Sunday, April 17, 2005

Exopolitics: An Alliance of Interests

Exopolitics: An Alliance of Interests
By Ed Komarek
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It stands to reason that the better organized a group is the more effective it will be in pursuing and achieving its objectives. The emerging field of Exopolitics is still in its infancy, and as such is disorganized and unfocused. The field is comprised of a number of major and minor players mostly working alone or in small groups who are developing a limited understanding and comprehension of the importance of Exopolitics. As is often the case in an emerging field, the field is rich on ideas but poor in the resources needed to turn these ideas into viable projects.

As a first step toward a Institute of Exopolitical Affairs I propose a alliance or confederation of major and minor players in the field. We need to work together to create a unified vision and achieve a greater access to funding sources. I think it should be becoming obvious to the players that the actualizing of their ideas and schemes is going to take more resources than they personally can achieve on their own. I propose that a high quality web site and forum be created in which all players major and minor can participate. The center of the web page would present the collective vision of the alliance and how the group intends to achieve this vision in detail. A potential donor could go to this web site and immediately gain a brief understanding of Exopolitics and its importance to society as a whole. Furthermore, not only could the potential donor get a overview of the field from the home page, he or she could look down the left side of the page to view a listing of the major and minor players with links to their respective web pages. The top of the list would include the top five or ten major players to be followed by the minor players and their web pages or blogs.

A potential donor or interested party could then look down the right side of the home page and see a listing of the various projects the alliance approves of, and is working on, as well at the status of those projects. The list of links to the projects could be ordered by importance as decided amongst the alliance. If a donor liked a particular project and wanted to make a donation they could do so directly to the individuals involved in the project. The home page could also make an appeal for donations to a general fund to fund the website and the alliance in its totality and later an Institute if that was desired.

I believe the way to organize the alliance is for the five to ten major players to act as a board and elect someone they all can work with comfortably and who can handle the task. Steve Basset's name comes to mind as a potential candidate to pull this whole thing together because he is already proving himself and is already heading in this direction as the organizer of the Exopolitical conferences. As far as I know he seems to be able to get along with most everybody in the field. Minor players such as myself and others would in this alliance play a supporting role to the major players. The minor players can advise but it's the major players that have the most to gain or lose from the alliance and should have most of the control at least in the initial development of this project.

Ultimately all the members of the alliance need to realize that at a minimum, its going to take millions of dollars to become a player on the international stage of any significance and that is going to take a lot of organization on every bodies part. Secondly I believe the more ethical ET races are going to eventually need a well funded, well organized, public, ethical group of dedicated citizens active on the international stage. These citizens will need to interact directly, or secondarily through ET appointed earth human emissaries. These emissaries will have ethics and psyche that can handle the higher levels of consciousness needed for extended relations and negotiations. This well organized group of citizens must have the understanding and ethical integrity as a group to discriminate between those who are true human emissaries and those who pretend falsely either consciously or unconsciously to be emissaries. This will require a department dedicated to investigations and research.

A multimillion dollar organization or Institute capable of interacting with ethical ET's and world governments on the international stage is in my mind going to need to be structured perhaps in four departments. The four departments could be: Fund Raising, Investigations and Research, Public Education, and ET Outreach. For instance, disclosure would fall under the Public Education Department while contact verification would come under the Department of Investigations and Research. Diplomatic activities would come under the ET Outreach Department while contacting celebrities for fund raising purposes would come under the Fund Raising Department.

I would like to make it clear that the above is simply a proposal to initiate public discussion. Interested parties should go to my blog site: for past posts relating to these issues.