Friday, April 22, 2005

A Declaration Of Adherence To Cosmic Law

A Declaration Of Adherence To Cosmic Law
By Ed Komarek
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We the people and all nations on earth hereby declare that we intend to become an enlightened civilized space faring race and that we will abide by all moral and ethical principles contained in cosmic law or universal ethical law. We affirm that every individual intelligence throughout the cosmos have certain inalienable rights which include life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as well as freedoms of assembly, speech and religion. We affirm that these rights are self evident and are founded upon universal ethical law. We further affirm that the laws of humanity on earth and in space shall be in harmony with universal ethical law. We furthermore declare that we will not support nor will we assist any power on earth or in space that abide by laws not in conformity with universal ethical law or laws that deny the inalienable rights of any intelligent individual or species.

We the people do recognize the right to defend ourselves from hostile acts, be it between ourselves or between ourselves and other intelligent life existing in the universe, providing that our defense is in harmony with universal law. We further recognize that we will not initiate a hostile act against another intelligent individual or race on earth or in space unless we are confident that a hostile act has been committed and have identified a specific perpetrator. When we attack a specific perpetrator we are sure is hostile we will by all means possible attempt to contain any collateral damage to innocent parties.

We the people recognize and affirm that technologically advanced civilizations have had free access to earth space for at least thousands of years and some since planetary creation. We recognize the claims made by other advanced civilizations supercede our claim to earth by thousands and millions of years. Even though our space fairing civilization is still primitive as measured by most other civilizations frequenting earth space we do have a right to negociate our planetary claims. We affirm under universal law as a new space fairing civilization that we do have certain planetary and spacial rights that must be considered by advanced races. We intend to negociate our planetary and spacial rights with due diligence and in a timely manner. We intend to negociate these rights immediately as individuals by our thoughts and actions until formal open transparent negotiations are forthcoming. We further state that we do not recognize any treaties with other intelligent races made in secret or under duress by any party other than ourselves. Only treaties made after complete total disclosure as well as open debate and consensus has been achieved will be considered valid.

We do admit and confirm some misguided and misdirected individuals and groups operating covertly and in secret have taken hostile actions against ethical space fairing races and civilizations in space as well as on earth. We condemn these criminal elements embedded in our society that indiscriminately attack ET spacecraft and disrupt earth based networks involving earth human contact and negotiations with ethical ET's. By these criminal hostile acts these covert groups and those elite organizations who support their immoral and illegal actions have forfeited any legitimate right of negotiation in the present and in the future. We affirm that these criminal outlaws operating outside of cosmic ethical law will and are accountable for their immoral actions even while they still believe themselves to be untouchable and outside the law. We intend to bring those guilty of immoral and unethical acts to justice as soon as is feasible and prudent. We ask forgiveness for these criminals and authorize the ethical ET civilizations and races to take whatever ethical steps necessary to assist us in bringing these criminal outlaws to justice. The present situation of lawlessness exhibited by humanity on the new spacial frontier is unacceptable and must be immediately replaced by the rule of cosmic ethical law. We the people define cosmic ethical law as a body of rules recognized by all civilized enlightened beings throughout the universe. Furthermore, Cosmic law serves to value and protect all life regardless of intelligence. Cosmic law provides, checks and balances, restraints and guidelines upon advanced intelligence limiting interference in the evolutionary processes of lesser evolved species. Cosmic law orders the affairs of all advanced ethical beings in the universe.

Cosmic ethical universal law incorporates these rules or laws: 1. Be truthful. 2. Be loving. 3. Do no harm. 4. Use only ethical means because the means and end are one. 5. Actions have consequences. Right action leads to beneficial consequences. 6. Individual and collective experience is determined and segregated by the forces of attraction and repulsion. 7. Value free will, each individual and collective learns at their own pace determined by cosmic law. Suggest but do not force. 8. Do not limit the rights, liberties and freedoms of others unless infringed upon. 9. All beings have the right to self defense but this should always be the option of last resort.

We the people intend the above document to initiate a process to specify and codify ethical cosmic law into all earth human law or international law which should be subordinate to universal ethical law.