Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Jim Moseley Interrogates John Alexander

Jim Moseley Interrogates John Alexander (-:
By Ed Komarek
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Supreme Commander Jim Moseley is UFO Gadfly Court Jester extraordinary, is a master of the shake the tree and see what falls out methodology, both to gather information and for entertainment purposes. Most people don't realize that Jim has been active in the field of Exopolitics since the 1950's. He started as a investigator of UFOs, but gave up that pursuit completely when he became totally confused in order to become the UFO field's premier socialite. He publishes the rag Saucer Smear. http://search.yahoo.com/search?fr=ush1-mail&p=saucer+smear Jim's speciality is to delight in pricking the overinflated egos of both researchers and debunkers alike. If you don't have a healthy sense of humor you better not mess with Jim!

In the material below we find him hard at work attempting to elicit information and entertain himself with none other than John Alexander. I think he will find the allegations of the theft against John Alexander made by the late James Black an inventor, of interest if he has not already seen them. http://www.uforc.com/antigravity/blackops.html and http://www.psiapplications.com/jamesblack1.html#top

I would like to state here that these allegations against the United States Government and the Canadian Government and John Alexander in particular are just that, allegations, and I hope I can reference here a refutation of those allegations should they come to my attention. My blog is a work in progress. John Alexander is powerful and influential individual in the military establishment and these detailed and serious allegations floating around on the internet for years are damaging to his reputation and should be addressed in the public domain. (On the back of the jacket of his book Future War, it is stated: (Colonel Alexander participated in the landmark Council on Foreign Relations study of non-lethal weapons and chaired the first major conferences on the topic. His extensive military experience includes commanding Green Berets in Vietnam as well as conducting research and development in advanced weapons." "At los Alamos National Laboratory, he developed the concept of Non-Lethal Defense, which he presented to senior defense, industry, and academic officials. Politically, his work involved meetings with Members of Congress, White House and National Security Council staff, and the Director of Central Intelligence." )

I expect Jim to complain mightily about the length of the files and will admit to only a cursory examination of the material I am sure. The internet files show James Black died a untimely death subsequent to filing a lawsuit against Alexander. Jim is smart and very subtle. Be sure to read between the lines carefully in the following missive. Thanks to Mike Jamieson for passing this piece on to me.