Saturday, April 02, 2005

The Importance of Ethics in ET - Human Interactions

The Importance of Ethics in ET - Human Interactions
By Ed Komarek
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The following is excerpted from a post to Dr. Michael Salla.

I did notice you mentioned integrity as a essential component in citizen diplomatic efforts involving ET contact. I really think this needs much more emphasis, as this is such a important part in dealing with highly ethical races of beings. I think you might want to do a paper on it.

An ethical life develops from a deep understanding of life and ones own self. Integrity is based on a solid ethical foundation. This can be taught to some degree, but mostly it must be developed through a understanding of life's experiences. We all grow up being exposed to and unconsciously accept various beliefs some which turn out to be true upon close inspection while others turn out to be false. By accepting beliefs that have validity and rejecting those that don't, we develop integrity.

Integrity is also based on truthfulness. Every lie that we speak or think fractures us a little and every bit of truth we gain makes us more whole and complete. It follows that deceivers have little integrity while the truthful have much. In order to know the truth about something one must be truthful and honest oneself. A deceiver cannot know truth even if he or she is standing on it as it will appear as another lie. Life becomes a house of mirrors.

We have to be truthful about ourselves, what we know, what we don't know, about life, about others. This is a very tall order. Most people just don't cut it. They try, but they have a lot to learn. If we manipulate others against their will, there will be destructive consequences for ourselves. If we interfere in the lives of others without their consent there will be destructive consequences. We are not separate from others but are all bound together by invisible and visible ties and connections. So what we do to another eventually reflects upon us.

So our inner state will to a large degree define our outer existence. This point is very relevant to ET contact. There is a universal law, The Law of Affinities. Those of similar nature will be attracted to and co-exist with others of similar nature. This tendency to group together and share similar experience is evident throughout nature and mankind. The Law of Affinities makes a very efficient use of space and time, as various groups can exist in close proximity to each other and not interact or only interact to a small degree. One group of people in the neighborhood, local or cosmic, can share a very destructive set of experiences while another group in this same neighborhood can share very positive experiences. It gets interesting when diverse groups begin to integrate, this usually results in friction, conflict. This is where the diplomat can be helpful facilitating the process on integration.

With the proper technology and understanding the material universe can be manipulated, flexed and warped to such a great degree as to appear miraculous but the underling ethical values of the universe cannot be altered, they are the same every where and for all time.
While it may appear in the short run that one can get around these ethical laws, in the long run their will be accounting.

I think the bottom line in benevolent ET contact is this: One's degree of external success is going to be determined by one's inner state of development and one's willingness to improve oneself when in contact with advanced benevolent ET races. It's been my experience that one must adapt quickly to heal the fractures exposed by higher consciousness within oneself else these exposed fractures will cause severe disorders of personality. The process is not unlike putting a amount of current in excess of what a light bulb is designed for. "Poof" the fractures and impurities within the filament can't take the load. Unlike the filament in the bulb we do have psychological self healing capabilities if we learn how to use them and so can hold more and more consciousness without exploding or fizzling out. If you study the literature, study yourself and others, in such situations you will see what I mean.

Highly ethical ET's have some very difficult problems dealing with earth humans. The contacts start off well, but pretty soon the psychological fireworks begin, "boom", end of contact!
I think there are a few people who can handle high levels of consciousness for extended lengths of time and the ET's know who they are. But the ET's also know these people will be in danger from our own species if ET's make physical contact. They work behind the scenes telepathically so as to protect these people until they can become more openly involved. These these special people our society must seek out and foster.

We must all work to reassure those who's lives in the shadow government are in a state of fear. They must understand if they continue to remain in that state of fear the result may be a situation where their worst nightmare's of slavery and dominion can come true. The fearful must give up control of this matter to those who have become wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Fear is the real enemy. It must be conquered by every individual alone. This is a lesson common to everyone on and off planet that must be learned sooner or later.

The key to self understanding, life in general, is that good external relations both here and elsewhere come from the knowledge that inner emotions define external states of existence. With inner work we can change destructive inner emotions to positive ones and so improve things externally. No matter how clever or smart we think we are externally, if we don't get the emotions, the ethical foundation right we are going to stumble and suffer serious consequences.