Friday, April 08, 2005

Exopolitics: Strategies for Contact 2

Exopolitics: Strategies for Contact
By Ed Komarek
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In a prior paper I discussed the idea of burrowing down into the ETV/ET activity in a local area, something that can be done most anywhere to achieve benevolent ET contact. Another strategy I have yet to discuss is the use of higher states of consciousness to achieve ET contact. Most ET's seem to have well developed telepathic capabilities and use a more advanced form of a internet. It seems to me that all living things are connected by a underling energy field which can be used as a medium of communication irrespective of space and time. This is what I call the telepathic net.

I have noticed that when interacting with close friends in a loving manner we senergize and achieve a higher state of consciousness than one could achieve alone. When I communicate with friends in this higher state of consciousness I have been able to better able to find faults in my psychology. I could also remedy those faults because higher consciousness tends to magnify all aspects of oneself both the good and the bad. Many chronic faults are not recognized because they stay under our radar so to speak, but when we interact with others these faults get magnified and are pointed out to us by others.

When I was a small boy I was surrounded by many of the best scientists in what was later to be called the field of ecology. So I can even say at a early age my consciousness was being accelerated by being in the company of such high level people. Later when I left the south to go to school in the University of Alaska in Fairbanks, Alaska, I developed a group of close friends at the University. Some of my false beliefs and prejudices that I had absorbed indiscriminately without much thought in the south came out into the open in heated discussions with my northern friends. This was the beginning of the collapse of my old unconsidered beliefs, not only false cultural beliefs, but also much more fundamental beliefs on the nature of reality itself.

This collapse took several years and was a very painful and difficult time for me because as they say old beliefs die hard. One day I hit rock bottom, lay down in a bed in a friends cabin in Alaska and said to myself that if this is all there is to life then I don't want to live. At that very moment three beings that I could only describe as like dew drops shining in the morning sun entered my mind and gave me a thought form that when translated into words is; "Your path is truth, your vehicle is honesty and the fuel for that vehicle is love." This marked the turning part of my life when I was about 23 years of age, a rebirth if you will, into a much greater perspective. It took a couple of years to overcome the inertia of the old belief system and replace it with the new greater perspective but since then my consciousness has been in a steady upward climb.

A second acceleration of consciousness occurred when I met and became close to several people who were also going through this transformation of consciousness. Together we made another leap in consciousness. This may have even moved us up into contact with the telepathic net. We were often telepathic in some of our interactions but one evening we were in a field under the stars, five of us in a pentagon formation, and a question was asked telepathically what is our relationship to you. The answer that came back to us was; "Our relationship to you is like your relationship to your garden." That was enough of that for us at the time as the reader could well understand. End of communication. "Grin"

A third acceleration of consciousness happened to me on the internet over ten years ago when I became very active on the net and with a group of intellectuals many who were physicists. The moderator of the group was physicist Jack Sarfatti and this group continues to this day on the Stardrive website. I felt that many of these people even though they were high level had been left out of the loop pertaining to UFO's. It occurred to me that I could be helpful to ending the coverup if I could help inform those left out of the loop. These folks would not work under the security constraints and restrictions to their liberty that was required in the special access programs relating to ET's.

I became Jack's UFO fetch and carry man passing on information on ETV/ET material that I though relevant to their interests. Along with these physicists in this group were some high level intelligence operatives as well as some high level debunkers. Things got pretty hot when some of these physicists like Jack who also had some background in intelligence got into it with some of their buddies realizing that they were being disinformed. A real shouting match developed with each calling the kettle black so to speak and accusing the other of having been involved in disinformation operations in the past. There was a lot of interesting fallout from this little spat and I hope the material is still archived. One can learn a lot about a family during a fight.

Dealing with these high level people really pushed me to a higher level of consciousness and maybe attracted the interest of a ET. Several of these high level people seemed to have some contact with ET's but weren't talking about it very much. I think that one of the ET's associated with somebody in this internet network got interested in me and began to communicate to me telepathically in images that I would have to then translate into words. It seemed that the best way to communicate the depth of thought and feeling was through poetry. I may still have some of these possible communications around somewhere but mostly on the hard drive of a computer that is no longer working. I became very aware of how our words of communication have their roots in images from our collective past.

I am still not sure to this day whether I was communicating with a ET that was siting in a ship somewhere or with something within my own unconscious or collective unconsciousness. The impression I had at the time was that this ET had a viewing screen next to where he or it was sitting that was so clear that it appeared to be a window looking out onto a scene on a African plain. It seemed that this ET could have been a historian of mankind's history because I got the impression of a vast understanding of earth human history. It seemed that it was difficult for this being to communicate with me because of the vastness of its understanding and feeling. The impact upon my own consciousness and personality was very powerful to such a degree that for weeks afterward when I met someone it was difficult not to break into tears because of the depth of feeling. It's at this point that I really began to realize just how fragile was the earth human personality in general and mine in particular.

These prior adventures in higher consciousness have given me the idea that it is possible for a group of people to establish communication with ET's using the internet. I can tell when the internet communications begin to interface with the telepathic net when I begin to answer questions before seeing the question, find myself posting the same thing at the same time as somebody else, feeling the same thing at the same time when not in internet communication etc. This type of syncronistic activity I believe is a indicator of a internet telepathic interface.

So the next step in my thinking is that if we can access this net when we raise our consciousness enough we should be able to establish contact with various ET races and even have negotiations. The ET's could verify that the communications are real by showing their craft to selected participants and by other means. This may already be ongoing with the purported ET poll and the response to it from the exopolitics site. The ET's could have initiated telepathic contact with the individual in France who put the message on the internet to be picked up by Michael and inspired the 4contact forum some of us are now using.