Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Letter to the Exopolitical Elders

Exopolitics: Letter to the Exopolitical Elders
By Ed Komarek
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This article is addressed to the Exopolitical elders who have struggled by all ethical means possible over many years against those who would deny the people of the world their cosmic civil rights and liberties. It has been a long struggle and will surely continue for many years to come. We few have stood up for the many, humanities right to know the truth, for the right of free assembly with all ethical beings, and the right to pursue our religious, scientific, political activities in conjunction with advanced ethical celestial space faring societies. Many of us recognize the fact that most of the worlds religions have been founded by advanced ethical space faring societies. We few have begun a cosmic rights movement but is our children who will have to pursue this movement in mass if they are to free themselves from the strategic deceptions perpetrated against their minds and bodies by the unethical, the unscrupulous, the greedy, the fearful and the hateful.

We the few while we have stood up for the many have endured the ridicule heaped upon us by the many. Yet we have persevered true to our own selves and to others no matter what the cost. We have forgiven our adversaries and the public who have been deceived into attacking us. We will continue the struggle for both the truth and our love of those who advertently or inadvertently out of ignorance persecute and ridicule us. Our adversaries have show the power of deception to ensnare and all but shut down open dialogue between people involving Exopoltical realities. The power of the wall of denial and ridicule laid down upon us all has subverted our emerging stellar civilization and set us all on the path to intellectual and emotional stagnation and planetary disaster.

It is no secret to secular and religious people alike that we live in apocalyptic times. It is most unfortunate that things have come to this and that our very survival as a civilization is at stake as well as our planet sits at the verge of environmental catastrophe. The primary cause of our now precarious position is our low ethical and moral values. Our all to pronounced human weaknesses have made us vulnerable to strategic deceptions perpetrated not only upon the world political body by greedy, unscrupulous evil humans but by strategic deceptions perpetrated in the larger arena involving Exopolitical realities.

Our present situation is immediate, precarious, and urgent. We today by our thoughts and actions are determining what type of celestial space faring race we will become now and in the future. While I admit things look grim I am hopeful that humanity will somehow muddle through this grave Exopolitical crisis. I see our times as the birth pangs of a new cosmic race of people who will one day abide by cosmic ethical law and travel out into the reaches of space in peace and friendship rather than to colonize and war against our cosmic neighbors.

Today those of us who now have a vague understanding of Exopolitical realities have the opportunity to use our collective experience to plan and develop ethical strategies for the sure to come cosmic civil rights movement that the young people will have to exercise in the future. We may never see the promised land but it is my dream that our children will build upon our small beginnings, take up the torch to ignite the passions of the many and inspire the masses of humanity to seek and become an enlightened stellar society.