Friday, April 01, 2005

Exopolitics: Effects of Higher Consciousness on Human Psychology

Exopolitics: Effects of Higher Consciousness on Human Psychology
By Ed Komarek
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In my opinion one of the most severe problems advanced ethical benevolent races of being have with interaction with earth humans is the fragility of the earth human psychology. It has been my own limited experience as well as can be seen in the legitimate accounts provided by contact people that contact with advanced ethical races is overwhelming. The shock to the earth human psychology should not be underestimated.

I recently had the privilege to read a document claiming to have been been a poll by advanced ethical ET's interested in contact. I also read and signed the excellently written petition response to the alleged ET poll. When I signed I made a note that this federation of ET's should be consulted in conjunction with the selection of individuals of distinction to represent earth.

The reason I made this note in a otherwise remarkable document is that diplomatic training, credentials and intellectual abilities are not sufficient attributes in the selection of diplomatic ambassadors. Extraordinary factors are involved in the selection of earths ambassadors is a process that must include consultations with the ET ambassadorial contingent.

Off hand I can think of two factors. The first is that we must expect earth's ambassadors to have the highest of ethical standards and I believe this trumps intellectual abilities. Secondly because our psychology as individuals and as a race is so fragile individuals must be selected extremely carefully and with the greatest understanding possible. Protocols must be created that protect the psychology and sanity of earth humans interacting with ET ambassadors and their stellar societies. I believe that prolonged unregulated exposure to advanced ethical stellar civilizations can be extremely harmful to earth human development so protocols must be agreed to to protect earths ambassadors adequately. Their may have to be a rapid rotation of all or most people involved with these advanced races.

As I have stated before higher consciousness which the ET's possess can be equated to electrical current and the human personality to a light bulb. A light bulb is designed to take a certain amount of current in the filament. If the current exceeds this amount the filament breaks down quickly and is destroyed. While we can improve on our psychology and heal ourselves when exposed to higher consciousness, if we have the desire and motivation, there still are limits.

I don't think I have heard of a true contact case yet where benevolent ET - Human interactions have not had to taper off or completely stop because of psychological problems with the contactees over time. The impurities, the fractures within our psyche are magnified to the extreme along with our good qualities when exposed to higher consciousness.

In my own experience and in the experience of others, I have time and time again seen cycles of great creativity amongst groups of individuals collapse into high negativity. The individuals walk around in a daze for several years before healing themselves to some degree from these effects of higher consciousness. Other people in some circumstances never recover and even fall into delusionary states of existence and even commit suicide. I have a friend in the ET field that this happened too years ago. I see some valued associates today in the field who could be considered delusional by psychiatric standards.

I state clearly and emphatically that unless you can find a way to regulate your exposure to higher consciousness states you are headed for big trouble. You can blame it on the negative ET's, you can blame it on the shadow government psi-ops programs, you can blame your fellow investigators but in the end it is you who is responsible to yourself and for the predicaments you get yourself into. Only you can learn from your own experiences. You can fault the lesson rather than learn. You have free will but their are harmful consequences to not learning the lesson being presented within the virtual nano reality field in which you are presently focused.