Friday, April 22, 2005

Who Was James Black?

Who Was James Black?
By Ed Komarek
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Everybody in the field of Exopolitics should know about the life and strange death of Canadian inventor James Black. It's yet another story destined for the X-files. The body of James is dead but to some his spirit still lives and will not find rest until his story is better know to the public and his adversaries more exposed. I see that I for one am not going to get any peace either until I write and publicize this forward to the material on James that is archived at: and So who was James Black?

To better understand James we need to go back to a contact case that involved a mass abduction of over sixty people in Canada in the 1970's. My good friend Steve Moreno is director of Psi Applications and is the investigator in this case who has dug into this abduction in great depth but in a somewhat sporadic manner as fits his personality. This event was an attempt by a race of benevolent ET's to open diplomatic relations with ordinary citizens, perhaps having been rebuffed by government authorities who were more interested in technologies for war rather than technologies, moral and ethical advice for peaceful purposes. While James has never admitted that he was involved with this group he did live nearby and I think somehow connected.

The cell that the benevolent ET's developed was subsequently brutally suppressed and several people seemed to have been murdered by the US and Canadian governments. Still some lived and were scattered about the US and Canada who still cautiously spread the word. According to Steve Moreno who personally tracked down and developed friendships with a number of these individuals including James Black.

Anyhow James Black I intuitively believe (even though Steve Moreno assures me that there are no facts to back up my case other than he lived nearby where all the activity was happening.) survived to recent times because initially he kept a low profile and had family connections. James was a inventor and invented and patented many exotic technologies. He personally years ago mailed me a copy of his flying saucer patent that converted rotary motion to lift suitable for spaceflight within the solar system. It was a very large document and very detailed. He also sent me the specifications of some exotic star wars weaponry that included particle beam weapons, plasma beam weapons etc., that Phillips Laboratories had sent out to contractors to build. Needless to say I was very impressed. I talked to James by phone several times over the years and one time I got a friend of his on the phone who told me about his work as a fighter pilot in the 1970's when he was scrambled and flew up to a huge triangular UFO over the Bering Sea. This friend said he turned his fighter upside down, and photographed the undercarriage of the craft before it flew away into space.

There was no doubt that James Black had one foot in the public domain and one on the inside of the shadow government. Over the years James became frustrated with both the Canadian and US governments when they suppressed his inventions. He became livid and very upset in later years just before his death, when he realized that not only were his inventions being suppressed, but that the inventions were being stolen to the material benefit of others in the Black Op's field that operated outside of the law. A friend of his said that a company that James created to develop his inventions was infiltrated and disrupted by John Alexander. James was working with Hutchingson on some of these exotic technologies and the reader should be very impressed by the little toy saucer that is lifted off of a workbench shown in the video clips in Steve Moreno's archive down at the bottom of the archive. To anybody with any sense they should be able to see how important and valuable a upscaled version of this toy would be as a covert surveillance device, or ROV, for the Back Op's folks. It is at this point that James seems to have gotten into it with none other than Col. John Alexander who is deeply connected to Army Intelligence and Black Op's going back to the Viet Nam war.

I have talked with John Alexander over the internet years ago via email and he seemed a nice enough guy to me and I even read is book, Future War, but according to James Black he had a dark side and was still up to his eyeballs in Black Operations. (On the back of the jacket in Future War, it is stated: (Colonel Alexander participated in the landmark Council on Foreign Relations study of non-lethal weapons and chaired the first major conferences on the topic. His extensive military experience includes commanding Green Berets in Vietnam as well as conducting research and development in advanced weapons." "At los Alamos National Laboratory, he developed the concept of Non-Lethal Defense, which he presented to senior defense, industry, and academic officials. Politically, his work involved meetings with Members of Congress, White House and National Security Council staff, and the Director of Central Intelligence." ) We can see from the material available on the net that James made very detailed accusations and was about to sue John Alexander and others for the suppression and theft of his inventions just before he ended up dead in his hotel room.

I recommend that all serious investigators study the material available on the web very carefully and notice that a principal to these accusations is still alive and can confirm the accuracy of James accusations. I hope this short introduction to the life and death of James Black serves the reader to further delve into the particulars of the historical back ground of Exopolitics.

In my opinion James Black the dragon slayer, riding a divine wind, launched and carried out a kamikaze attack against Army Intelligence. He died but he knocked a scale off the dragon that others may exploit in the future. In my opinion these men who feel themselves above the law and untouchable have made a tactical error by having their cover blown. I think this is the group that stands between us and benevolent relations with ethical ET's. This covert group has a worldwide reach and has been growing in power for decades. I seem to remember that the King family blamed Army Intelligence for disrupting the civil rights movement and for the death of Dr. King.