Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Exopolitics: It's Your World

Exopolitics: It's Your World
By Ed Komarek
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This article is addressed to the youth of the world. We your ethical elders have found great value in truthfulness and loving kindness, in moral and ethical values and have been involved in a struggle all our lives for both our and your freedom and liberty. There are those within society that do not value true moral and ethical values but seek to impose themselves upon your bodies and minds so as to hold you in bondage. We who value truth have through diligent effort all our lives discovered that the Universe is seething with life here and elsewhere.

This life is much more technologically advanced than we are, and so can move about relatively undetected upon and around the earth for two reasons. One reason is that many technologically advanced races of celestial beings that are ethical and moral only want to make their presence know on a gradual basis giving our society time to adapt to the knowledge of their presence. These celestial beings have founded most of the worlds religions. On the other hand there are unethical celestial beings operating in conjunction with unethical earth humans in great secrecy who through a long series of strategic deceptions wish to enslave the minds as well as bodies of men. This is nothing new as can be seen by reading the ancient religious texts of peoples around the world.

Through our lifetime of effort, we your ethical elders, who value truth over lies, love over hate, openness over secrecy, have developed a workable model of the current situation and we call it Exopolitics. Exopolitics is the politics of the universe. It is we rightly believe through our lifetimes of investigation that the universe has developed a vast number of intelligent space faring races over billions of years of evolution, many who come to earth on a regular and sporadic basis. These races have a wide variety of agendas and motivations that reflect a diversify of ethical and moral values. Just because a civilization is highly technologically advanced and has great control over the material world or virtual reality field does not mean it is also ethical. Nevertheless it is true that there are cosmic moral and ethical laws that never change that govern both individuals and societies regardless of technological development or ethics.

It does not matter wether one believes or disbelieves in these ethical or moral laws they still hold sway over the affairs of all beings. The moral and ethical laws tend to segregate and stratify intelligence so that each has the opportunity to learn specific and collective lessons without overdue interference from other intelligence's learning other different specific and collective lessons. What is important to know is that if we want to live a free happy life then we must always use ethical means to achieve our objectives, else the means will subvert the desired goal.

It is not enough for the truth seeker to be truthful because we do exist amongst those who value deception rather than truth and who live miserable lives beneath a cloak of respectability and false happiness. These poor miserable people often are very intelligent but use strategic deceptions to ensnare the unwary and draw others into their personal and collective hells. The battle between truth and lies is a age old battle and it runs through he minds of everyone both on and off planet. This battle forces us to get smart as well as develop truthfulness and loving kindness in our lives. Each individual, group and society has the choice which road they will take either the path of creation or destruction. Today our society appears to be choosing the path toward destruction but this can be changed if enough people choose truthfulness and loving kindness over hate and lies. The fate of your world in your hands.

You the young people of the world have your lives ahead of you while the lives of your elders draw to a close. You must stand up for your cosmic civil rights of freedom of association and religion in regards to ethical celestial space faring races of beings coming to earth at this time. There are those who would and are denying you these rights wishing to stand between you and these advanced beings so as to gain power and influence over you. Those unethical people and groups that would deny you your own mind have used the tricks of the magician on a mass scale to attack the people of the world in a deliberate and systematic manner.

SETI for instance uses the technique of misdirection to get the people to look far away for advanced cosmic intelligence when these intelligence's are knocking on your back door. Millions of people are seeing and photographing UFO's around the world. But the term UFO is in itself another strategic deception created decades ago by those who knew that "UFO's" were in fact the spacecraft of celestial beings. The spacecraft had been identified by the military and to claim they are unidentified is a strategic deception. The true term is ETV (extraterrestrial vehicle) and this is the term the military secretly uses.

The Committee For The Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal is nothing more that a proprietary organization used by the intelligence services to deceive the public. Even the name of the organization is a deception. There is nothing scientific about this organization, it does no scientific research, it is a political organization that works in conduction with SETI to deny and debunk our cosmic heritage. It is no secret that CSICOP is loaded with magicians and illusionists. Even the groups studying "UFO's" have been infiltrated by intelligence agents and used by the vast intelligence community for data collection. The members of these organizations have been dissuaded from political action that is necessary to end the political problem of a Coverup. It should be obvious that scientific solutions will not in themselves solve political problems.

Star Wars and the militarization of space is another strategic deception being perpetrated on the peoples of the world. Star Wars technology is meant to create a shield that will only allow in those unethical cosmic races that unethical world leaders have dealings with. The more ethical races will be deterred by this shield because they are ethical and will respect the right of humanity to remain in insolation and pursue destruction rather than creation. I ask is this what you want your future to be?

So what are young people to do? You the youth of the world have to wise up and realize the urgency and immediacy of the problem confronting humanity. You must take to the streets in the thousands to demonstrate for your cosmic civil rights of freedom of assembly with ethical space faring races. This is being denied to you at present. You need the advice and the insights that the celestial beings have to offer. These ethical beings can work together with humanity to insure our society becomes a ethical civilized space faring race rather than a race heading headlong into destruction. You have a daunting task before you but a task that you must do as nobody is going to do it for you either on or off planet.