Friday, April 01, 2005

Exopolitics and the Politics of Fear

Exopolitics and the Politics of Fear
Date: 3/30/05
By Ed Komarek
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I like many other people in our field have found my self wondering why we are such a emotional and fractious group of people. Yesterday while typing down some material on ethics, a thought appeared in my mind more or less "out of the blue". (-: It involved the term degrees of separation. On further consideration I got the impression that this term refers to a measurement of the level of fear within a individual or a society. Furthermore I also got the impression that there was a scale on a scanning device that measured levels of fear in degrees.

I found this interesting, made a mental note and went back to the train of thought I was writing down for Internet distribution. I woke up much earlier than usual this morning which I do not like to do and could not go back to sleep because I found myself reflecting on this fear thing again.

What a nifty little instrument I thought, I would love to go around in the UFO/ET community and scan a few people. "grin" I guess I better not say what people else things could get personal as some of these people I consider friends and valued associates.

I have often wondered why after all these years of accumulated evidence that their is still so much disagreement,infighting and discord within our community when the big picture is emerging more clearly than ever as decades of evidence continue to pile up. This inability to see the big picture is understandable for those new to the field but not so for those that have been involved for awhile.

I think the inability to see the handwriting on the wall is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of being wrong, fear of what the truth might be, fear others will freak out if they knew the truth,fear that they would lose power over others, etc. Fear manifests itself in many different ways because of psychological differences. The psychologists that are supposed to understand these things are just as vulnerable to fear as anybody else.

Fear causes separation and dysfunctional behavior because it stimulates or creates various states of unconscious denial. A person become dysfunctional to the degree that he or she unconsciously dismisses or downplays some evidence while accepting or exaggerating other evidence. The fear acts as a underling divisive force guiding belief in a erroneous fashion. When we act on incomplete or erroneous perceptual models of the big picture we do harm to ourselves and others.

I see different splits in our community. One of the greatest fractures is the gulf between the pessimists and the optimists..You know who you are don't you? Is your emotion and thought really built on rational thinking as you would like to believe or is their a hidden unconscious factor distorting your perception and belief structure? Of course not!!!!! "grin" Now this is where this nifty little instrument might really come in handy. Errr, well maybe, its possible, well okay maybe a little, now go away and leave me alone! Get my point. "smile"

So maybe you could be wrong and might a little tolerance for a opposing view be in order? Keep a close eye on yourself as you interact with others you really might begin to feel better about your associates. Learn a little empathy, put yourself in their shoes. What events in their lives, what experiences led them to think and feel the way they do. What events, experiences in your life caused you to think the way you do? This is what introspection and reflection is all about.

A second major spit is between those that desire exceptional rigorous evidence and those that feel the standards of rigor must be relaxed due to exceptional circumstances. The latter feel that until full we achieve disclosure the best we can do is develop a working model that approximates reality to some degree and use that to guide our actions in the best manner possible.

A third major split exists between those in deep fear and denial who work to deceive and confuse, and those sincerely interested in facing up to and removing the imperfections within themselves so they can see more clearly and rationally.

A lady in a recent post made a very good point. She said something like, "Do you really want to know? If not why are you here."