Friday, April 22, 2005

The ET's Asked Permission

The ET's Asked Permission
By Ed Komarek
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The last two days have been interesting as I have had the opportunity to first meet a leading consciousness researcher in person, Evan Harris Walker, for a extend discussion on ETV/ET affairs on Sunday evening. On the second day I was introduced to and spent the day with Jerry, an individual who owns his own construction firm in Mississippi and who has had a friendly encounter with around ten ET's in their ship. This case presents an opportunity for contact and negotiations that we in the emerging Exopolitical field should take seriously. If Jerry's case is not just a routine random encounter it may be possible that Jerry may be willing to act as an emissary should further contact occur. I intend to bring him up to speed on our evolving field of Exopolitics.

Before proceeding further let me establish some background to these events. Jack a good friend of mine is a author, scientist, businessman and environmental activist who I have known since childhood as he was also a friend of my fathers. Jack and his wife Ann run a marine lab that serves the duel purpose of being a educational facility in conjunction with a marine collecting business. It is located near the Gulf of Mexico in Panacea Florida about fifty miles south of where I live in South Georgia. I spend quite a bit of time in the area and visit with Jack frequently.

Jack has a interest in UFO's having seen a cylindrical one himself disappear right before his eyes,(He reminds me that is exactly what he saw, a unidentified flying object no more no less), as well as heard the local stories told by fishermen in the Gulf. It seems that back many years ago when two fishermen were abducted from under the Pascagoula bridge, a case that made national headlines, their was a flurry of UFO sightings all along the gulf coast from Mississippi all the way to where Jack lives in Panacea Florida. Local fishermen over the years have come to consider him the local authority on the strange and the unusual ever since he investigated and solved the strange case of the Blob.

The blob was a strange brain like living structure found in a local pond that had brought in a flock of police and news reporters to investigate back in the late 1950's. Jack recounted the story to Evan Walker to Evan's enjoyment and the possibility that the story had somehow been the inspiration for a science fiction movie called, The Blob. Evan commented that many people consider that people get strange ideas from watching science fiction but in fact it is often the other way around. This had also been my personal experience with the X-files story of the Alien on Ice. Fox executive's had got wind of a case I had been working on for years involving five alien mummified bodies found in western British Columbia by Larry Requa a constable headquartered out of Stewart BC in the 1930's. In spite of hearing all the local stories, Jack still remains somewhat skeptical but having known me all these years he is coming around reluctantly. "Grin"

I like to spend a lot of time on the coast and had come down Sunday morning to visit a lady friend of mine in Shell Point. I don't like to go all the way down there for just one day so during the winter I have my sailboat either at Jacks or at Carol's dock. I don't like being on the water all that much in summer so now I have brought my sailboat up to my place in South Georgia for the winter and instead have a bed under a shell in the back of my pickup for sleeping when I am at the coast.

I proceeded Sunday afternoon to head over to Jack's house on Dickerson Bay and not finding him at home got on his computer and was doing my Exopolitics stuff. Jack as usual showed up but went to take a nap. Before dark a lady came to the door asking for Jack and the barking of the dog woke Jack up and he came out to meet her. I went back to the computer but Jack called me out to meet them and there was Evan Harris Walker with Jack on the porch along with the lady from Evan's cancer institute that is located in Tallahassee. Evan lives in Washington but comes down here from time to time to deal with his Institute. Evan and Jack have gotten to know each other because some of the sea critters have anti cancer properties. I had been in contact with Evan years ago while I was working with Jack Sarfatti's Stardrive discussion group. Evan and Jack Sarfatti had heated discussions over the internet and were bitter adversaries on the subject of the physics of consciousness and how UFO's propulsion systems operate.

To Jack's surprise, Evan warmed up to me and the subject of UFO's rather quickly and Jack found himself being cut out of the conversation and hushed up when he tried to get cute. Pretty soon the no see um's ran us off the porch and indoors where we all had a lively discussion until late in the evening. As usual some of it was pretty funny when Jack began to protest and ask why if the ET's were all around why they had not contacted him. Evan said Jack's problem was that he wasn't being sincere in asking them to drop by for tea as he did not believe in their existence, and besides he wasn't asking politely enough. Jack had to admit that was true. Ann came in and sat down next to Evan who she was familiar with, being one of the founders of the consciousness movement, and became a bit uncomfortable with Evan talking so openly about ET's. It was really funny and I got really tickled with her body language and posture. Ann is an academic with a PhD in Marine Biology and trusts people with credentials much more than Jack and I do. I feel that Ann has bought into much of the debunking of UFO's from credentialed sources like Carl Sagan in the mass media and has in the past not been very open to the subject.

Interestingly, Evan Walker one time in Washington had been in a elevator with a top scientific adviser to President Johnson and this adviser had answered a question about UFO's by saying that he had to maintain plausible denial on the subject. Evan felt that this person wanted to talk about the subject being that they were fellow scientists but could not because of government constraints.

The next day, Monday, also turned out to be a fruitful day. I spent the night in the back of my truck as Jack gets up all hours of the night writing and I am a light sleeper. The next morning Jack was so busy we could not eat breakfast together as we usually do when I am around. I walked up to the Coastal Restaurant near Jack's house and lab. I got into a discussion with a lady at the restaurant that I did not know that was a retired aircraft engineer and we discussed exotic aircraft propulsion systems. As I was walking out of the restaurant Jack came by in the car to grab me for a assignment as he usually often does when I am around. He needed some he trusted to go out with the collection boat and remain topside while the divers collected marine specimens on ocean floor. There was another guy Jerry who had come from Mississippi who was a businessman and on the side a part time naturalist, environmentalist and photographer. Jerry had read one of Jack's marine books and had called Jack and Jack had invited him down but was not comfortable having him run things on the large collecting boat while the divers were downside.

I met up with Jerry at Jack's house and then the two employees of Jack showed up with their collecting equipment and diving gear and we loaded up the boat that is docked on Jack's dock in Dickerson Bay. We headed over to the marina where the fueler knew me and my interest in UFO's. Victor and Doug, Jack's employees also knew the fueler and stuck up a jovial conversation but then the fueler recognized me and said, "What are you doing with Eddie on board?" From there of course the subject got on to the UFO subject and discussion about the UFO's that had been chasing the flounder fishermen late at night over at Skipper Bay nearby. This led Jerry to comment that he had a experience but had not talked to many people about it. Jerry explained his experience to me on the way out to the collecting site about fifteen miles away on the boat that was going at about twenty five miles a hour. Victor and Doug nervously listened to the story as well.

When we got out to about twenty two feet of water and about ten miles out from land Doug and Victor suited up and went downside. This gave Jerry and I time to socialize about life in general and ET's in particular. I gave him a short briefing of what Exopolitics was about and about myself. It was beautiful weather out and Jerry was having the time of his life. There was just a light chop on the ocean. Later after the divers came back up with loads of sea urchins and other stuff we trawled for a different type of urchin and other stuff on a grassy mud flat about twelve miles out. We headed back and met up with Jack at the dock and then over to the lab to get these specimens back into the tanks before they died. Naturally I had to have Jerry tell his story to Jack and Jack had to admit that Jerry was the most credible person yet that he had heard such a story from. Later Jerry and I got Jack out of the lab and over for a very late lunch or early supper at the Coastal. After some more discussions Jerry had to leave, Jack had to go back to work, and I was tired and headed back home.

Now on to Jerry's story. Jerry and his wife had been staying at their rustic getaway cabin in a isolated area that was without running water and electricity. Jerry had woken up in the early morning before light and went outside to pee off the porch. He was only in his underwear. Something very large floated over the house and tall pine trees blocking out much of the sky. The next think he felt was being lifted off the deck and then was looking around the inside of a spaceship. There were some panels with lights and the ceiling was curved. There were no direct sources of light. In the ship there were around ten humanoid beings with large heads and spindly bodies who wore no clothes and seem not to have sexual organs. They did not seem to him to have ears nor much of a nose or mouth. They looked at him and were very respectful and he looked back and was not afraid. He felt completely at ease and felt they meant no harm. Later he was to tell me he had a knack for reading people that helped him a lot in business and in his environmental work. He could tell when people were being insincere and or lying.

As he had done all his life he just went with his feelings while feeling safe. The beings communicated to him mind to mind that they meant him no harm and that they were studying humans. They asked him if he would be willing to have them examine him and pointed to a examination table. He thought that he had no problem with that request and without him saying anything they showed him to the table. He was impressed with the table because he expected it to be hard and cold but found if very comfortable and the same temperature as his body. The beings went around his body at a short distance from his body holding their hands palms out as if feeling his energies. One being took a cylindrical instrument and inserted it into his abdomen and he was very surprised that he felt no pain when it was inserted or when it was taken out. He was also surprised when he saw their was no tissue damage from the rather large probe. The being holding it looked at it as one would a thermometer. They told him mentally that they appreciated him cooperating with them and said they wanted to give him a gift and knowing of his interest in photography gave him something similar of their's that seemed like a oval polished stone but with no buttons or indicators on it. As he held it in a questioning manner while looking at it they said; "You will see". The next thing he remembers is he felt himself beamed back down out of the object and back on to his porch or deck. He walked in and told his wife what had happened and was not sure if it had been real or a dream it all was so surreal and out of keeping with is normal life. Jerry said he had felt nothing but good feelings, consideration and respect from the beings.

I have Jerry's email and telephone numbers and will send this to him to check if I made any errors in reporting this. I am going to give Jerry Michael Salla's email address and Exopolitics web site should he want to contact him. I am trusting Michael to not publicize Jerry's name or email unless Jerry wants to become more public about this. Jerry has a reputation to consider and does not need any harassment from the authorities or the public on this, especially if further contact is forthcoming. We all have a opportunity to handle contact cases like this in a proper and professional manner. A emissary or potential emissary that is this reputable is someone to be valued highly and to be very considerate of the position they are in.. If we don't handle cases like this properly we aren't going to get anywhere in our negotiations with friendly ET races. While these being seem to fall into the category we call the greys, please keep in mind that there are various species of grays some that may be highly ethical. Lets give these guys the benefit of the doubt until or unless he find out otherwise.