Friday, April 08, 2005

Finding Our Place In the Cosmos

Finding Our Place in the Cosmos
By Ed Komarek
Date: Sometime in March 05
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Some of you in the UFO/ET community may remember me as a co-founder of Operation Right To Know a UFO political organization that held demonstrations and other political actions in Washington and around the world. The purpose of this organization was to focus the attention of the UFO/ET community as well as the public at large on the fact that the UFO problem was as much a political problem as a scientific one. It had become obvious to me that we could not do good science if the underling data was being manipulated for political reasons. I found myself following in the footsteps of the late Donald Keyhoe who understood the political nature of the problem in the 1950's. I am gratified that others have taken up this challenge.

My political activities were the most visible, but were only a small part of my overall activity in the UFO/ET field. My main focus has been and still is an attempt to gain a grasp of the big picture and our place in that picture. I want to know what the cosmic neighborhood is like, who's in it, and what are the agendas and motivations of the other advanced intelligent species occupying this neighborhood and co-existing with us. Of course this is taking a pretty big bite in itself but it is dwarfed by the even greater perspective of the nature of life and reality as we know it. There are always those who would say why bother to even try. I have found the endeavor to be very rewarding and feel I have been able in my life to vaguely grasp something of this lesser and greater whole and been a better person for that.

I believe that the meaning of life is to be found in our relationship to the big picture, the greatest overall perspective possible. Interestingly as I have gained a vague understanding of the cosmic neighborhood, this has in turn acted as a mirror illuminating the primitive and imperfect nature of today's social, political, religious and scientific communities. This has also highlighted my personal imperfections and caused me to work to remove these imperfections from myself so as to better be in tune with the universe as a whole. I realize that while the physical laws of the material universe can be manipulated by intelligent life, the over riding moral and ethical laws of the universe cannot be so manipulated. Life no matter how technologically advanced is still subject to the basic ethical and moral laws.

All species in nature work to manipulate their surroundings to a greater or lesser degree. The ultimate for advanced intelligent species would be the full and total control of mater and energy itself through the technological manipulation of the underlying information field. One day we may be able, like some in the neighborhood, to manipulate the material world just as we do the images on a computer screen. We, however, will not be able to manipulate moral and ethical laws such as the law of affinities, the law of cause and effect, and the fact that truth can only be known by the truthful.

Those of like mind and emotion are going to continue to congregate together in the sharing of experience and there will always will be consequences, both constructive and destructive, in the thoughts and actions we and others take. The key to our living a good, happy life is the understanding and living of the moral and ethical laws and our not confusing them with mutable laws of the material universe that are forever subject to change. In particular this is true in our understanding of the activities of the cosmic neighborhood on, in and around earth.

Collective and individual experience is segregated under the law of affinities. A group within the neighborhood living in several households may be sharing and creating very painful experiences for each other while another group of affiliated people are quite happy and satisfied, sharing and creating mutual beneficial experiences amongst themselves.

It can be seen through close observation that the microcosm is but a small reflection of the much larger macrocosm and is holographic in nature. The old saying, as below so above, is true. So humanity can expect as it extends its understanding out into the universe that the same moral and ethical laws that reign on earth will extend out into the universe. The only difference would be but orders of magnitude.

A investigator involved in extraterrestrial affairs should keep all of the above well in mind when they involve themselves in the cosmic neighborhood. The investigator will experience that which exists elsewhere in a manner similar to what they experience on earth but on a much grander scale. Off world interactions with other intelligent species will be no panacea for their ills at home. In fact things could be a whole lot worse off world for those who have yet to get their act together on planet. Such people will be drawn by the law of affinities to others off world that also suffer and do harm and unconsciously and consciously reject the advances of those that do good and so put the rest of us in jeopardy.

The fate of humanity on earth and in space will rest not so much with those of us that do harm or do good but with those that still sleep. I expect that somehow humanity will manage to muddle through and continue to slowly painfully evolve on and off planet. While a few very truthful and honest individuals now have the ability to tell cosmic friend from foe, it is going to be awhile before we as a species have the inner understanding and truthful nature to be able to distinguish between those who would do us harm and those who would be of benefit.

World governments and their militaries can be expected to continue to react in a confused, sporadic and threatening manner to extraterrestrial contact. Meanwhile citizen diplomacy can continue to play a role behind the scenes in a attempt to remedy the imbalance created between opportunity and threat. It's long past time for diplomats to replace warriors who have dominated the field up to this time.

Perhaps things are beginning to change now that the United States intelligence community is overextended dealing with a real terror threat. I am gratified to see that some countries like Peru and Mexico seem to be breaking with the hostile US policy regarding ET interactions. This provides a real opportunity for citizen diplomats to peacefully contact ET's without excessive government interference. It is dangerous for real citizen diplomats, as it is for the ET's themselves, to operate in the US and other countries dominated by the US and British hostile policies. On the other hand, imposters can freely operate and even find support within these intelligence communities so as to debunk the subject.

In order to tell friend from foe and to peacefully interact with other intelligent species elsewhere we must develop positive inner qualities side by side along with our technological abilities. Far too little emphasis at present is being placed on improving ourselves. If we really want to grasp the grand perspective we have to become a truthful and honest people. Those that practice lies and deception may entertain themselves and play other painful games at the expense of others and themselves, but they will never come to know what reality is really about.