Saturday, April 02, 2005

Exopolitics: Toward a Greater Religious Understanding

Exopolitics: Toward a Greater Religious Understanding
By Ed Komarek
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With careful observation we can see that the exercise of every thought, every action, has a impact on our environment and back on to ourselves. If we want to expand our consciousness, our understanding of who we are, and what life is about, we have to wake up and become awake and aware. We must work to make the unconscious conscious every moment of the day. If we watch ourselves and others closely and with awareness and clarity, we can see that in every moment we choose between construction and destruction, life and death.

There is a reason why things happen to us, yet it may not be apparent if our vision is constricted. The reason we must deal with fear both inside and outside of ourselves, consciously and unconsciously, is to free ourselves from its grasp. This is a most basic of lessons for everyone both on and off planet. True religion provides a ethical foundation for right living. It's not about such controversial subjects as sex before marriage,abortion etc., nor is it about going to church or who you believe in. Religion is about fundamental ethical and moral laws that are permanent and inviolate. With enough knowledge and technology the material world and even the immaterial world can be shaped, molded,warped, in just about any way imaginable. Not so for the ethical and moral laws. It does not matter how high or how advanced is the technical understanding or how powerful the ability to alter,manipulate energy, matter, space and time, the truth is that ethica land moral laws stand unchanged.

If we don't have a good ethical and moral foundation we are like the man who built his house on the sand on the beach. The waves rolled in, washed the sand out from under the house and the house collapsed. We see this happening everyday with people everywhere. Some try to put the house back together with patches and props only to have the tide come in again and again to bring the house down. Some people are pretty clever and really do a excellent job with the props and the patches. (smile) They think they are pretty smart but they aren't. Some people are able to detach from the catastrophe and reach a fundamental understanding of the situation,learn from it, and go build their house on a rock.

What are these fundamental laws? Here are two of the most important. The first is the Law of Affinities the other the Law ofConsequences. The Law of Affinities states: Those of similar nature are attracted to others of similar nature so as to share and learn from those experiences. The situation can be a bit confused in that those who appear to be of a opposing nature really are not. It's that one has a unconscious trait in a regressive mode while the other has this same trait overtly like in the genetic structure. I have seen people shift back and forth from victim to persecutor for instance. On the other hand while a persecutor is attracted to a victim persecutors may seek the support and company of other persecutors and the same for victim's. The problem with people locked into and trapped in this dualistic cycle is that both tend to think the source of the problem is outside themselves not inside. While both are in this cycle they explore different ways to deal with each other. Victims work to keep the persecutors locked up and the persecutors work to break out. These short term solutions may work for awhile but the problem remains.

The other thing about the law of affinities is that it makes very efficient use of space and time. Many different affiliated groups gaining different experiences can exist near one another in the same neighborhood with various degrees of contact. A group of happy people can live in the same subdivision with another group of very unhappy people quite segregated from each other until somebody jumps the bounds and breaks into the happy peoples house for instance. At this point there is interaction but it is shallow and pretty soon the situation resolves itself at least on a temporary basis. The same can be said for other groups.

Scientists hang together and associate with each other in the neighborhood while the workers at the factory associate together. Its a rare person who crosses over who works at the factory but hangs with the scientists. This person who crosses over into many different segregated groups has much more variety of experience and can be quite helpful in bringing into the groups new perspectives and new information helpful to the groups. This would be a beneficial cross over. This Law of Affinities is universal and applies to the cosmic neighborhood as well. More advanced ethical ET's are not going to manipulate and exploit because this lower ethical stance is not only destructive to earth humans but bad for them too. To act in a less than ethical way with earth humans makes them vulnerable to the same afflictions that harass the lower ethical ET's.

The second law, The Law of Consequences states: Their is a consequence for every thought and action taken. We have responsibility to be conscious and aware and learn how this law works and to remain in conformity with it once we understand it. Law's of cause and effect, action vs reaction fall under this law of consequences. The physical laws of all matter, energy, space and time also apply to psychology, to intelligence. No matter what you do, their are consequences. Some very clever people think they can avoid consequences, but in the end they are only fooling themselves. If you want the consequences that presently harass you to go away,then first admit you have a problem, change your behavior and hence the destructive consequences of the bad behavior. Some would say change your resonate frequency to a higher state of consciousness. Easy to talk the talk but hard to walk the walk.

New age folks are just as prone to not walking the walk as Conservative Christians. I don't really see any significant difference between the groups. Newager's are sometimes more sophisticated in their beliefs but just as delusional and dysfunctional as many of their conservative counter parts.( Remember what I said before, two sides of the same coin.) If you really want to evolve, increase in happiness, then quit lying, quit finding fault and making excuses and take responsibility. Take the beam out of your own eye before trying to take the splinter out of another's eye. If you have messed up and and got yourself in a situation either consciously or unconsciously where someone is holding a gun on you, its up to you to figure a way out, not blame the other and get shot! Strangely some people would rather die than proved wrong.