world elites not civilians.

In addition we have a huge body of abductee testimony that indicates interactions with unethical ET's. Why are these people able to remember their abductions? Excuse me again, but if we can sedate other humans and animals so that they do not experience or remember a painful operation then why can't ET's seem to do this with their superior technology? The obvious answer is they want us to remember! I have to ask why, and the answer again is they are communicating a message by their actions. I think the message being transmitted is: "Stupid earth humans get used to having your free will violated. You in the military can watch and even participate as you are helpless and impotent to act in your citizens defense."

The reader should please bear with me as I come up with a few more dots before I go to connecting them to show a pattern. We have all heard stories about how alien technology in the hands of the military is moved into the public domain and into the defense industry without is true origin becoming known. One of the best known cases is that from Col. Corso in his Book the Day After Roswell. Interestingly Col. Corso worked for Army Intelligence. Is anybody beginning to get my drift?

We add to this interesting mix of dots, the evidence that Army Intelligence has been involved in disrupting political movements such as the civil rights movement we see it is not much of a stretch to see their involvement also in Exopolitical movements. I am beginning to see a pattern of highly ethical ET's creating contact networks around the world in order to advance the human race. That is a political movement. But if these ET's are highly ethical why then is the military attacking ethical ET's and civilians cooperating with the ethical ET's? One reason is obvious and that is that a few wealthy evil unscrupulous greedy people who influence world events to a large degree consider the present status quo just fine and don't want any outside exopolitical influence of earth populations that they largely control through their financial networks. I think there is another more hidden factor. Let me try to connect the dots further.

I think there is a small group of unethical ET's that are intent on dominion and colonization of earth. They may not even constitute a civilization but could only be a faction, a group of renegades. Clearly if they were strong and large in numbers we would have been taken over long ago. So what's going on and why aren't the more ethical ET's coming to our aid? I think they are, but our situation is a part of a much larger exopolitical problem than just humanity on earth. I think the higher ET's view reality as a school and they are teaching humanity and the less ethical ET renegades as well. What's the lesson? It's all about love, truth, ethics, true religion and cosmic law but let me get back to my point.

In connecting the dots what I think what is going on is that world governments and the greedy power brokers that run world affairs through their financial networks are being manipulated by these weak ET factions just as they the power brokers manipulate humanity as a whole. The problem is when we manipulate others against their will we in turn become vulnerable to just the same kind of manipulation. It all seems to me to be just, and accordance with cosmic law.

So how are the earth human manipulators being manipulated by the unethical ET's? The classic form of manipulation is carrot and stick. Entice with the carrot and punish with the stick. If I put myself in the shoes of a small group of unethical ET's, I think I would use the carrot and stick this way.

First I would want to scare and terrorize the daylights out of the military and the elites so that they will circle the wagons, create a unified autocratic command structure that I can easily infiltrate at the very top and so gain control of most all of humanity. With just a little effort on my part I can cause the stupid humans to build the mechanism of social control that I need to rule and mine the masses. Even better I can cause the stupid confused humans to attack all ET races indiscriminately not knowing friend from foe. So in one simple stroke I have the humans build my mechanism of control for me and additionally I split them off from the more ethical ET's who for illogical stupid moral reasons will not fight back but have to withdraw.

These earth human manipulators are so stupid that with almost no effort at all I can sacrifice and mutilate a few humans to get the ball rolling. I then can continue to threaten the military whenever necessary by throwing a few mutilated cattle carcasses around about the country for the public to discover. I abduct people and experiment on them leaving the military helpless but to cooperate. I throw a few technological table scraps to the greedy power mongers and I feed the whole network of social control from the top down.

I protect the earth human elite and they protect me out of self interest and fear and they keep those damn ethical ET's off my back. There is a added benefit that by having the elites build up Air Force Space Command star wars planetary defenses at great cost to the humans, I can use this now and in the future against the ethical ET races to keep them at bay in space as well as on earth. Covert special forces groups in the military like in Army Intelligence on the ground take care of the ethical ET problem on earth by constantly disrupting the ethical ET-Human networks on the planet. I don't have to do a thing. I can sit back and enjoy the show. I am the puppet master. It's truly a relationship born in hell! "Grin"

The ethical ET's have a plan but it is a more encompassing one. It may go something like this: The ethical ET plan is based on the truth that life is virtual and a school where everybody attracts to themselves the lessons they need to learn. The unethical earth humans and the more technologically advanced unethical ET"s attract to themselves hellish painful lessons and in time many will see the error or their ways and come to the divine, to God, to love, to truth. If over time enough unethical humans come over to the side of the ethical higher power and embrace creation rather than destruction then earth human civilization with grow and prosper on earth and in space. If enough people do not change their evil corrupt ways then the civilization will collapse technologically from internal and external corruption as it should in accordance with cosmic natural law, and new cycle of creation will begin again from scratch. It is the goal of the ethical ET's to maintain the school and keep it running properly for the best of all concerned.

It should be understood that what I have written above is a model to guide and explain my actions in the Exopolitical arena. I am not saying this is reality. This is model to guide my actions, my investigations as I learn and grow. Like any good theory it explains and makes sense of many disparate and otherwise up to now unexplainable things. But it still is just that, a model, a theory, and must be adjusted to reflect changing perceptions of reality over time.

Ancient Religious Exopolitical Model

My sure to be considered "outrageous" Exopolitical model appears to be similar to an equally "outrageous" Exopolitical model inherent in ancient religious historical texts from around the world that record a battle on earth and in space thousands of years ago. This battle seems to have taken place primary in the Indus River Valley in Northern India which has been termed the cradle of our present civilization. http://www.livinginthelightms.com/shambhalaufos

Furthermore the Christian and Hebrew Bible also describe a celestial battle on earth and in space between ethical space faring civilizations and a renegade unethical group headed up by Lucifer. Lucifer and his celestial army lost the battle and retreated to bases underground in the earths crust called Hell in the bible. The victorious celestial armies of God confined and imprisoned Lucifer or Satan and his renegade group to earth for thousands of years. This possibly indicates a very long life span for Lucifer and his fallen angels or the group is continuing to reproduce itself underground. It predicts in the book of revelations that Lucifer will attempt a break back out back into space that he and his group has been planning for thousands of years. The plan entails assisting humanity to become a space fairing society then manipulating humanity to attack the ethical space faring races that hold him captive on earth and so escape back into space. It is predicted in revelations that this desperate escape attempt fails but humanity gets caught in the middle of this celestial conflict called Armageddon. Lucifer again is confined underground to hell where he plans one last final attempt in a thousand years. Meanwhile the celestial army's show themself to mankind in all their power and glory and this ushers in a new golden age of enlightenment.